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15 Mozilla Firefox tips & tricks you don't know

Undocumented tips help you get more from Firefox

Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts

A surefire way to improve your browsing speed is by leaving your mouse alone and controlling Firefox from the keyboard. Here are some useful (but not always obvious) keyboard shortcuts:

To enter a URL or search criterion into the address bar, press either Ctrl, L or Alt, D. If you just entered a domain name into the address bar, don't bother adding ".com"; instead, press Ctrl, Enter to insert that suffix and go to the page. For ".org," use Ctrl, Shift, Enter; for ".net," Shift, Enter.

To enter search criteria into the Search Bar, press Ctrl, K. Next, press Ctrl and the down arrow, or Ctrl and the up arrow to cycle through the available search services. To search for text on the current page, press Ctrl, F to open the Find toolbar, or just / (the slash key) to access the Quick Find toolbar. What's the difference? The former provides a couple of basic search options, the latter naught but a text box for entering your search term. To find the next instance of the text you just found, press F3.

Two eyesight-saving shorcuts. To toggle full-screen view on and off, press F11. And to increase and decrease the web page's font size, press Ctrl, = and Ctrl, - (Ctrl with the equal and minus signs, respectively).

Sort out your Firefox bookmarks

If you create a lot of bookmarks but don't keep them organized, your bookmarked sites will be almost as difficult to find as unbookmarked pages.

Bookmarks are a lot easier to manage if you place them in folders that branch off the main Bookmarks menu. For instance, I place encyclopedias and other reference sites in a folder called Reference. And I keep dictionaries and thesauri in a folder of the Reference menu I named Language.

To organise your bookmarks, select Bookmarks, Organize Bookmarks to open the Bookmarks Manager. Here you can create new folders, drag bookmarks to new locations, and make other changes.

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