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  • News: Twitter's downloadable archive: A hands-on tour

    Twitter recently introduced the option to download your entire archive of tweets and save them to your local hard drive, a feature similar to one that Facebook introduced in late 2010. The new Twitter feature will be welcomed by longtime and prolific Twitter users who, due to Twitter's restrictions, could only access their last 3,200 messages on the micro-blogging site turned self-styled "information network."

  • News: Facebook messaging changes could let paid advertisements into users' inboxes

    Facebook today announced a trial that could let paid advertisers directly message users' in-boxes, which have traditionally been held for messages from friends.

  • News: Top 12 Social Media Stories of 2012

    Here's a look back at the most popular CIO.com stories and slideshows about Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter from 2012.

  • News: Facebook bans developer of timeline-cleaning browser extension

    The developer of a browser extension that lets Facebook users block some types of content from their newsfeeds called Fluff-Busting Purity says the social network's legal department has banned him from the site, accusing him of violating the terms of service.

  • News: How to Give a Gift on Facebook

    Facebook rolled out a new gifting service last week, just in time for the holidays. Facebook Gifts, which was in beta for a few weeks, now lets all U.S. Facebook users send a real gift to friends through the social network.

  • News: Citrix: What kind of company is it anyway?

    Citrix is many different things to many people. It's a cloud company, it's a virtualization player, it's a mobile technologies vendor and it's a collaboration products provider. But according to Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO since 2001, all of that blends together and fits with where enterprise IT shops are headed. Here, speaking with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant, Templeton dishes on Citrix's overall strategy, its relationships with Cisco, Microsoft and Apple, its rivalry with VMware, and its controversial take on open source cloud computing.

  • News: Instagram: 'Legal documents are easy to misinterpet'

    Put down those artistically filtered torches and pitchforks: Instagram is dialing back its unpopular terms of service update.

  • News: McDonald's Australia served Spam Act warning

    The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued a formal warning to McDonald’s Australia for sending emails which did not meet the requirements of the Spam Act.

  • News: ICT government spending remains cautious

    Some of the hot spots where government will be spending includes cloud, mobility, social and big data.

  • News: Australian War Memorial targets social media

    The Australian War Memorial (AWM) has turned to social media in a bid to explain the ANZAC story to younger generations.

  • News: Offensive Twitter, Facebook messages won't be prosecuted

    The Crown Prosection Service, or CPS, has unveiled guidelines on how law makers should approach policing social networks. The guidance makes a distinction between offensive messages and those that are malicious, making social media as close to spoken conversation in the eyes of the law as it is to written media.

  • News: Instagram won't sell user photos, vows co-founder

    After coming under loud and unrelenting fire from angry users, Instagram announced late Tuesday afternoon that the company is going to try to clarify changes it's making to its Terms of Use policy.

  • News: Amid uproar, Instagram says it will not sell users' photos

    Instagram vowed on Tuesday to revise new proposed terms of service following a strong backlash from users worried that it would use their photos in advertisements without their permission.

  • News: Instagram users in uproar over plans to sell their pics

    Instagram has alerted its users to a change in its Terms of Use policy, and users are in an uproar about it.

  • News: NRA goes silent online after Newtown shootings

    The National Rifle Association is dealing with the double-edge sword of social media by taking down its Facebook page and going silent on Twitter in the wake of the tragic elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

  • News: Facebook vs. Fastbook: Developers offended by Zuckerberg knock on HTML5 make clone app

    A team of mobile app developers offended by Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg dissing HTML5 have created a Facebook app that they say works better than native versions because of the HTML5 coding.

  • News: 2013: A promising year ahead

    2012 was a year of change for the channel. Evolving business strategies, keeping up with the demands of new technologies, and running a business with the constraint of a weak economy were just some of the challenges it faced.

  • News: Google+ gets full-size photo uploads, low-bandwidth Hangouts and more

    Google hasn't forgotten about Google+, its fledgling social network. In a big year-end update, the search giant has added several new features, including a way to automatically upload full-size photos from an Android phone.

  • News: YouTube scales MySQL with Go code

    YouTube engineers are developing a set of software, called Vitess, that will help open-source MySQL databases work more efficiently in very large-scale production environments. To write the code, they are using Google's programming language Go.

  • News: Google Plus bolsters photo, hangout features

    Google Plus got a grand total of 24 new features in an update released today, along with new mobile app versions for both Android and iOS devices.

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