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  • News: Facebook vs. Porn: A Pocket History

    It shouldn't surprise anyone that an online service with more than 900 million members will attract some attention from the porn industry, as Facebook has through the years. That attention has spurred the social network to fight smut peddlers in court, with mixed results. Here's a brief history of Facebook's legal battles with the XXX set.

  • News: Facebook May be Eyeing Opera Web Browser, Reports Say

    Facebook's advertising appetite could be in for a nice snack if the company gobbles up the Opera web browser as some technology observers have speculated it may, and investors who have been edgy since the social network's recent IPO could also get some relief.

  • News: Facebook launches Camera app

    Facebook has launched its own dedicated camera app for iPhone and iPad.

  • News: China's Sina Weibo targeting Japanese advertisers

    One of China's top Twitter-like sites, Sina Weibo, is working to attract Japanese companies to advertise on its platform by helping the firms open and use accounts on the microblogging service.

  • News: Facebook beefs up mobile photo sharing with Camera

    Facebook introduced its own mobile photo app, Camera, on Thursday, bringing richer photo-sharing features to the platform even before the company closes its deal to acquire the popular photo-sharing app Instagram.

  • News: Are CEOs getting the social media thing?

    IBM says a study it did of some 1,700 Chief Executive Officers worldwide found that many indeed - or should be -- grasping social media as a key enabler of collaboration and innovation.

  • News: Oracle buys social relationship management company Vitrue

    Taking a step into the social media marketing industry, Oracle is purchasing Vitrue, the two companies announced Wednesday.

  • News: 7 Tech IPOs That Investors 'Unfriended'

    For the past week, it has been impossible to search for the word "IPO" in Google and not be inundated with stories on the Facebook's debut on the stock market. However, over the course of the week, there has been a visible shift in the tone of the stories. From wondering whether Facebook's IPO would open the floodgates for other social media companies, analysts are now left wondering why the Facebook IPO flopped and failed to provide the so called post-listing "pop."

  • News: Facebook to settle class-action suit over Sponsored Stories

    Facebook is to settle a class-action lawsuit in California that accused it of appropriating its users' likenesses for its Sponsored Stories advertising feature, according to a court document filed Tuesday.

  • News: Facebook stock slumps for third day

    In its third day of trading, Facebook's stock is still in a slump, taking the shine off the frenzy that led up to the company's initial public offering (IPO) last week.

  • News: Facebook vs Google: By the Numbers

    With the world's largest social networking website, Facebook, going public it is quite obvious that comparisons with Google will crop up. We have collated some figures and here is a list of numbers comparing the two giants.

  • News: 5 Tips for Social Business Adoption: How SAS Succeeded

    Business analytics company SAS was at a crossroads common to many companies pondering a social business platform: Its intranet housed various repositories of information that were cumbersome to navigate. The business, too, understood that millennials were seeking more social business tools.

  • News: Microsoft's So.cl: A Brief Tour

    Microsoft's social networking experiment, So.cl, a site designed around sharing Web content pulled from Bing searches, is now available for all users. Launched in December and aimed at students, So.cl is not meant to compete with popular social networks such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. So.cl isn't a place to connect with friends and share moments from your lives.

  • News: 10 Ways Facebook Will Rule Our Lives

    After all the attention, clamor, and expectations Facebook is now a publicly traded company worth $104 billion. With shares trading at a hundred times earnings, Facebook is under a lot of pressure to increase the profit that it brings in. In other words, now the fun begins.

  • News: Facebook's Zuckerberg Marries in Surprise, Then Shares

    Facebook is all about sharing, but that doesn't mean its billionaire chief can't keep a secret, at least when it comes to his nuptials.

  • News: Reports: Nasdaq admits technical bugs affected Facebook IPO trading

    Technical problems at the Nasdaq exchange affected the trading of Facebook shares on Friday, the much-anticipated day of its IPO (initial public offering), Robert Greifeld, chief executive of Nasdaq OMX Group Inc., told reporters on Sunday, according to published reports.

  • News: Facebook vs. Google: Who Will Win?

    Facebook is now officially a public company, scads of new millionaires are on a Silicon Valley spending spree, and media outlets near and far have yet to pipe down about the IPO, likely one of the most anticipated in history.

  • News: Facebook buys mobile e-commerce app Karma

    The mobile gift-giving app Karma announced Friday it has been acquired by Facebook. The announcement came shortly after the markets closed on Facebook's first day as a publicly traded company.

  • News: Social Networking Security in the Workplace

    At any given moment today, on-the-clock employees are updating their social media status, reading feeds and networking on business media sites. Moments can stretch to minutes: A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that 60 percent of social media users spend at least 30 minutes a day on these sites while at work.

  • News: 15 Fun Facebook Facts and Stats on IPO Day

    How well do you know the $100 billion social network? From private planes to petabytes, here are some of the most surprising Facebook tidbits.

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