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  • Opinion: Half-caffs and hotspots: How to work productively from cafes and public spaces

    Caffeine and free Wi-Fi are a potent recipe for productivity. It's what lures you and many other telecommuters to spend serious work time in convenient coffee shops. But whether you're just getting out of the office or the sidewalk café is your office, working in a public space has some special challenges. These tips will help you stay safe and productive.

  • Opinion: How to get the most money for your old iPad

    My original iPad has seen better days. Its screen is all marred, scratches and dents adorn its back shell, and iOS 5--yep, you read that right--creaks along on its outmoded internals. It's time for an upgrade. If you're in the same boat as me, take heart: You don't have to be stuck with a tattered slab of aluminum and glass after you upgrade.

  • Opinion: Oracle's Hurd not planning to take Microsoft CEO job

    Oracle president Mark Hurd threw his own hat out of the ring to replace Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, telling CNBC that he doesn't intend to leave his current post.

  • Opinion: HTC enters smartwatch fray; my wrist remains unimpressed

    Hey wrist, how's it going down there between my elbow and fingers?! Great, good to hear it! Hey, did you hear the latest news!? Yet another manufacturer wants to make a smaller version of a smartphone and wrap you in!

  • Opinion: Microsoft ships Surface 2 tablets to lukewarm reviews

    Microsoft officially launched its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets on Tuesday morning, stealing a few hours of the spotlight before Apple is expected to announce refreshed versions of the iPad later on Tuesday.

  • Opinion: Why the Modern UI was Microsoft's biggest mistake

    Look at any advert for a Windows 8 PC and you won't see a trace of the old desktop. But it's there and in Windows 8.1 you can boot straight to it. Here's why forcing the Modern UI on people was a mistake.

  • Opinion: What you need to know about privacy, email, and particularly Gmail

    Pritesh Singh asked whether anyone other than the intended recipient can view files attached to a Gmail message.

  • Opinion: Will SteamOS be the next big gaming platform?

    Valve, creators of Portal, Half-Life and DOTA2, announces a new Linux platform for its online game distribution service. Is it possible that SteamOS, and the Steam Machines and Controllers that go with it, could define the next generation of PC gaming? It's just possible.

  • Opinion: Grid Diary makes keeping a journal as easy as filling out a form

    Diaries are not just for preteen girls. OK, something like this, with the Lisa Frank-esque graphics and the heart-shaped padlock and the glitter--oh, the glitter--that is for preteen girls. But just the act of writing in a diary every day, that's good for everyone.

  • Opinion: $349 Nexus 5 appears, then disappears in Google Play

    We've seen a ton of Nexus 5 leaks lately, including a purported technical manual, rumors about an October 15 release date, and a 7-minute leaked video showing off the purported device. Now, however, we've got an all but official unofficial confirmation of the phone, after Google accidentally a 16GB Nexus 5 on Google Play for $349--the original selling price of the 16GB Nexus 4.

  • Opinion: How to keep your camera clean

    Everything gets dusty, dirty, and smudgy. You know that, for instance, because you have a phone. Most of the time, your phone's screen looks like it sunk with the Titanic. If you have a digital camera--either a compact camera or a digital SLR--it's even worse, because the optics are delicate and it doesn't take much gunk to adversely affect your photos.

  • Opinion: How to build a killer Windows 8.1 gaming PC for under $1000

    Finally: Windows 8.1 is a major update that brings many improvements and new features to Windows 8. In addition to a bevy of new apps and meaningful interface changes such as a resurrected Start button and a new boot-to-desktop option, Windows 8.1 will also be the only desktop OS to support DirectX 11.2. Couple that with the streamlined characteristics of the OS, and many people--game enthusiasts in particular--may now be interested in making the switch to the cutting edge of Windows.

  • Opinion: Save your saved games: What files upgrading from Windows 8.1 preview will kill

    If you installed the preview edition of Windows 8.1, then a game, stop. Do not upgrade to the final version of Windows 8.1 until you manually back up your saved games.

  • Opinion: The mysterious ~$ files--nothing to worry about

    Lillian Lim noticed strange files appearing and disappearing. The file names always begin with ~$.

  • Opinion: Manage Cloud Computing With Policies, Not Permissions

    Cloud computing obsolesces the idea that IT operations must put users through the ringer to get their hands on scarce resources. Many organizations continue to insist that someone must review resource requests when, in reality, an automated policy engine can do the same thing -- and put computing power in users' hands that much faster.

  • Opinion: The future of video games will be in your browser

    I've had it with interminable game downloads--and you can keep your fancy new Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii consoles. The future of PC gaming is in the browser, and it'll be here sooner than you expect.

  • Opinion: Block online spoilers with Unspoiler for Google Chrome

    The Web can be a dangerous place for the spoiler-averse. You can't so much as look at Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or news sites without learning what happened to Walter White, who bought it on "Game of Thrones," and so on.

  • Opinion: First thoughts on F!rst, the new social network for gamers

    I've got a Twitter account, though I don't get much use out of it. Truth be told, I've always treated it as a sort of interactive RSS feed: a stream of websites and journos advertising their latest pieces, interspersed with the occasional witty repartee from roustabouts. Ditto for Facebook. Back in college it was my social calendar, a place to organize events and then post pictures afterwards--a few years down the road I'm loathe to start mass-defriending folks, but I can't imagine those guys and gals I chatted up between keg stands are keen on discussing the minutiae of GPUs or Pokémon training.

  • Opinion: Experimental game [Code] instantiates love of programming

    I'm walking through the firehouse in Culver City where a good portion of the games at IndieCade are set up, and then I see what looks like "not a game." And I don't mean that in the disparaging, "Your game doesn't have guns so it's not a game," way that the Internet sometimes means.

  • Opinion: Keep your hands off our smartphones, Verizon!

    As if mobile carriers don't ruin smartphones enough, Verizon has decided to take things a step further. Press images for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini have made their way online, proving once and for all that the carrier will take the opportunity to shoehorn its logo onto practically any space.

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