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10 tips to solve Windows Vista's 10 biggest flaws

Make your OS better the easy way

Some people complain that Windows Vista is so loaded with features it hogs their PC's resources. Even worse not all such features work as they should. Here's how to banish the Windows Vista's biggest blunders, because good ideas seldom survive bad execution.

Dragging folders, files, and programs to the Start Menu

Here's a case where Vista's developers took a feature that worked beautifully in Windows XP, and ruined it. In XP, if you wanted Start-menu access to a program, file, or folder, all you needed to do was drag the item to the Start button and then to your desired location in the Start menu; Windows would then create a shortcut.

Try that in Vista, and it actually moves the file, program, or folder to the Start-menu folder. I'd be hard-pressed to imagine a situation where that's desirable.

No real solutions are available, but here are a couple of kludgy workarounds.

1. Drop it on the Start button rather than in the menu: This action creates a shortcut, but it appears on the left pane, rather than in the All Programs section. And if the item is a folder, the shortcut doesn't act as a cascading submenu.

2. Use the context menu: Right-drag rather than left-drag the object to the desired location in the Start menu. When you release the button, select Create Shortcuts Here from the resulting menu.

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