Twitter is down this afternoon (it's half five on Thursday 26th July in the UK). According to a generic statement on Twitter's dedicated Status page: "Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.

Amusingly, you are then encouraged to Tweet about the message (you can't: Twitter is down. We mentioned that, right?) See also: Twitter has half a billion users.

Twitter down

Even more helpfully, head over to and you can read this message: "Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>.

"We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>. For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience!"

This is very close to being a useful message, in the way that I am very close to being an international athlete (not close). Although that may be unfair, it shows that at the time of writing Twitter doesn't know why Twitter is down.

Twiiter homepage

Twitter was created in March 2006, but launched only in July 2006. Its growth is staggering by any standards, so there will be many frustrated users right now.

It had only 300 million active users as recently as last year, and now has more than half a billion. Going further back, Twitter had around 400,000 tweets posted each quarter in 2007, and 'only' 100 million tweets per quarter in 2008.  Yet by February 2010 that number had jumped to 50 million tweets... per day. As of just under a year ago, around 140 million tweets were posted each day.

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