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  • News: Internet Explorer users at risk from new zero-day

    Microsoft today warned Windows users of a new unpatched vulnerability that attackers could exploit to steal information and dupe people into installing malware.

  • News: Conficker Working Group says worm is not dead

    An alliance of public and private organisations claims success in preventing further spread of the Conficker worm, but warn the nasty virus is still on millions of computers.

  • News: 4 security and privacy tips for Facebook

    Facebook and other onlined social networks represent the biggest security threats to face web users this year. Here are four tips from two security and privacy advocates on improving the Facebook application development process to ensure the social networker becomes safer for users.

  • News: Top 10 web hacking techniques of 2010 revealed

    We look at the 10 worst web hacking techniques that appeared during 2010 to cause havoc.

  • News: 40 search warrants executed as FBI goes after 'Anonymous'

    Police agencies worldwide are turning up the heat on a loosely organized group of WikiLeaks activists. On Thursday U.K. police arrested five people, and U.S. authorities said they'd executed more than 40 search warrants in the U.S. in connection with last month's Web-based attacks against companies that had severed ties with WikiLeaks.

  • News: UK Police arrest five anonymous WikiLeaks defenders

    UK police have arrested three teenagers and two other people for allegedly taking part in a series of denial-of-service attacks against major websites earlier this year as part of the loosely affiliated group 'Anonymous'.

  • News: Facebook users asked to identify friends

    Facebook users could be asked to identify photos of their friends as part of a new secure way of logging in to the social network.

  • News: Orange,T-Mobile to offer contactless mobile payments this summer

    Orange and T-Mobile will offer Brits the ability to pay for goods and services by simply waving their mobile phone across a contactless reader from early summer.

  • News: EU clears Intel's purchase of McAfee

    The European Union's competition authorities have cleared Intel's proposed acquisition of McAfee subject to certain conditions.

  • News: Facebook ups security with HTTPS access

    Facebook is rolling out a more secure way to connect to its website, which will protect users from a widely publicised wireless networking attack called Firesheep

  • News: Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page apparently hacked

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appears to be the second high-profile victim of a hacking attack on his own Facebook page, following a similar account takeover early this week targeting French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

  • News: ACS:Law solicitor withdraws from filesharing case

    The main partner at ACS:Law, the legal firm which sent 'bullying' letters to Brits accused of illegal filesharing, has withdrawn from a court case pursuing the defendants.

  • News: Mobile phone hacking - can you stop it?

    Royal phones hacked, the former prime minister demands a police investigation of possible snooping on his mobile messages, the current prime minister’s director of communications resigns, Rupert Murdoch flies in to London for a crisis meeting, and that is just the start.

  • News: Digital black market offers cheap botnets for hire

    Botnets for hire to launch your own spam campaign and stolen credit card information sold at the rock bottom price of $2 are just two of the commodities easily found on the cyber-crime black market today, according to a report released this month by Panda Security. The report, which was conducted by PandaLabs researchers who posed as cyber criminals, details a vast criminal network selling stolen bank account information in forums and dedicated online stores.

  • News: Mozilla to add 'do not track' feature to Firefox

    Mozilla is to add a feature to it Firefox web browser that will allow users to surf the web without being tracked. For the tool to work, however, tracking companies would need to agree to participate and, well, not track the users.

  • News: Zeus Trojan targets online money services

    After a hit-and-run campaign against consumer online bank accounts in 2010, the Zeus Trojan now appears to be aggressively targeting a clutch of second-tier money exchange and payment services.

  • News: Yahoo: Users can login with Facebook or Google details

    Yahoo is allowing web users to sign in to its web services using Google and Facebook logins.

  • News: Researcher releases attack code for Windows bug

    A researcher released attack code for a Windows vulnerability one day after Microsoft patched it last week.

  • News: Internet enters 'third era' of cybercrime

    The year 2010 was a hugely significant one for computing criminality and could turn out to mark the beginning of a ‘third era’ of cybercrime, security expert Graham Cluley of Sophos has said in advance of the company's latest threat review of the year.

  • News: Two in five social networkers have been sent malware

    Two in five social networkers have been sent malware such as worms via sites such as Facebook and Twitter, says Sophos.

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