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  • News: Microsoft Build comes home to Redmond

    Hoping to capitalize on the excitement around the pending Windows 8 launch, Microsoft has announced this year's dates for its premier developer conference, Build 2012, which will be held Oct. 30 through Nov. 2 on the company's Redmond, Washington, corporate campus.

  • News: Microsoft beefs up anti-exploit tool with tech from $250K contest finalist

    Microsoft today launched a security toolkit preview that includes anti-exploit technologies created by one of the three finalists in the company's $250,000 BlueHat Prize contest.

  • News: Apple pulls Lion from the Mac App Store

    Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away. As it released Mountain Lion through the Mac App Store Wednesday, the company simultaneously removed Lion from the store: You can’t find Lion if you search for it, it’s no longer listed as one of Apple’s apps in the store, and even the direct Mac App Store link no longer works.

  • News: Up close with Mountain Lion: Reminders

    Why should the iPhone and iPad have all the fun? In Mountain Lion, Apple continues its process of porting over the best features from iOS to the Mac. Among those is an app first introduced with iOS 5: Reminders.

  • News: Safari 6 for Lion adds unified search bar, more

    While Mountain Lion may be getting all the attention, users of OS X Lion have a couple of software updates to grab as well on Wednesday. Among the most significant is Safari 6 for Lion, which brings many of the same features included in the Mountain Lion version of Apple’s Web browser—though not all of them.

  • News: Up close with Mountain Lion: Messages

    Messages is not just a reskinning of iChat. Sure, the interface looks different. But in addition to its updated interface, Messages introduces a big change to the way instant messaging works on the Mac.

  • News: 7digital releases first digital music store for Windows 8

    7digital has releases its online music store for Windows 8, becoming the first of its kind.

  • News: 36 billion apps downloaded this year

    Although app downloads approach 40m a year, the average number per smartphone is set to drop, says analyst.

  • News: Apple Earnings Disappoint But iPad Sales Continue to Surge

    Sales for PCs loaded with Microsoft’s Windows operating system may be lagging, but the popularity of Apple’s iPad continues to grow. Apple recently announced the most iPad sales yet over a three-month period, putting 17 million tablets in customer’s hands between April and June. The announcement came in an otherwise disappointing quarterly earnings report that failed to meet analyst and investor expectations.

  • News: iPhoto, Aperture get Mountain Lion updates

    Apple’s iWork suite may have been updated to add Documents in the Cloud support, but those weren’t the only Apple-built apps to get a Mountain Lion-inspired refresh on Wednesday. Apple unleashed a spate of software updates aimed at taking advantage of features in the newly unveiled OS X 10.8.

  • News: Up close with Mountain Lion: Safari

    Safari has been around forever, and you might not think there was much that Apple could do to improve it in Mountain Lion. But in fact the company has found some clever—and welcome—ways to update the app many of use more than any other.

  • News: 3 ways to add broadband to your mobile devices

    Smartphone users have gotten used to having 3G/4G connectivity whenever they're away from a Wi-Fi network. However, if you're using a tablet or a laptop, that's often a different story.

  • News: Up close with Mountain Lion: Notifications

    iOS users will immediately recognize Mountain Lion's new notification system—it's more or less the same one that debuted on iOS 5 last year. Long time Mac users, on the other hand, will probably recognize its functionality as the same sort offered by the open-source framework Growl. In either case, the idea is simple: Lots of things happen on your Mac—emails, IMs, alarms, even Twitter updates. Notification Center gathers them in a single location, so you can quickly see at a glance everything you need to know.

  • News: Up close with Mountain Lion: Sharing

    One of the many features that Mountain Lion has borrowed from iOS is the idea of systemwide sharing. In many apps you'll see a Share button, represented by an arrow popping out of a box, which provides quick, one-button access to easy ways to disseminate the content you're viewing. Whereas in the past you might have had to--heaven forfend--copy and paste a URL you wanted to share into your Twitter client, now you can share that link right from where you found it.

  • News: Fedora Linux Moves Forward with UEFI Secure Boot Plans

    Windows 8's Secure Boot technology has been a hot topic this summer, causing no end of discussion and debate among the various Linux distributions, which are struggling to figure out the best approach for getting around it.

  • News: How to install Mountain Lion over Leopard

    [Editor's note: This article is part of our series of articles on installing and upgrading to Mountain Lion.]

  • News: iWork documents float into iCloud with update

    OS X got a big update Wednesday morning in the form of Mountain Lion, including support for Documents in the Cloud, Apple’s iCloud service for wirelessly syncing your files between computers. Not to be left in the dust by the likes of TextEdit and Preview, however, the Mac versions of Apple’s three iWork apps also received updates to enable access to files stored in iCloud.

  • News: Up close with Mountain Lion: Security

    Though Apple has long prided itself on the Mac's safety record, recent events such as the Flashback Trojan horse have proven that the company can't take the security of its operating systems for granted. And the security upgrades in Mountain Lion make it clear that Apple isn't.

  • News: Mobile networks insist they are prepared for mobile phone traffic during Olympics

    The UK's largest mobile phone operators believe that they will be able to cope with the expected increase in demand on their networks during the London 2012 Olympic Games, thanks to real-time data and more engineers.

  • News: New Crisis Mac Trojan targeting Snow Leopard and Lion

    A new Mac Trojan has been discovered, which is reported to be affecting Snow Leopard and Lion users.

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