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  • Opinion: Latest eBay flaw is a rookie mistake for a website

    When it rains it pours for eBay. Less than a week after the popular website revealed it was the victim of a massive data breach and directed users to change their passwords, researchers have discovered that it is vulnerable to serious flaws that could allow an attacker to access user accounts. Individuals need to know how to guard against falling victim to these security issues, and other businesses need to learn from eBay's mistakes and do a better job of protecting resources on the Web.

  • Opinion: ESPN just might start selling Major League Soccer games online...maybe

    ESPN is considering selling access to Major League Soccer (MLS) games online, without requiring viewers to be ESPN subscribers. This means that cord-cutters could access ESPN sports coverage.

  • Opinion: Lookout's latest feature puts phone thieves on alert

    As sensible an idea as a mandatory kill switch feature would be for mobile devices, the people behind the Lookout security app for iOS and Android think that it's not the only thing you can do to safeguard your smartphone from theft.

  • Opinion: Ka-pow! ComiXology rolls out daily free-comics promotion

    If you spent the Memorial Day holiday on a beach or at a barbecue instead of in front of a computer, I've got some bad news: You missed out on a chance to get a free digital comic book. But don't fret--you've still got 19 more chances to build up your digital comics library.

  • Opinion: Only laggards continue to dither on cloud

    Asian business leaders beware -- your position as market leaders have never been at greater risk.

  • Opinion: Meet Ultravisual, an editing geek's photo-sharing app that even amateurs will love

    There are a zillion photo-sharing apps available on any platform you can think of, but they're all pretty straight-forward. Upload a photo, add a filter and a location tag, and post. The iOS app Ultravisual can be just as simple, if that's what you're looking for, but it's also one of the most complicated creating/sharing tools I've used--in a good way.

  • Opinion: Spotify security breach hits just one user, but Android listeners encouraged to update app

    A single Spotify user has become the victim of a security breach, the company said on Tuesday.

  • Opinion: 3 time-saving Chrome extensions that maximize your Google search efficiency

    Like many folks in the Internet age, I spend a huge chunk of my time searching for information on Google. Over the years I've learned lots of little tricks to help make those searches faster and more effective. But if turning to advanced queries alone isn't powerful enough for you, a handful of Google-made Chrome extensions can supercharge your scouring even more.

  • Opinion: Windows Phone 8.1 users can now rack up Bing Rewards

    Microsoft has finally brought its Bing Rewards program to Windows Phone, letting users earn points toward gift cards and other benefits by searching the Web.

  • Opinion: Amazon offering free Fire TV trials to some Prime members

    If you're curious about Amazon's Fire TV set-top box and subscribe to Amazon Prime, you might want to check your inbox.

  • Opinion: You Should Play: Another Case Solved

    I downloaded Another Case Solved on a whim, after seeing an ad in Mikey Shorts. (Both titles were produced by Noodlecake Studios, which partnered with Chillingo for this release. In fact, we've been giving a lot of love to Noodlecake Studios' collection lately--Flappy Golf is another game on our list.) I literally downloaded it because I accidentally clicked on an in-game ad, and because it was free. So you can understand how surprised I am to find that, two months later, I'm still playing Another Case Solved--enthusiastically.

  • Opinion: All-you-can-read kids service Epic adds a thousand new books from HarperCollins

    I was a voracious reader as a kid. If my mom could have waved a magic wand and had an unlimited supply of books appear in our living room for a flat fee of $10 a month, I'm sure she would have jumped at the chance. Thanks to the iPad and a subscription service called Epic, my kid can gorge himself on children's books until the cow jumps over the moon.

  • Opinion: Another China/USA cyberslap fight

    The US-China relationship is oft described as "the most important diplomatic relationship in the world." Whether true or not (Japan and Western Europe haven't vanished), it's important that Beijing and Washington communicate, and, where possible, collaborate."

  • Opinion: Nest Protect gets a recall and a software update

    If you have a Nest Protect smoke detector, you'll want to make sure that its software is up to date. On Tuesday, Nest officially recalled 440,000 Nest Protect smoke detectors, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, because of an issue that could prevent the alarm from sounding right away in case of a fire.

  • Opinion: Would you like VR with your pizza? Chuck E. Cheese to test Oculus Rift at its restaurants

    It has been decades since I set foot inside a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant--eateries promising family fun don't really cater to gentlemen in their early 40s unaccompanied by children. So my memories of the place tend to be frozen-in-amber recollections of skee-ball machines, whack-a-mole games, and audio-animatronic animals singing along to songs about pizza.

  • Opinion: How to create and share custom Style Sets

    Who knew Microsoft Word could give you a power rush? That's what you feel when you create a one-click, customized Style Set that automatically applies font, paragraph, layout, and other setting to any document. It's a great way to create consistency for monthly reports or other routine pieces of content. Once you get the hang of Style Sets, formatting text one paragraph or section at a time will feel as primitive as Sumerians writing cuneiform on wet-clay tablets.

  • Opinion: Decorate like a pro with these 10 interior design apps

    When I moved to Los Angeles last month, I signed a lease without ever seeing the actual apartment. In fact, I didn't see my new place until I arrived on move-in day with a 22-foot rental truck full of boxes and furniture.

  • Opinion: What will consumers gain from AT&T's DirecTV buy?

    It's official: AT&T wants to buy DirecTV in a deal valued at around $48.5 billion. And to help the acquisition's public appeal, the telecommunications giant is offering a number of sweeteners.

  • Opinion: In connected cars, advertising will come along for the ride

    You're steering your car around an unfamiliar city, close to lunchtime, and you're not exactly sure where to eat, let alone where you can park. But your in-car infotainment system springs into action, serving up not only the location of a nearby parking lot but also coupons and offers for restaurants just steps away from where you've left your car.

  • Opinion: Meet Darma, the non-activity tracker you sit on

    Quantified butt. The Internet of chairs. An unactivity tracker. Jokes aside, the Darma cushion might be the smartest thing you ever sit on. Unlike your smartphone, it can't butt-dial anyone, but Darma can dial up stats about how much time you spend in a chair and how good your posture is while you're there.

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