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  • News: Internet.org looks to 'Facebook for Every Phone'

    The companies behind Internet.org, the organization formed by Facebook, Qualcomm and several others to bring the Internet to areas that still don't have it, released a document (PDF) yesterday detailing some of their plans for the initiative. One section stands out in particular, if only for its title – Facebook for Every Phone.

  • News: Reddit learns lesson, bans subreddit created to find Washington Navy Yard shooters

    Reddit is being applauded for quickly nixing a subreddit dedicated to finding shooters involved in killing a dozen people Monday at Washington Navy Yard.

  • News: Scientists prove the existence of the Internet Hate Machine

    If you've been on the Internet for more than a day, you probably noticed it's a bit... angry. All the time. On its best days there's a thin layer of snark coating the famed series of tubes. On its worst days, well, the Internet tries to get someone fired for giving a game a 9/10 rating instead of a 10/10 or Anna Gunn has to write a New York Times op-ed about receiving death threats because people hate her Breaking Bad character or a social network identifies the wrong man as a terrorist or...

  • News: Who's actually writing your favorite celebrity's tweets?

    Now in his mid-70s, actor George Takei has found new fame as a beloved social media maven boasting millions of followers across his varioussocial networking accounts. That's some heavy digital mojo for an actor best known for a supporting role on a short-lived 1960s TV series and occasional guest appearances on The Howard Stern Show. There's a very good reason for his newfound digital popularity, though: Takei's meme-orific posts are absolutely delightful!

  • News: Twitter's Frankensteins: The Spambots that look like people

    I grew up in Tuolumne County in California's Sierra Nevada foothill region. My old stomping grounds have been in the news lately, mostly because they've been on fire. As the Rim fire has grown to 400 square miles in size, making it the third largest fire in state history, I've been following along with reports on Twitter using the hashtag #rimfire.

  • News: Twitter's going public: Who cares?

    Unless you work on Wall Street, news of Twitter's IPO probably did little to pique your interest. Executives and financiers make a lot of money when companies go public, but regular folks don't benefit that much.

  • News: Going public gives Twitter a sustainable future, analysts say

    The days of shrugging off Twitter may soon be over. Some 200 million users strong, the site is already one of the most prominent social networks, but going public could give it the muscle to become the next Facebook or Apple, one analyst said.

  • News: Twitter finally files for IPO

    Maybe Mark Zuckerberg gave Twitter a boost of confidence. A day after Zuckerberg offered words of wisdom about the IPO process to the popular micro-blogging service, the company sent out a tweet:

  • News: Twitter files for IPO

    Twitter announced -- on Twitter, of course -- that the company has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering.

  • News: Social enterprise better suited for a siloed business: Global Consulting Group

    The siloed nature of Global Consulting Group's business pushed it to adopt a social enterprise network, according to strategy advisor, Paul Hunt.

  • News: Google+ snaps Snapseed into Chrome browser

    You many not want to admit it, but you never--never--post a photo to a social network without a little work. It doesn't have to be the full-on treatment, but cropping, exposure fix, maybe a little sharpening is de rigueur before you let the world see even a snapshot. Google gets that. And now it has made such selected enhancements almost as easy as relying on the service's Magic Wand (auto enhance function) by integrating the famed Snapseed photo editor directly into Google+ for Chrome.

  • News: Reddit AMA featuring Microsoft Outlook.com team tackles NSA, IMAP, Gmail

    Microsoft's Outlook.com engineers and product managers, a little more than a year since the revamped messaging service launched, took to Reddit Thursday to field questions on topics that ranged from the controversial (NSA email snooping) to the technical (IMAP support).

  • News: Zuckerberg calls Bill Gates a hero; talks mobile, challenges

    Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg figures he's about the last guy anyone would come to for advice on how to launch an IPO.

  • News: FTC: Facebook privacy policy review part of regular monitoring

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is examining Facebook's proposed new privacy policy, which has rankled privacy activists who contend it allows users to be inserted into advertisements without their consent.

  • News: Facebook's Zuckerberg gives IPO advice, reluctantly, to Twitter

    How should Twitter handle an initial public offering? Mark Zuckerberg admits he's probably not the best person to ask.

  • News: Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer field questions about Prism

    The CEOs of Yahoo and Facebook were each on the hot seat Wednesday answering questions about the U.S. government's data surveillance programs.

  • News: AT&T's 'never forget' 9/11 image provokes Twitter outrage

    The 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on Wednesday prompted AT&T to post a Twitter image that raised the ire of Twitter users who thought it was in poor taste.

  • News: See ya, SMS: Social messaging apps do more, for free

    Bryan Pelz was splitting his time between Vietnam and San Francisco when he began working on an idea for a new app called Klamr (pronounced "clamor"). He and his friends overseas had been using various over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps--Line, WhatsApp, and others--to chat with each other for years, but in the United States, SMS still reigns supreme.

  • News: Twitter lights up with Apple fans, critics and comedians

    As Apple introduced two new iPhones today, Twitter lit up with excited comments and digs.

  • News: Twitter buys MoPub, a mobile-focused ad exchange

    Twitter has acquired MoPub, a mobile-focused advertising exchange that could help the social network grow its ad business as more users move away from the desktop.

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