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The 40 best free software applications

Everything you could ever want... for free

When it comes to the web, there's a wealth of free software and applications available. We've rounded up the best free programs that won’t bring down your system.


Vista Transformation Pack

For who can only dream of having Windows Vista installed because they can't afford it or their system is not powerful enough, the Vista Transformation Pack comes as a boon. It makes XP look and run like Vista. This pack can transform your ordinary looking operating system to what could be called a brand new Windows Vista, changed from scratch to give your desktop a futuristic cool look.

Vista Transformation Pack comes with more than 20 Vista themes. Some of the themes resembling Vista offer beautiful combinations of dark (gray or navy blue) colours for title bars and menus. This gives windows and dialogs a very user-friendly look. Another important element is the set of icons as Vista Transformation Pack will replace most of your system's important icons, such as My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin, My Music, Calculator, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and even the folder icon.

Vista Transformation Pack

Yahoo Widget

A widget is basically a small application that provides you with easy access to a particular function like a simple clock or a weather forecasting tool. There are thousands of widgets that can prep up your desktop with useful functions. But searching for all kinds of widgets and installing them would be arduous and having all the useful widgets in one compact place would be a welcome blessing. Yahoo Widget does exactly that by providing you with thousands of widgets that you can easily get access to. You will find almost everything you need here making this a very nifty tool to prep up your desktop with a variety of functions that will help you simplify your computer usage.


Launching a program from the Start menu or the desktop icon can sometimes be inconvenient and the limited features for starting or launching programs is a big letdown. Launchy is a very useful application that makes launching any program, file, folder, or even a website possible with just a few keystrokes. A notable feature is that when Launchy is called from the background with a shortcut, a small, skinnable box pops up. You can start entering the first few letters of a file or program and Launchy displays a list of programs matching your text.

Download Launchy here.

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