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Windows 7: How happy are early adopters?

What early adopters think of Microsoft's new OS

Microsoft's latest OS is barely even two months olds, yet early adopters have given Windows 7 the thumbs up. We look at why they're happy and any issues they've got.

The Mixed
"Though I dread the idea of returning to XP, I'm not sure that I use enough of Windows 7 new features on my netbook to merit the upgrade cost (Family Pack price)."

"If buying a new system, get one with 7 preinstalled. Definitely upgrade if you're currently using Vista. If you're on XP, I don't see a real need to part with your money for 7. Some things work better on 7 over XP, some worse. The security in 7 is largely just windows asking "are you sure?" when you do anything requiring admin privileges."

"The overall performance is superior to Vista, especially on file transfer times (noticable improvement) I consider windows 7 a successful implementation of the features attempted to add to vista, but without any losses from the XP System."

"While the Media Center libraries are a great feature, a software implementation of a full media extender would be preferred. it's great to watch recorded tv across the network, but it would be better if machines that did not have a tuner could watch live TV like the xbox360 can, full extender experience."

"Also, I have run across some file permissions issues with the media libraries in which I cannot delete TV shows recorded on the local machine. while annoying, it is not a killer problem."

"I also am using some of the windows 7 touch features on my Touchscreen PC. While it is more touch friendly than any of the Previous OS's, there should be many more options for expandability on this front, similar to the Accessibility options that many generations have implemented for visual and hearing impaired persons. While windows 7 is touch-friendly, it is not touch-centric without Origami."

"I first tried to install over Vista, but ran into many problems. After many frustrating days, I did a clean install and that worked fine."

"I've been very happy with W7. That said, the first thing I did after installing was to disable UAC and revert the taskbar to match the style in XP/Vista. There's been a few glitches, but overall a very worthwhile upgrade."

We'll continue to keep tabs on what the world thinks of Windows 7-and might even do another survey once more people have had more hands-on time with the new OS, and some of the initial glitches have been resolved.

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  1. We look at just what early adopters think of Microsoft's new OS
  2. Getting up and running
  3. Judging the features
  4. Comparing and contrasting
  5. Since you asked
  6. The bad..
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