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  • Opinion: YouTube poised to block indie musicians over subscription service dispute

    YouTube users who like watching videos from indie label artists such as Adele, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead could soon lose access to their videos on the Google-owned site, thanks to a copyright fight between the indies and the video-sharing service.

  • Opinion: AT&T reportedly gets Amazon's phone exclusively -- so what's T-Mobile up to?

    Wednesday's a big day for tech events in the greater Seattle area. First, Amazon summons the press to its hometown to announce what many are assuming to be some sort of smartphone. T-Mobile is following that with an event of its own, relocating a planned Los Angeles press briefing to the Emerald City.

  • Opinion: Study: The traditional office will soon be extinct

    It's not news that mobility is one of the major driving forces in IT today. Smartphones and tablets continue to supplant traditional PCs as primary computing devices, as people are getting more done from wherever they happen to be. A new study from Aruba Networks found that the demand for mobile productivity also puts significant stress on IT personnel and budgets.

  • Opinion: Reality check: Are DVRs doomed? Depends what you mean by 'doomed'

    The days of the DVR are numbered. And DVD players and cable TV set-top boxes are slated to join them in history's recycling pile. At least that's where Roku CEO Anthony Wood thinks the digital entertainment industry is headed.

  • Opinion: Amazon's expected smartphone already faces skeptics

    If Amazon announces a smartphone on Wednesday, as is widely expected, it will face an avalanche of skeptics.

  • Opinion: Easier email: Minimalist, Cloud Magic, and other apps help you master your inbox

    Email. Few things waste more time, yet few things are quite as essential to our daily lives--both personal and professional. And the only thing worse than wasting time managing your inbox is wasting time on app that's supposed to make it more efficient. But I can help: here's are a few email apps that can save you time and energy.

  • Opinion: 4 OS X Yosemite features we'd love to see in Windows

    Apple has just announced the latest update to OS X, called Yosemite. A few of the new features are already built into Windows 8.1, such as the unified search, but there are others we’d love to see Microsoft integrate into Windows 9 next year.

  • Opinion: Facebook Messenger adds videos, extra-large thumbs up

    Facebook has only made its Messenger app more robust since buying WhatsApp earlier this year. Once just a basic messaging app, Messenger has expanded beyond basic chats with stickers, group conversations, and now video messages.

  • Opinion: How to avoid installing bundleware with the help of Unchecky

    Installing third-party programs isn't the minefield it was during the good ol' days of Windows XP. But every now and then, some desktop apps still try to sneak annoying toolbars and other software past you during installation.

  • Opinion: GOG.com kicks off the game deals season with massive DRM-Free Summer Sale

    E3 and all of its shiny new game launches may be winding down, but the gaming goodness is just getting started. Friday morning, games site GOG.com launched its summer games sale, unloading a slew of games at dirt-cheap prices, with deals being swapped out day-by-day and even hour-by-hour.

  • Opinion: Path just deleted all your old messages, if you care

    Path just made all your messages disappear. The social networking app, which was long ago called the "anti-Facebook" for its friend list limitations, has pivoted to Snapchat-like ephemeral messaging.

  • Opinion: Defend yourself against World Cup scams

    The 2014 World Cup tournament kicks off today in Brazil. Soccer (or football anywhere outside of the United States) is the most popular sport in the world, and billions of people will be following the matches closely. While you're busy figuring out how to stream games to your work PC while appearing to be busy with an Excel spreadsheet, you should be aware that World Cup will also be a feeding frenzy of malware and phishing attacks.

  • Opinion: Left behind: The sad state of portable gaming devices at E3

    With the latest gaming consoles out in the wild, this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo is all about big games--and there's a vast selection of them for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Heck, there's even a solid array of Wii U titles, albeit mostly at Nintendo's own booth.

  • Opinion: Tales from the Borderlands and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel stick to what Borderlands is all about

    I'm walking around E3 looking for boxes with little green lights on them. This fever dream is what I get for daring to take on both of the new Borderlands games back-to-back during E3. Both 2K's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Telltale Game's story-centric Tales from the Borderlands are on display at the show, and both launch by the end of this year.

  • Opinion: Vigilance is the only cure for comment spam

    One of the best ways to demonstrate expertise and establish a positive reputation for your business or your employer is by sharing information through posts on a website. And one of the best ways to engage customers is to allow comments on those posts and to respond to them. If you're not careful, though, spammers will derail your comments and possibly drive potential customers away.

  • Opinion: TweetDeck patches XSS vulnerability after rampant pop-up spam

    If you saw strange pop-up messages in TweetDeck this morning, you weren't alone. It wasn't the work of the Syrian Electronic Army, just some relatively harmless XSS exploitation.

  • Opinion: Ride-sharing app Carma tries to crack the commute with prize program

    Uber and Lyft describe some of their services as ride-sharing, even though there's not a lot of sharing going on. That regular person giving you a ride isn't so much a friend taking donations as a driver who accepts payment. Carpooling app Carma is trying to reclaim ride-sharing, but it needs some help to convince people that real ride-sharing--not just on-demand rides--is actually cool.

  • Opinion: 5 iOS 8 features Apple stole from Android

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and with iOS 8 Apple really wants to flatter Android. Here are five features in iOS 8 that Apple stole from Android.

  • Opinion: Three different ways to save screenshots to OneNote

    Microsoft recently released a new tool for OneNote that makes it easier for Chrome users to grab images of web pages. If you've never used OneNote before, it's well worth checking out, especially now that OneNote is free across all platforms.

  • Opinion: Women's wearable Ringly makes notifications fashionable

    Phones are getting bigger, but women's pockets are not. That sounds like a laughable pain point, a faux problem even in the First World. But when your phone is blowing up with notifications that you don't notice because you have it tucked away in your purse, you could miss out on important real-world connections: a call from your best friend, an urgent email from your business partner, a notification that your Uber just pulled up.

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