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  • Opinion: The iPhone's sapphire future comes into focus

    This may be anathema for someone in the business of writing about tech to say, but I'm not all that interested in iPhone rumors. Shipping products are what grab my attention, not unicorns and phantasms. The minute Tim Cook holds up the new device is the minute it's worthwhile to start examining features and specs, and all the speculation ahead of time is usually just the noise separating one Apple press event from the next.

  • Opinion: Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios not quite dead yet

    Like an unexpected twist in one of the original programs it had hoped to produce, Microsoft's recently shuttered Xbox Entertainment Studios may come back from the dead. That's according to an August 14 story in the Hollywood Reporter, which says Warner Bros. may be in the frame to revive Microsoft's attempt to create video content for its gaming console.

  • Opinion: The Premier League has had it up to here with all your soccer Vines

    England's Premier League is a waving a red card at fans who plan on recording goals and posting the six-second clips to Vine.

  • Opinion: Girl power: 10 films full of remarkable women, streaming on Netflix

    It's no secret that the movie business has long been a men's club, but it doesn't have to be that way. These 10 films, currently streaming on Netflix, show that great things can happen when men and women work together to create more opportunities for women behind the scenes and in front of the camera. And adding some truly interesting female characters never hurts, either. In fact, we found so many performances worth celebrating that there's a bonus list of 10 more girl-power films at the bottom.

  • Opinion: FAA says Lyft-like platforms for private planes are illegal

    Private plane pilots and the high-flying ballers who book seats on their aircraft can no longer use Lyft-like platforms to buy and sell seats. The Federal Aviation Administration put the kibosh on startups that let pilots advertise rides on their tiny planes in exchange for gas money. I don't know about you, but I hate sharing my jets anyway.

  • Opinion: Samsung to acquire SmartThings, the open connected home platform

    The bigger the ship, the slower it is to turn, and Samsung is a really, really big ship. The massive company makes everything from smartphones and tablet to appliances and TVs--if you suddenly decided to upgrade everything in your home that has a power cable, chances are you could replace a good 90 percent of it with stuff made by Samsung.

  • Opinion: YouTube starts cleaning up its streaming apps, starting with Xbox One

    Xbox One users should spend less time hunting and pecking and more time streaming videos to the big screen, thanks to a just-released update to YouTube's app for the gaming console. And other set-top boxes and gaming consoles will soon follow suit.

  • Opinion: How risky will it be to run old IE after Microsoft's 2016 patch stoppage?

    Microsoft's decision to stop patching older versions of Internet Explorer in 17 months may not be as big a show-stopper as many assume.

  • Opinion: Twitter promises to fix policies after bullies target Robin Williams's daughter

    Twitter champions freedom of speech and allows its users anonymity, but that hands-off approach comes at a cost: Many users, especially women, face constant abuse on the network. One high-profile incident might finally spur Twitter to action.

  • Opinion: Cyber-Policing comes of age

    The National Crime Agency reported recently that it had detained over six hundred suspects in an online paedophile ring. This follows on from the recent international collaboration that saw the Blackshades malware taken out of circulation.

  • Opinion: DRIP: why the surveillance bill is bad news

    The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers bill was rushed through parliament as an emergency act in July, but it has raised huge questions of the government’s methods and motives. Here we look at what the bill is and why its such an issue.

  • Opinion: Push for Pizza is the laziest food delivery app of all time

    Woah, dudes. Woah. Have you ever had one of those nights where you're just too tired, stressed, or, um, indisposed to figure out how to feed yourself? Like, you know you want food, but you don't want to go through the hassle of making that food happen. There's a solution for that, man: Push for Pizza. It's, like, the next technological breakthrough. It's magic.

  • Opinion: How to securely overwrite deleted files with a built-in Windows tool

    Most Windows users know that when you delete a file on a PC, it isn't truly gone and can still be recovered. In fact, those deleted files are actually just sitting there on your hard drive until they are overwritten with new data.

  • Opinion: Golem Arcana combines the charm of a board game with the ease of a video game

    "At Harebrained we're in an interesting position. We have a long history in the tabletop space--Jordan Weisman, our founder, did Shadowrun, Battle Tech, founded WizKids--but we also have a long history in the computer game space," says Ray Winninger, executive producer at Harebrained Schemes. Winninger's own background is just as complex, having designed multiple tabletop RPGs and worked on video games at Microsoft for a decade.

  • Opinion: Word wranglers: 5 apps that make writing easier

    Quick: Picture a writer in your head. An image of a bearded old man, hunched over a clackety typewriter may come to mind. But these days, a writer is more likely to be tapping away at a tablet or even a smartphone, composing anything from a business document to the next great American novel. No matter what it is you're writing, these apps can help make the process a little easier.

  • Opinion: To spark viewer interest, Cinemax puts debut episode of The Knick online

    Want to see the latest original series that pay cable has to offer? You needn't bother with a high-priced cable subscription. These days, premium cable channels are turning to online to help generate buzz for their new shows.

  • Opinion: Variety: To teen newbs, YouTube dudes rule over boob tube rubes

    Sorry, film, TV, and music stars--today's teenagers just aren't that into you.

  • Opinion: Origin launches Alienware laptop "trade-up" program

    Shots fired. Hot on the heels of Alienware's new 13-inch laptop announcement last week, Origin is launching a trade-in program that specifically targets its UFO-friendly competitor. Or, as Origin terms it, a "trade-up" program.

  • Opinion: How to kill unwanted processes and applications that slow down Windows

    Bobby Ekwere asked "Is there any free software that allows me to see and disable unwanted programs running in the background?"

  • Opinion: Tethering tutorial: How to use your Android smartphone as a modem

    Knowing how to share your smartphone's Internet connection can get you out of sticky situations. All Android smartphones can generate a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot that your tablet, notebook or other device can access to surf the web. Enabling this feature is easily done provided you account for the basics.

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