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More Opinion

  • Opinion: Why are Windows 7 upgrades so slow?

    Microsoft apologists are coming out of the woodwork to defend the insanely slow Vista-to-Windows 7 upgrade process, and the sheer amount of ignorance is breathtaking. Never have so many generated so much blather while contributing so little to the discussion at hand.

  • Opinion: Facebook Lite: Why you'll love it

    The newly launched Facebook Lite looks like being a hit. Reportedly developed for people in countries with slow web connections, the streamlined site proved such a hit with beta testers it was given a general roll-out.

  • Opinion: Time to face facts: Apple isn't infallible

    The phrase "Everything just works with a Mac" is a tag Apple has been repeating for a long time to argue that its products are superior to competitors like Microsoft.

  • Opinion: Facebook launches Twitter-style @ tags

    Facebook is taking another step toward Twitterfication with the introduction of a new '@'-based tagging system for status updates. The feature, which bears an undeniable resemblance to Twitter's system for referring and linking to other users, was announced in a company blog posting yesterday afternoon.

  • Opinion: Technology helps us cheat smarter, not harder

    Today's reports that almost two thirds of students copy work from the web fits nicely into the book of: 'Well, yeah'. It was ever thus - only the means of cheating changes.

  • Opinion: IFA: Digital Humanism, and other themes

    The dust has settled on the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. The stands have been folded away, the crowds have dispersed, and the exciting new products have been packed up (see our New Products blog for the lowdown on the most exciting launches).

  • Opinion: Broad-banned

    The promises made by ISPs at the turn of the century that broadband would soon be regarded as no more cutting-edge than running water weren't far off the mark.

  • Opinion: Apple App Store approvals still make no sense

    Much is being made of supposed improvements to Apple's App Store, but the approval of a music service called Spotify only raises more questions. And the recent approval of Loopt was a major step backward. The approval process needs to be changed, and soon.

  • Opinion: PS3 Slim outsells Xbox 360 and Wii 3 to 1

    Not one week into its UK sales debut, Sony's re-imagined, slim-sized PlayStation 3 is already enjoying massive sales, up nearly 1,000 percent on standard PS3 sales the week before. The PS3 Slim outsold the Xbox 360 as well as both the Wii and DS Lite by a striking three-to-one ratio.

  • Opinion: Gestures shake up mobile phone control

    Touchscreens have changed the way people use mobile phones dramatically. But gesture controls, augmented reality and larger screen sizes are about to change habits even more, according to mobile interface expert Christian Lindholm.

  • Opinion: Amazon makes amends for Kindle debacle

    There are things that should be left enough alone, and Amazon's Orwellian removal of the book Nineteen Eighty-Four from customers' Kindle e-readers is one of them. Orwell would have got a kick out of this, yet Amazon seems to be taking the matter very seriously. 

  • Opinion: IFA: Sony unveils ultra-slim laptop

    Sony has shown off its latest lightweight, ultra-slim laptop at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. The Sony Vaio X is being billed as the successor to Sony's 2004 Vaio X505 - a forward-thinking laptop that was thinner than the MacBook Air.

  • Opinion: Five requests for YouTube film rentals

    Rumour has it that Google is working on a possible deal with Hollywood studios that would give YouTube a streaming rental store.

  • Opinion: Beware: the Linuxification of Windows has begun

    The recent appearance of Linux UI conventions under Windows is polluting and perverting the Microsoft OS experience. From the simplest open source utilities to the most polished commercial offerings, the stench of Linux is now permeating many of my favourite programs.

  • Opinion: What went wrong between Skype and eBay?

    The future looked bright in September 2005, when eBay announced it was buying Skype Technologies for $2.6bn. But after four years of unfulfilled expectations, the marriage ended on Tuesday, when eBay said it was unloading Skype for $1.9bn. But what went wrong?

  • Opinion: Preview and pics: Nokia's first Linux phone

    After several unofficial leaks, Nokia has officially unveiled the N900, the company's first Linux phone. It's a good first step to rejuvenate Nokia's smartphone line, but will the N900 have what it takes to go head-to-head with the iPhone and Google Android phones?

  • Opinion: Liskula Cohen, and why web anonymity matters

    Over the last few weeks I've spent probably too much time thinking and writing about the Liskula Cohen libel case. It concerns one of my favourite topics: Internet Anonymity vs Privacy vs Personal Responsibility. And how often does an IT blogger get to write about catty supermodels?

  • Opinion: 5 favourite Excel tips

    Whether you're using Microsoft Excel 2008 or 2004, you need some tricks up your sleeve for easing day-to-day tasks, such as entering data or custom sorting, as well as for special situations, such as using colours not included on the Standard palette.

  • Opinion: Snow in August

    It was in 2001 that Apple and Microsoft unveiled their respective new pride-and-joys - each had shiny new operating systems. In the one corner was Mac OS X 10.0, an amalgamation of FreeBSD Unix and the classic Mac OS; in the other corner, Windows XP, a reskinned version of Windows 2000, itself based on Microsoft Windows NT.

  • Opinion: nVidia Ion boosts netbook and nettop graphics power

    A picture can tell a thousand words. And if you display enough pictures every second, you get a good illusion of 2D reality. That's how we all enjoy film and TV, and it's increasingly how we find ourselves interacting with our PCs.

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