With the A-Level results out, you're probably mentally gearing up for your stint at university. Here's five free apps for smartphones running Google Android that will help improve your student life.

My Student Budget Planner

With this free app you can track your spending, work out how much disposable income you've got and even alerts you when you've gone over budget.


This free app is a recipe collection with a difference. Simply input which ingredients you have left in your fridge/store cupboard fromn a list of 'Staple ingredients' and you'll be presented with a custom recipe utilising those foods.

StudyDroid Flashcards 2.0 - Free

This is a great app designed to aid revision when it comes to cramming for your exams. Create flashcards from either the web or your phone and then sync them so you can look at them when you're surfing the web or on the go.

Note Everything

With this app you can jot down any flashes of inspiration that come into your head, or even just doddle during boring lectures. Your notes can even organised into folders.

Student SafetyNet

This free app lets you see if students in your neighbourhood have been victim to crime and lets you share with other students any experiences you feel they should know about, good or bad.

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