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  • News: Investment management firm RJIS targets identity and access management

    Raymond James Investment Services is targeting improved identity and access management for its trading platform for independent investment practices.

  • News: Google+ users spammed due to lack of disk space

    Google has apologised for causing its Google+ users to be spammed over the weekend, saying the fault was caused by a lack of disk space.

  • News: Cloud services as part of a BC/DR plan after a terror attack

    I was talking to a friend about data security over lunch today and we discussed 'dirty bombs' and a what-if scenario for small-and-medium sized businesses.

  • News: News of the World email investigation under new police spotlight

    Police are questioning whether a change in News International’s email retention policy was part of an effort to conceal widespread phone hacking by the News of the World, a scandal which is threatening Rupert Murdoch’s planned takeover of BSkyB.

  • News: Futures exchange programmer freed on bail

    The FBI has released on bail a former programmer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange who was last week arrested and charged with stealing proprietary source code.

  • News: UK claims cybercrime victory after phishing gang sentencing

    U.K. cybercrime investigators claimed victory with the sentencing of three men on Monday following the prosecution of an organized phishing gang.

  • News: Just 29% of firms warn staff about social networking dangers

    Less than a third of firms have warned their staff about the risk associated with social networks, says Netgear.

  • News: Google+ hit with spam bug

    The Google+ social networking site malfunctioned this weekend, spamming its users with repeated notifications via e-mail.

  • News: What Your IT Pro Knows About You

    For many small companies, the IT staff is a single person or even a consultant brought in to handle the business's computing upkeep. Either way, the question of what your IT person knows about the inner workings of the company is well worth asking--because the IT person may know far more about your company, employees, and personal information than you ever thought possible.

  • News: Your Old Smartphone's Data Can Come Back to Haunt You

    Your old cell phone data can reemerge from the past to haunt you. Whether it's because sellers are lazy or naive, cast-off phones still contain troves of information about their former users. And as phones get smarter, they're ever more likely to hold bank account passwords, personal email, or private photographs that anyone with the right kind of motivation could exploit.

  • News: Must-Have Downloads for School

    Heading off to school? We've rounded up must-have downloads to take along. Included are security tools to keep your PC private and malware-free. You'll also need an office suite for all those papers and spreadsheets, and maybe a writing helper to organize your thoughts. You can decorate your desktop with a pick-me-up wallpaper, or give your Windows 7 system a complete sci-fi makeover. Better yet, you can donate your PC's idle time to make the world a better place. Like you, your computer has important work to do.

  • News: 7 free Windows tune-up tools and tips

    You don't need to spend money to keep a Windows computer running in top form. Here's how to fix, clean and maintain Windows using programs you can download now for free.

  • News: Nine hundred police staff abused access to confidential databases

    Over 900 police staff have abused access to confidential databases over a four year period, according to data found through Freedom of Information requests.

  • News: Yahoo hits back at email snooping claims

    Yahoo has hit back at claims it is 'snooping' through the emails of users of its webmail service.

  • News: Visa blocks WikiLeaks donations via DataCell once again

    For a few hours on Thursday, credit card donations once again flowed to WikiLeaks through a payment gateway at Icelandic hosting company DataCell. Then Visa shut it down again.

  • News: Activism and Lulz Motivate Latest Rash of Hacks

    Two prominent hacker groups, Anonymous and LulzSec, have ignited increasing concern over computer security by staging spectacular attacks and data heists against large corporations and government websites. The two groups have pulled off more than 30 attacks in the past two months, taking down websites belonging to the U.S. Senate and the CIA, humbling the gargantuan company Sony, and compromising nearly 2 million user logins and IDs across the Web.

  • News: Who are all these hacker groups?

    Hacker groups that attack or steal—some estimates say there are as many as 6,000 of such groups online with about 50,000 "bad actors" around the world drifting in and out of them—are a threat, but the goals, methods, effectiveness of these groups varies widely.

  • News: Visa blocks WikiLeaks donations via DataCell once again

    For a few hours on Thursday, credit card donations once again flowed to WikiLeaks through a payment gateway at Icelandic hosting company DataCell. Then Visa shut it down again.

  • News: Yahoo changes Ts&Cs to snoop at emails

    A change in the terms and conditions of Yahoo's free webmail service means the tech giant can snoop emails sent and received by users.

  • News: Futures exchange software programmer in dramatic FBI arrest

    A programmer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has been arrested by the FBI at his office and charged with stealing proprietary source code.

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