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More Opinion

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: The past seven days in technology

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: This week’s show is from Taipei’s Computex and includes: low-cost laptops, a new version of the Eee PC, production shortages of Intel’s Atom, Microsoft’s extension of XP and a new navigation device from Japan’s Clarion.

  • Opinion: AMD set to take on Intel and Apple laptops

    At the logic level, MacBook, the benchmark for success in mainstream notebooks, is unremarkable - indistinguishable from every PC notebook built on Intel Core 2 and its chipset-integrated graphics.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: First look at the HTC Touch Pro

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: HTC has announced the Touch Pro, a business-centric version of its iPhone rival, the HTC Touch Diamond. See also: HTC announces Touch Pro handset.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: First look at the MSI Wind

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: MSI has officially unveiled its new Wind mini-laptop that's based on the Intel Atom processor. Here's a first look on video.

  • Opinion: Windows 7 = Windows Vista 2

    Urban legends are strange creatures. Even when they're exposed for what they are - tall tales seemingly "legitimized" through frequent retelling - people continue to believe the lie.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: Mini laptops take world by storm

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Computex, one of the world's largest IT hardware shows, officially opened on Tuesday.

  • Opinion: Bill Gates counts down his days as Microsoft boss

    The only certainties in life, the saying goes, are death and taxes. But for IT pros and home users alike, there has been a third one for the past three decades: Bill Gates as the leader and public face of Microsoft, the software vendor he co-founded 33 years ago.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: What's next for the Asus Eee PC?

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Taiwanese hardware maker Asus has seen its name-recognition rocket over the last year since it launched its Eee PC low-cost laptop. The machine kick-started a new segment of the portable computing industry and updated versions were launched this week.

  • Opinion: After HD-DVD, Toshiba battles Blu-ray once more

    Despite copping a thumping in the recent, interminable hi-definition video format wars, rumours suggest that HD-DVD stalwart Toshiba is working on a DVD upgrade to topple Sony's victorious Blu-ray Disc.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: Clarion's mobile GPS, entertainment gadget

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Japan's Clarion showed a new prototype of its personal navigation device that combines internet access, a multimedia player with digital TV and GPS all-in-one.

  • Opinion: Pictures: Acer responds to Asus Eee PC

    It's mini-laptop madness out there. The Asus Eee PC has for the past year held the high ground in the ultra-cheap, ultraportable laptop market, despite increasing pressure from products such as the MSI Wind, Dell's upcoming UMPC and HP's 2133 Mini-Note.

  • Opinion: PC Advisor's Computex 2008 special

    It was a year ago at Taiwan's Computex exhibition that Asus showed off the Eee PC for the first time. Twelve months later, and the low-cost, ultraportable laptop segment has become big news.

  • Opinion: PC Advisor's Computex 2008 special

    It was a year ago at Taiwan's Computex exhibition that Asus showed off the Eee PC for the first time. Twelve months later, and the low-cost, ultraportable laptop segment has become big news.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: nVidia's Intel Atom killer, Tegra

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: nVidia is jumping into the market for mini laptops with the introduction of the Tegra family based of chips that are based on the Arm processor core. nVidia hopes that the Tegra family will be its answer to Intel's hugely popular Atom chip.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: First look - Sony, Quanta mini laptop

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Sony appears ready to release a small, low-cost laptop that uses a processor from Via Technologies. Here's a first look on video.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: First look - Asus Eee PC 901

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Asustek Computer has developed a new version of its hit Eee PC and is showing it at Computex 2008, the massive Taiwanese hardware show that saw the launch of the first Eee PC last year. Here's a first look on video.

  • Opinion: Web 2.0 and your business

    Increasing numbers of companies are offering some type of Web 2.0 or consumer technology as corporate applications to their employees. In fact, two-thirds of respondents to a research study compiled by our sister site CIO.com earlier this year said they do so, with IM, wikis and blogs leading the way.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: Computex 2008 prepares to launch

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Computex, in Taipei, brings together the island's PC component makers with buyers from the world's IT giants, retailers and distributors.

  • Opinion: Apple to launch Windows online services

    Following the cross-platform success of the iPod and iPhone, Apple is to abandon its Mac-only online services in favour of a multi-OS collection of applications and software.

  • Opinion: MSI puts the Wind up Asus

    MSI's Wind U100 mini laptop is almost upon us. I saw a near-production sample yesterday and liked what I saw.

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