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12 apps to boost your Android smartphone

This software will make your handset smarter

Make your Android device run longer, run smarter, and run almost anywhere with this collection of essential apps

7. Step up your smartphone security with WaveSecure

When it comes to Android and security, there's no shortage of hype and misconception. But despite the doomsday-like headlines about viruses, trojans, and spyware (oh my!), the more likely threat to your Android smartphone is far more mundane. Wait a minute - what was it again? Oh, right: your own forgetfulness.

Think about it: With the amount of data and personal account access your smartphone holds, leaving it in the wrong place can quickly turn into a nightmare. With the right protection in place, though, you'll never have to worry.

WaveSecure is by far the most reliable Android security app I've encountered. The app, recently acquired by McAfee, allows you to remotely find and track your phone, download all your files, and even wipe the device completely of personal data. It has an optional uninstall protection feature, too, so you can keep theoretical thieves from stripping it off your device.

WaveSecure costs $20 (£12.50) a year. You can sign up for a two-week trial if you want to test it out. The client app is free.

8. Make your home screens more homey with LauncherPro

I can't emphasise it enough: One of Android's greatest assets is the high level of customisation it provides. And one of the best ways to take advantage of that is by installing your own custom home screen launcher.

With a custom home screen launcher in place, you can do everything from expanding the number of available panels to building on-screen dock bars for easy access to your most-used apps.

LauncherPro will open the door to countless new opportunities to make Android your own - and in doing so, help you use your phone faster and more efficiently than ever before.

LauncherPro is free and is available in the Android Market.

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  2. JuiceDefender
  3. Dropbox
  4. WaveSecure
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