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PC Advisor's IT Company Of The Decade

2000-2009 company winner revealed

The end of the first decade of the 21st Century marks a great time to take stock of a monumental decade in technology. Here are PC Advisor's companies of the decade: there can be only one winner.

The company of the decade: nominees


Nominees for the company of the noughties simply had to include Amazon. In many the story of Amazon is the story of e-commerce throughout the decade.

Today Amazon is the UK's favourite music and video retailer, but it wasn't ever thus. Starting out as an online bookstore in the mid 90s, Amazon was unusual for a dotcom in that it deliberately grew only slowly. As other internet startups flared up and burned out, Amazon finally turned a small profit of $5m in 2001, and hasn't looked back since. It is the behemoth that dominates online shopping.

As well as earning yearly profits measured in tens of billions of dollars, Amazon is responsible for the popularity of user reviews, and owns a range web properties as diverse as Alexa Internet and the IMDB, as well as carving up the nascent e-book reader market with the Amazon Kindle.

If on January 1 2000 someone had told you that you could do all of your Christmas shopping via the Amazon website, you'd have laughed in their face. Now that's far from the case, and if the Kindle is to the e-book market what the iPod did to music, who knows where Amazon will be in 2020?

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Where do you start with Apple? For the computer manufacturer, the first decade of the century has been a time of diversification, innovation and success.

During the noughties Apple has released potential products of the decade in the Mac OS, the iPod and the iPhone. There's also been the Mac mini, MacBook Air and Mac Pro, as well as various iconic iterations of the iMac all-in-one desktop PC.

Under the guidance of PC Advisor's personality of the decade Steve Jobs - who was confirmed as Apple CEO only in 2000 - Apple partnered with Intel, started the iTunes store online, and saw its Apple Stores become fixtures on major high streets. All accompanied with a touch of Hollywood fanfare.

Perhaps even more impressive: since the trauma of the troubled nineties, Apple has become a hugely profitable company, that manages simultaneously to be admired.

Think about it: in 2010 the only way you can run Apple and Microsoft OSes on one PC is to buy a Mac, the iPod and iPhone are pretty much locked in to iTunes, and Apple computers tend to cost more than their Windows counterparts. But Apple is seen in many quarters as the epitome of cool. A fine decade's work.

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  2. Amazon & Apple
  3. ARM & Dell
  4. eBay & HP
  5. Microsoft & Nokia
  6. RIM (BlackBerry)

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