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  • News: AT&T center to tap into Silicon Valley talent

    AT&T set up shop in Silicon Valley on Wednesday with its Foundry Development Center in Palo Alto, a facility where software and hardware developers can get help bringing their inventions to the real world.

  • News: Ballmer: Microsoft Is "Reimagining" Itself

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance at the end of Wednesday’s BUILD keynote speech, telling the audience that Microsoft is in the process of reimagining itself.

  • News: OfficeDrop adds iPad 2 optimization to iOS app

    The cloud-storage provider OfficeDrop has revamped its iOS app, expanding it from an iPhone-centric program to a universal app. The new version is optimized to take advantage of the iPad 2's camera for "scanning" paper documents into electronic storage.

  • News: Microsoft previews next Windows Server

    One day after Microsoft launched the first beta of the next generation of its Windows desktop operating system, Windows 8, the company previewed the next version of its server operating system, Windows Server 8.

  • News: DEMO '11: Whodini tracks down your company's in-house experts

    Whodini doesn't want you to waste an entire day emailing coworkers looking for the one guy in your company who knows the ins and outs of SIP trunks.

  • News: Windows 8 will run from USB thumb drive

    Windows 8 will include a new feature that lets IT administrators provide workers with a portable Windows environment on a USB thumb drive.

  • News: VMWare Fusion 4 takes on Parallels 7

    Parallels and VMWare are locked in an arms-race. Both vendors make software that enables you to run Windows on your Mac. They’ve been stuck in a tit-for-tat release cycle for years now: Every twelve months or so, one of them releases a new version of its software with a bunch of whizzy new features. Some days or weeks afterwards, the other one releases its own new version—usually with many of the same new features.

  • News: From brainstorm to outline: Why I use OPML

    Successful projects start with thorough planning. You aren’t going to create a compelling business proposal by scratching a few notes on a cocktail napkin then firing up Keynote. You need to plan first. For me, planning means making an outline, and outlining means using OPML.

  • News: The two faces of Windows 8 Developer Preview

    A first hands-on look at the just-released Developer Preview of Windows 8 (which became available last night at the Windows Dev Center site) reveals an operating system poised halfway between yesterday's desktop and tomorrow's touch-screen interface. I installed it on a PC, but the OS seems built more for tablets and mobile devices than traditional computers,

  • News: Codemasters to Close Bodycount/Operation Flashpoint Studio

    Following poor critical reception of recent shooter title Bodycount, Codemasters has announced it will be closing its Guildford, UK studio and focusing on its racing titles.

  • News: Windows 8: All you need to know

    After months of buildup, Microsoft unveils the next generation of Windows for PCs and tablets

  • News: Senator to businesses: Protect data or pay

    Senator Richard Blumenthal says his data breach legislation will deter data breaches. IT security experts have their doubts.

  • News: Cisco unveils dual role-data center

    Cisco this week opened up a new data center in Research Triangle Park, N.C., with a dual role: application development and disaster recovery (DR) for its production data centers in Texas.

  • News: DEMO Fall '11: Hold-Free tries to make calling customer service less time consuming

    Hold-Free Networks' goal is to create a customer service hotline for non-insane people.

  • News: ForeScout integrates security control with HP ArcSight

    ForeScout Technologies has integrated its NAC automated security control system with HP ArcSight in order to deliver real time visibility and remediation.

  • News: Microsoft Windows 8 release date rumour round-up

    Microsoft has finally confirmed technology's worst kept-secret, there will be a new version of the Windows operating system, and it'll be known as Windows 8. Well that's its code name for now at least anyway.

  • News: Windows 8 Also Has Tools for Power Users

    Microsoft has spent so much time at the BUILD conference this week talking about how Windows 8 will operate like a tablet OS that you might feel left out if you plan to continue working on a desktop or laptop. But whether you're an IT manager, PC enthusiast, or professional just trying to get some work done, Windows 8 will have enough new features to make it worth your interest.

  • News: Microsoft leaves Windows 8 questions unanswered, say experts

    Today's long-awaited look at Windows 8 left analysts almost as perplexed as they were before Microsoft's top Windows executive walked onto a California stage.

  • News: Microsoft opens Windows 8 preview to all

    Taking a different tack than it did three years ago, Microsoft has made a preview of Windows 8 available to anyone who takes the time to download it.

  • News: Android overtakes iPhone in Europe

    Android has become the second most popular smartphone platform in the five leading European markets, according to figures from comScore.

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