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  • News: Remains of the Day: Release valve

    An authoritative source casts doubt on Tim Cook's Valve visit, a story suggests Apple still has oh-so-secret plans for its cash, and the very latest in green power for data centers. The remainders for Friday, April 20, 2012 were made to suffer; it's their lot in life.

  • News: Venture capital poured into enterprise software in Q1

    The buttoned-down IT industry outshone flashy consumer Internet startups at raising money in the first quarter, logging a big increase in U.S. venture capital investments, especially in enterprise software.

  • News: Wall Street Beat: Mixed tech earnings earn tepid reaction

    Some of the biggest names in IT reported mixed results this week for the first quarter, leading to a dip in tech stocks Friday even as some major indexes showed gains for other sectors.

  • News: Lawmakers question FAA on privacy protections around drone use

    Two senior lawmakers are asking the Federal Aviation Administration to explain how the agency will ensure that privacy rights are protected when it issues drone licenses to government, law enforcement and private organizations.

  • News: Tech groups push for cyberthreat information-sharing bill

    Several technology trade groups are pushing the U.S. Congress to pass a controversial cyberthreat information-sharing bill, despite ongoing privacy concerns voiced by digital rights and civil liberties groups.

  • News: Social predators still gaming the system on Facebook

    Despite an increasingly severe crackdown by the ubiquitous social network, malicious activity and spam on Facebook are still both widespread and profitable, according to Barracuda research scientist Daniel Peck.

  • News: IT admins ready to chuck it in

    Almost three quarters of IT administrators have considered switching careers due to job stress.

  • News: Analyst says Apple could hit $1,200 a share

    Last week two analysts predicted that Apple’s shares could hit $1,001. Now an analyst has raised that figure to $1,200 based on sales of iPhones and iPads. However, where the other analysts specified that the $1,001 mark would be broken within 12 months, O’Gorman hasn’t specified a time frame.

  • News: Valve: We never met with Apple, but we'd love to!

    On Monday, we reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook had been spotted visiting the headquarters of Valve, the company behind Steam and popular Mac games such as Half-Life and Portal. It has now emerged that the sighting had been completely fabricated.

  • News: YouTube must filter content, rules German court

    YouTube must filter content uploaded by users a German court ruled on Friday.

  • News: Nokia patent case loss in Germany leads to squabble about what ruling means

    Nokia has lost an intellectual property case against IPCom in Mannheim, Germany, but the verdict will have little effect because existing phones aren't infringing on the patent, Nokia said Friday.

  • News: We might be old, but we're still the elite

    It was 1988 and Strider had a problem. The first copy of the Commodore 64 game The Last Ninja 2 had just landed in the computer shop in Malmö where he used to work after school. Strider had an exceptional opportunity to be the first kid on the schoolyard with a cracked copy of the game everybody wanted.

  • News: Apple pursues ban on altered Samsung Galaxy tablet in Germany

    A Düsseldorf court has set a date to hear an appeal from Apple, which is seeking an injunction preventing Samsung Electronics from selling a tablet modified to beat an earlier injunction, a court spokesman said on Friday.

  • News: FCC Fights Carrier Bill Shock

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has launched a Web page that tracks how major U.S. mobile carriers are alerting their customers who risk exceeding monthly usage limits for voice calls, data, SMS, and international roaming. The page is part of an agreement reached between the FCC and the CTIA wireless trade association in October to help users avoid high-priced overage charges on their monthly bills.

  • News: Claims of Apple's tax dodging are untrue

    A report last week accused Apple of 'tax dodging' in Britain, and now the Greenlining Institute has a report out claiming that Apple is avoiding paying tax in the United States, however, the Greenlining has got its maths wrong, claims Forbes.

  • News: Resolving Complaints: Can Small Claims Yield Big Wins?

    We've all been there: A new gadget doesn't deliver, a service plan lets you down, or a bill has bogus charges. Appeals to the company go nowhere, and you're left feeling cheated, frustrated, and powerless. Some disgruntled consumers, however, have taken their case to small claims court and gotten, if not complete vindication, at least the satisfaction of having their complaints heard--and, of course, a little cash for their trouble.

  • News: China Mobile first-quarter profit rises 3.5 percent

    China Mobile's first-quarter net profit rose 3.5 percent year on year, despite growing competition from rivals, the company reported Friday.

  • News: Microsoft income drops despite strong Windows sales

    Microsoft has reported a drop in net income after poor entertainment sales but saw good Windows adoption.

  • News: 4G smartphones, tablets to boom in 2012

    Despite concerns on consumer demand and varied LTE standards 4G devices, such as smartphones and tablets, look set to boom this year.

  • News: Apple, Google and others to face former employees' antitrust suit

    A federal court in California has ordered seven technology companies in the state including Apple, Intel, Adobe and Google to face a private antitrust suit from five former employees, who alleged that the companies conspired to eliminate competition between them for skilled labor to suppress compensation and mobility of employees.

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