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4 free Firefox extensions for business

Make your business work smarter with these free add-ons

Mozilla Firefox 4 is a popular tool in the corporate world. However, few workers exploit its full power. However, just a handful of free extensions can provide invaluable business tools. We've picked out four of the best extensions that are also free.

Many businesses have switched away from Internet Explorer in the past few years, and while Firefox is a popular tool in the corporate world, few workers exploit its full power. However, just a handful of free extensions can provide invaluable business tools.

We've picked out four of the best extensions that are also free of charge. You can search for and install all of them using the Add-on Manager within Firefox (From Tools select Add-ons, then click the Get Add-ons button in the window that appears). Alternatively, use the links we've provided.

Forex Currency Converter

This handy plug-in does just one thing. Once installed, it'll turn any currency amounts listed on a web page into hyperlinks. When the links are clicked, a small floating window appears that can convert the amount to any other currency based on current exchange rates, with data from iforex.com.

In other words, if you're browsing a European site and are thinking of ordering a product, simply clicking the price in euros will allow you to instantly and accurately see what it is in GBP.

A silly irritation is that the add-on doesn't detect the currency, so you'll need to select it from a dropdown list in the pop-up window. However, the pop-up remembers what you selected last time, so if you frequently have to convert Euros to GBP, for example, there'll be little hassle.

LinkedIn Companion for Firefox

Described as the Facebook of the business world, LinkedIn allows you to network with others in your profession. If you're a fan of the site then the official LinkedIn Companion for Firefox extension is a must. The add-on does three main things. The first is to add a button beneath the bookmarks toolbar that displays a menu, showing shortcuts to various sections of the LinkedIn Web site. It also allows you to share the Web page you're browsing on your LinkedIn profile, and tracks recently-viewed profiles.

Secondly, the extension adds LinkedIn entries to the Firefox search box so you can quickly search both the LinkedIn site and also its jobs section.

Thirdly, and arguably most useful of all, the add-on places a small LinkedIn icon alongside the name of contacts within Web mail services, such as Gmail and Hotmail. Clicking this then shows a pop-up window with a short précis of their LinkedIn profile, if they have one. Clicking the link will display their whole profile and you can add them as a contact.

The only irritation with the add-on is that the browser interface button takes up a whole toolbar of its own, wasting screen space.


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