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More Opinion

  • Opinion: Steve Ballmer: Microsoft to beat Google in five years

    Microsoft can provide "real competition" for Google in the online search market, according to MS CEO Steve Ballmer. It just needs to work out how. In the mean time, it will be mostly running, drinking coffee, and ignoring the TV.

  • Opinion: 120 idiots give up password for £5 M&S voucher

    Don't believe a word about the world-weary, cynical ways of Londoners. When an independent research company this week approached 200 random people on the gold-paved streets of the capitol, 60 percent of them were prepared to divulge their PC's password. Can they all have just got off the train? From Norfolk? In the 1950s?

  • Opinion: £10,000 laptop for Premiership footballers

    Premiership footballers take note. Bentley Motors has announced plans this week to release a luxury laptop computer. Coming in at a whopping £10,000 ($19,800 in the US, take note Mr Beckham), only 250 of the systems, dubbed the Ego for Bentley, will be sold.

  • Opinion: Google Android: teaching us how to use a mobile phone

    Google's Rich Miner has identified one of the biggest problems facing mobile phone carriers, manufacturers, and developers: the hardware on the current generation of phones is not being fully used by all customers.

  • Opinion: Guitar Hero World Tour: hands-on review

    PC Advisor got its hands on Guitar Hero World Tour for the Xbox 360 last night. Here are our impressions of the game, which adds vocals and drums to Guitar Hero's established bass, lead and rhythm guitar elements.

  • Opinion: 80% of UK users don't trust businesses with data

    Nearly four out of five people in Britain believe their personal information is unsafe with commercial websites and businesses. And they think that those responsible for losing data should be hung drawn and quartered. String 'em up!

  • Opinion: New iPod sex toy 'unbeatable'

    There's a new iPod sex toy in town, with the launch of a colourful range of vibrators aimed at Apple users. The OhMiBod is also claimed as the world's first iPhone sex toy.

  • Opinion: Phoney 'AntiVirus 2008' codec blackmails users

    Security software firm PC Tools is reporting that 'surprisingly high numbers' of users have been duped by a dodgy codec named: "multycodecupgr.7.<20xxx>.exe". The codec proports to be a free malware scanner, but instead plants fake malware warnings on PCs, in order to extort money for a product named AntiVirus 2008.

  • Opinion: Windows 7 screenshots: look, but don't get excited

    Despite Microsoft's desires and best efforts, screenshots of Microsoft Windows 7, M3 Build 6780, just keep on popping up on the internet.

  • Opinion: Eugene Kaspersky: 'no such thing as 100% secure software'

    Despite being the co-founder of one the decade's most successful security software vendors, Eugene Kaspersky doesn't think software alone can ever be a silver bullet for cybercrime.

  • Opinion: Lay off the Gates/Seinfeld Microsoft ads

    Am I one of the few people on the planet who actually liked the Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld advertisements from Microsoft? Judging by the multitude of schadenfreude-laden obituaries for the campaign, I'd say the answer is yes.

  • Opinion: Apple blasted for US iPod grammar horror

    An online promo for Apple's latest range of iPods has been attacked by grammar puritans - in the strongest possible terms.

  • Opinion: IWOOT.com makes Anne Frank gaffe

    Writing her diary while hiding from the Nazis in 1940s Amsterdam, Anne Frank probably didn't expect that in years to come her words would become a source of hope to millions around the world. Nor, perhaps, that they would be used to sell remote-controlled robots.

  • Opinion: Copycat Microsoft mimics 'I'm a Mac'

    Say what you like about the Microsoft advertising campaign in the US featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld, but at least it got people talking.

  • Opinion: Copycat Microsoft mimics 'I'm a Mac'

    Say what you like about the Microsoft advertising campaign in the US featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld, but at least it got people talking.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite funny website?

    We'd like to hear which websites tickle your funny bones, and why you like them.

  • Opinion: Traditional antivirus will die in the next two years

    For the vast majority of users, at least, the current model of paying for and installing separate online security software products for each device, OS and transaction environment is on the way out. It has to die.

  • Opinion: Symantec says 'Ola' to faster, lighter online security

    Today I have been mostly watching Symantec launch Norton Internet Security 2009 in a lovely hotel in Madrid. Tough gig.

  • Opinion: Keeping up with consumer trends

    Intel wants us to call them ‘nettops'. But this is the company that also thinks a low-cost mini laptop should be called a ‘netbook' - and we do wonder whether that will catch on...

  • Opinion: Beat the broadband blues

    There's been plenty of controversy in the broadband market this year. BT is focusing resources on developing a network capable of 100 megabits per second (Mbps) download speeds, but the spirit of optimism has been tempered by tales of woe from current customers who think such grand promises are a bit rich when they're struggling to get 2Mbps now.

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