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9 ways Apple, Microsoft and others make us mad

Junkware, exclusivity deals... we hate them all

While we love technology, sometimes its purveyors make our blood boil. We're talking about annoying policies and practices, whether a new PC stuffed with junkware or how we have to switch providers just so we can get a better mobile phone.

Four company habits we love

Not all tech companies and practices annoy us. In fact, we found five examples of downright exemplary behavior, the kind we wish other businesses would emulate.

Credit is due

In February, US movie-rental pioneer Netflix suffered a one-day service outage that delayed its DVD shipments. Although probably few customers were even aware of the problem, the company issued all its customers a 5 percent credit on their monthly bill. That kind of proactive service is rare indeed (as is that kind of good PR).

Fab freebies

We continue to tip our hats to software developers that offer fully loaded versions of their programs free for home users, including Avast Antivirus Home Edition, the cross-platform instant messaging program Trillian, and, of course, Google's Google Earth and Picasa. You'd expect an ad-supported company to pack the latter two freebies with, well, ads, but neither program has so much as a banner.

Hot for teachers

Much as we love free stuff, we also love companies that help educate consumers without making a sales pitch every step of the way. A fine example is Samsung's HDTV Guide.

Download and go

Those of us who buy most of our software online appreciate the ability to download programs again, for example, when we migrate to a new PC. Adobe, for instance, lets you access your online purchases simply by logging in to your account. The same goes for games bought on Valve's Steam site: "Your games are associated with your account, not your computer." That's how it should be for all software ordered and delivered online.

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  1. Software sunset policies
  2. Crapware on new PCs
  3. Exclusive mobile phone deals
  4. More tech policies that annoy us
  5. Software that encourages you to buy or upgrade
  6. Automated email responses
  7. Preferential support for business customers
  8. Four tech policies we love
  9. What's your most annoying... annoyance?

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