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  • News: Halftone app update includes postcard option

    Days after Apple named it one of the best photography apps of the year, Halftone has been updated to let users send its images as real-world postcards.

  • News: Apple wins import block on some HTC devices

    The U.S. International Trade Commission will block the importation of some HTC products starting next April 19 after it found that the company infringed Apple patents.

  • News: Microsoft launches Africa package in six languages

    Microsoft has released, for the first time, a software package that comes in African languages.

  • News: Three in Five Workers Yell at Their Computers, Study Finds

    It's a rare computer user who hasn't felt frustrated at some point with their computer, but apparently only a minority keep that aggravation bottled up. Rather, three out of five workers admit to venting their angst by yelling at their computers.

  • News: Animoto's new mobile app promises easy video slideshow creation

    Online video editing service Animoto has gone mobile with its new Animoto iPhone app, released on Monday. As with the company’s website, the mobile app lets users easily create professional quality video slideshows—with cuts, pans, music, and graphics—from still images.

  • News: Rising cybercrime pushes African governments to take action

    In reaction to rising cybercrime incidents in both public and private sectors, some African governments have set up incident reporting and early warning bodies with the support of AfriNIC (Africa Network Information Center).

  • News: Nexus Tablet Expected Within 6 Months

    The first Google Nexus tablet could be arriving within six months, according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who also promises we’ll see even more “brutal competition” between Apple and Google.

  • News: MIT to open source educational software

    As part of an initiative to expand its online course offerings, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology plans to release as open source the software it will use to manage student online learning, the institution announced Monday.

  • News: Professor files net neutrality complaint against Verizon Wireless

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should investigate Verizon Wireless for allegedly blocking Google Wallet on a new smartphone available to the carrier's customers, a law professor has said.

  • News: LocalEats update delivers menus to iPhone food finder

    Exacting foodies use the LocalEats restaurant finder on their iPhone to track down the best places to eat in a particular city. Thanks to the latest update to the app, they’ll also have a pretty good idea of what will be on the menu when they get there.

  • News: How To Get Windows 8 Features Now

    Windows 8 will be the first Windows operating system since Windows 95 to drastically modify the user interface. Not only will we see a port of the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI, we'll also see support for multiple monitor setups, an immersive version of Internet Explorer, and touchscreen optimization.

  • News: ArtRage Studio Pro Makes Natural-Looking Paintings Easily and Inexpensively

    If you're looking for a true digital painting program to create realistic portraits, drawings, and other artwork, look no further than ArtRage Studio Pro ($80, 30-day demo with feature limitations). If Joy of Painting's Bob Ross had ever put down his brushes and picked up a mouse, this would've been the software for him.

  • News: Lend a holiday helping hand

    This week many people will suffer the indignities and inconvenience of long-distance travel to personally deliver gifts to their distant loved ones. As appreciated as your presence and presents are sure to be, I’d suggest sharing one additional gift—your technical knowledge. Odds are you visit this site and are reading these words because of your enthusiasm for Apple’s work. Those odds are just as good that you’ve picked up many helpful tidbits along the way—bits of information that your friends and family could benefit from. As this is the season of giving, might I suggest that you consider giving of yourself in the following ways?

  • News: Ransomware creators use demo version to boost their victims' confidence

    A new piece of malware encrypts images, documents and other files stored on infected systems and advertises a demo version of a paid-for program that can recover them.

  • News: FAQ: Microsoft's new IE auto-upgrade scheme explained

    We've assembled some of the most pressing questions -- and answers -- about Microsoft's new auto-upgrade plan for the Internet Explorer 8 browser.

  • News: PC Users Unlikely to Embrace Windows 8

    IDC expects Windows 8 upgrades on desktops and laptops to be scarce, saying Microsoft's upcoming operating system will be 'largely irrelevant' to users of traditional PCs.

  • News: BT accuses Google of patent infringement

    BT has launched a lawsuit against Google, claiming the Android operating system infringes some of its patents.

  • News: Wireless Carrier Survey: Smaller Players Ranked High in Customer Satisfaction

    Cell phone carriers are learning that when it comes to service small players are more satisfying than big ones -- as far as their customers are concerned.

  • News: App internet and mobile devices to drive massive technology demands in 2012

    The rise of the "app internet" – in which users' PCs, smartphones and tablets run the business applications – will drive completely different demands from technology next year.

  • News: Internet Explorer Silent Updates Are Not a Miracle Cure

    Microsoft made waves this week by announcing that it plans to implement automatic, silent updates to push the latest version(s) of Internet Explorer. If you were hoping that silent updates will finally nail the coffin on IE6 and IE7, though, don’t hold your breath.

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