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  • News: Cisco CTO: Software integration will drive intelligent networks

    Networking giant Cisco plans to make software one of the company's “core competencies”, with the aim of creating a networking operating system that is more intelligent and contextualised.

  • News: Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera will support DSLR lenses

    Pentax today announced its second mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, the Pentax K-01. The model is a far cry from the Pentax Q in aesthetics, sensor-size, and lens support. The Pentax K-01 has a body in the midcentury-modern style conjured up by Australian industrial designer Marc Newson, as well as the same K-mount lens mount used by Pentax's DSLR lenses.

  • News: Ticket to Ride Pocket update brings online, asynchronous play

    As pleased as I was with Ticket to Ride Pocket, Days of Wonder’s mobile adaptation of its excellent board game, some shortcomings—lack of online play, for example—prevented it from achieving the same lofty heights as its iPad counterpart. The latest update to the iPhone version not only corrects that notable omission, but also adds one new feature that lets it pull ahead of the iPad version: asynchronous play.

  • News: Google Docs for Android gets offline access

    Google Docs users can now get offline access to documents on their Android-based smartphones and tablets, Googlesaid in a blog post on Wednesday.

  • News: News International IT upgrade wiped 'hacking' email to James Murdoch – lawyers

    Lawyers acting for beleaguered newspaper group News International have claimed that an IT upgrade erased a key email chain copied to chief executive James Murdoch. The chain referred to "rife" phone hacking at the company.

  • News: Alfresco 4.0 heads for the cloud

    In anticipation of offering its open-source content management software as a service, Alfresco has upgraded its namesake product to work with multiple clients and to interact with a wider range of form factors, the company announced Thursday.

  • News: Updates for Snow Leopard security, Remote Desktop now available

    In addition to releasing Mac OS X 10.7.3 on Wednesday, Apple also pushed out two other software updates: a security update for Snow Leopard and an update to Apple Remote Desktop.

  • News: Apple releases Mac OS X 10.7.3

    Apple on Wednesday released Mac OS X 10.7.3, an incremental update to Lion. As usual, Apple recommends the update to all Lion users, saying that it addresses stability, compatibility, and security issues.

  • News: Wunderkit offers collaborative project management on Mac, iOS

    Wunderkit—a collaborative getting-things-done Web-based application for Mac and iOS—has emerged from beta testing and is available to the public.

  • News: 9 "university researcher approved" tips for awesome Tweeting

    Researchers from Carnegie Mellon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech have issued a list of 9 tips for better tweeting based on a study of Twitter usefulness (see "Most tweets are useless, Twitter users say").

  • News: SEC investigating past JDA's past fiscal years, stock falls

    JDA Software's stock is taking a hit after the supply-chain application vendor said Tuesday that it experienced a loss in the fourth quarter and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is requesting information about past fiscal years.

  • News: For 'Malware as a Service' merchants, business is booming

    Malware merchants have matured, and are more diversified and dangerous than ever.

  • News: Kinect for Windows Available Now for $250

    For PC users more interested in the practical side of Microsoft's Kinect, a Windows version is now available for $250.

  • News: Most tweets are garbage, Twitter users say

    Twitter has been celebrated for its ubiquity and impact on world events from natural disaster recovery to political uprisings. But researchers from a group of big time universities have found that useful tweets are few and far between.

  • News: Kernel guru Greg Kroah-Hartman joins Linux Foundation

    One of the principle maintainers of the Linux kernel, Greg Kroah-Hartman, has joined the Linux Foundation as a fellow, the same position held by Linux creator Linus Torvalds, the foundation announced.

  • News: Nikon Refreshes Entire Coolpix Line With Nine New Cameras

    Nikon flipped over its whole lineup of Coolpix point-and-shoots today, introducing nine new models to replace and augment the company's 2011 offerings. Leading the charge in features (and price) are the 42X-optical-zoom Nikon Coolpix P510 and the low-light-friendly Nikon Coolpix P310, the latter of which offers a maximum aperture of F1.8.

  • News: Apple releases Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3

    Apple has today launched Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3, what it describes as a "significant update" to its professional video editing app.

  • News: TeenAgree keeps tabs on teenaged drivers

    Appmosphere has developed its share of business-to-business apps for the iOS platform. But CEO Laura Ooley concedes that there’s something personal about the developer’s TeenAgree app, which was on display in the Mobile Apps Showcase at last week’s Macworld | iWorld. In addition to co-owning their app development firm, Ooley and her husband are also parents to nine kids, two of whom are old enough to drive cars. So there’s an extra incentive to make sure that TeenAgree delivers on its promise of helping teenaged drivers make good decisions behind the wheel.

  • News: The business of making apps for your business

    Have a business and want to tap into the burgeoning market for mobile apps? Kyle Richter, iOS developer and founder of Dragon Forged Software, discussed how entrepreneurs can expand their business with apps during a tech talk at last week’s Macworld | iWorld event.

  • News: Is the Use of Sites Like MegaUpload Sinking the Arts Ship? Not So Fast, Says New Advocate Study

    From the dramatic MegaUpload takedown to draconian legislation like SOPA, it is easy to assume that commercial art profits (such as from album sales) are a sinking ship.

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