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12 apps to boost your Android smartphone

This software will make your handset smarter

Make your Android device run longer, run smarter, and run almost anywhere with this collection of essential apps

5. Share files without wires with Dropbox

Forget those cumbersome email attachments: With the right app, you can share files with anyone, sans the hassle.

Dropbox offers an Android app that'll bring web-based file sharing right into your phone. You can upload and download files directly from private directories, public directories, or folders you selectively share with specific users. (Box.net offers a similar app and service.)

The coolest thing about the Dropbox app is that it fully integrates the file-sharing experience into Android. When viewing a photo on your phone, for example, you can select the system's Share option and find a command to send the image directly to your Dropbox folder.

The service provides PC-based access, too, as well as access on other smartphone platforms. Dropbox comes with 2GB of storage for free; you can opt to buy extra memory for a set monthly fee that varies based on the amount of space you choose. The client app is free.

6. Keep your passwords in your pocket with LastPass

You have software that manages passwords on your PC - so why not have the same convenience on your smartphone?

A company called LastPass securely stores all your sign-in passwords and syncs them between your PC and your smartphone. LastPass integrates directly with all major PC browsers - and, thanks to a recently released addition, it integrates with the excellent Dolphin Browser app for Android as well. (The program does require you to enter a master password each time it's opened, by the way, so your information is always protected.)

The LastPass service costs $1 (62p) per month. You can sign up for a two-week trial http://lastpass.com/ if you want to test it out. The client app is free.

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