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  • Opinion: 'Chav-hunting' Bebo toffs in hot water

    A bunch of privileged schoolboys from Glenalmond College in Perthshire have filmed themselves 'hunting' a group of their friends, dressed up as working-class 'chavs', and the video has ended up on the internet. Quelle surprise.

  • Opinion: 20% of Facebook users are IDiots

    Not content with destroying their careers and social lives in the relentless pursuit of Zombie points, millions of users of social-networking giant Facebook are doling out personal data to strangers. Needless to say, this poses something of an identity fraud risk.

  • Opinion: iThumb hoax as dumb hoodwinked by dumber

    iPhone and iPod fever encourages journalists to stick an 'i' in front of pretty much any word in a headline in search of a few clicks.

  • Opinion: iThumb hoax as dumb hoodwinked by dumber

    iPhone and iPod fever encourages journalists to stick an 'i' in front of pretty much any word in a headline in search of a few clicks.

  • Opinion: Electric breasts charge iPod

    The iPod is everywhere – and every wear.

  • Opinion: New gaming iPhone goes for Wii

    Is there anything Apple's iPhone can't do?

  • Opinion: Email stress 'getting out of hand'

    According to research, monitoring a constant influx of email leaves wonks throughout the UK feeling tired and frustrated. And 'email stress' leads to us all being less than productive, to boot.

  • Opinion: Proof: mobiles DO damage the brain

    What's your home telephone number? Now your best friend's? Brother's birthday? Come on! If you're sitting there going 'Errrrrrrrr...', that’s because you brain has been damaged - by your mobile phone, and don't forget it.

  • Opinion: The judgement of Paris

    Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton. Arntcha sick of her? No, neither are we.

  • Opinion: Couldn't VoIP bring relief to hospital patients?

    Anyone who's spent time on a hospital ward in the past five years or so knows of the Catch-22 that awaits in the form of bedside TV, internet access and phone service. It's convenient, but so incredibly expensive you end up wishing it wasn't there tempting you to use it.

  • Opinion: Siggraph: Apple adds colour to funky furniture

    A couple of months ago Microsoft unveiled a futuristic computer (code-named Milan) that uses wireless auto sync and touchscreen technology to allow users and devices to interact with files and applications using a flat, table-top screen.

  • Opinion: Send files of up to 1GB free

    I have a new way to send a gigantic files. No, I mean really gargantuan files, up to 1GB.

  • Opinion: Hospital web provision will make you sick

    I don't mind paying for things. Well, I do. But I really object to being fleeced when I've got no option to go elsewhere.

  • Opinion: First World War records published online

    The UK's largest family history website, Ancestry.co.uk, this week completed its publication of pension records for the British Army in World War I.

  • Opinion: Apple, please fix our Windows errors

    Obviously, PC Advisor is aimed primarily at PCs. But regular readers and visitors to our website will have noticed the growing presence of a certain 'fruity' company whose name starts with the letter A.

  • Opinion: First Wii-enabled Xbox 360 on show

    One tech enthusiast claims to have created the first reported Wii-enabled Xbox 360 console while playing Halo 2.

  • Opinion: Sensitive spammer threatens dog

    Over the weekend I received my favourite spam message to date. I've been writing about spam for nearly four years, and because anti-spam vendors are always eager to share the dregs of what their spam filters catch with journalists to demonstrate their products' effectiveness, I've seen everything from tricky misspellings to image spam to the latest craze, PDF spam.

  • Opinion: MP3 virus is harmless

    So there's a new computer virus out there "eating" MP3 files.

  • Opinion: iPhone to 'wreck fragile green planet'

    Mobile phone service provider T-Mobile tells us that the British love of mobile phones has gone haywire. Just imagine what will happen when we finally get to buy one or more of Apple's fancy new iPhones.

  • Opinion: 'Fake Steve Jobs' is unmasked

    The New York Times yesterday unmasked the man who had posed as Apple CEO Steve Jobs for more than a year on a blog.

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