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  • News: Mac pundits heap praise on 'brave' Microsoft

    "Graceful." "Elegant." Microsoft??! Three leading Mac luminaries risked certain death by lauding Microsoft's brave new Metro interface during a Macworld Expo panel session.

  • News: Rethink your approach to Cloud after Megaupload: University of Sydney

    The shuttering of Megaupload.com, the online storage site that became the home a variety of digital content, has demonstrated the importance of backing up content to multiple sources, according to University of Sydney.

  • News: Economic Uncertainty: Static Quo

    "2012 may mark the beginning of a new and more frightening phase of the world's worst economic calamity in three quarters of a century," prophesized Joseph Stiglitz, renowned economist and Nobel laureate, blithely crushing faint hopes of a happy new year.

  • News: Adscend denies Facebook, AG allegations

    Adscend Media, the defendant in lawsuits filed this week by Facebook and the Washington attorney general, on Friday denied the allegations in the complaints and shifted blame to its affiliates.

  • News: Cook 'outraged' at reports of worker mistreatment

    Apple CEO Tim Cook says he is "outraged" by a series of New York Times reports alleging worker mistreatment and neglect at Chinese factories that assemble the company's iPhones, iPads, and other devices.

  • News: Wall Street Beat: Tech shines as earnings come in strong

    This week's tsunami of tech earnings, led by Apple's jaw-dropping quarterly report, has given market watchers something to cheer about and also points to industry shifts around tablets and cloud computing.

  • News: Facebook IPO could come as soon as next week

    The Internet juggernaut Facebook could file papers for an initial public offering as early as Wednesday, hoping to raise as much as US$10 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

  • News: Kenyan officials say government sites hit by Indonesian hacker

    An Indonesian hacker compromised 103 Kenyan government websites earlier this month with the aim of showing that the sites could be exploited, officials said this week.

  • News: The top 10 H-1B visa users in the U.S.

    Offshore outsourcing companies continued to make up the majority of the top 10 H-1B visa users in 2011, according to new government data. These offshore firms have been adding employees by the thousands as their revenues increase.

  • News: Security roundup: The triumph of hactivists, the sorrow of Symantec

    It was another busy week for hactivists attacking the online targets of their ire. This time, hackers under the banner AntiSec appeared to have hacked the website of OnGuardOnline.gov, the U.S. government's online security website, in protest against the much-railed-against legislation Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) as well as other bills regarding intellectual protection. Similarly, the group Anonymous is believed to be behind the distributed denial-of-service attack on Thursday that brought down the European Parliament's website in what is thought to be retaliation for European support for the shutdown of the Megaupload file-sharing site the week before. Anonymous also opposes a treaty being ratified in Europe now called the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. That deals with infringement of intellectual property rights.

  • News: Hawaii legislators bid aloha to controversial data retention bill

    Lawmakers in Hawaii quietly dropped a bill that would have required Internet service providers to collect the browsing histories of Internet users in the state and store the data for at least two years.

  • News: Rubinstein leaves HP

    Jon Rubinstein, known for his role developing the original iPod for Apple and for running Palm, has left Hewlett-Packard, where he's worked since the company's acquisition of Palm.

  • News: Tech Leaders Call for Global Harmony on Privacy, Security

    In the borderless digital world, tech and finance companies can get tangled up in a web of laws and regulations on privacy and data security.

  • News: French telecom regulator steps into dispute over Free Mobile's coverage

    ARCEP, the French telecommunications regulator, has promised to investigate whether new network operator Free Mobile is still offering the level of coverage required by its license, following complaints by employees of rival networks. But it also warned the company's critics to stop whining, saying that the existing three network operators had all failed to meet their coverage obligations at launch.

  • News: M&B chains get hosted infrastructure

    Pub and restaurant chain signs up Fujitsu for pay-per-use service

  • Video: Video: Apple breaks records, new EU data laws and a new Facebook app to die for

    Coming up on World Tech Update this week the EU proposes new online data protection rules, Apple shatters sales records under CEO Tim Cook and a new Facebook app is to die for.

  • Video: Video: EU data protection proposes big fines for businesses

    The European Commission announced a data protection bill this week that it hopes will safeguard citizen's online privacy.

  • News: Apple accused of ignoring 'human cost' of product manufacture

    Apple has been accused of 'ignoring the human cost' of its product manufacturing chain in the Far East by former executives and contractors.

  • News: Bmibaby sued over 'inaccessible' website

    Airline bmibaby is being sued by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) for allegedly "failing to ensure web access for blind and partially sighted customers".

  • News: Samsung loses again in German patent suit against Apple

    The district court in Mannheim, Germany, has again sided with Apple in a patent suit brought by Samsung Electronics, saying on Friday that the company had not infringed on a second patent asserted by Samsung against the iPhone and iPad.

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