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  • News: Gartner: The top 10 strategic technology trends for 2012

    The technology that makes up many of the systems in the IT world today is at a critical juncture and in the next five years everything from mobile devices and applications to servers and social networking will impact IT in ways companies need to prepare for now, Gartner Vice President David Cearley says.

  • News: US lawmakers push to limit gov't mobile tracking

    The U.S. Congress needs to pass legislation that would require law enforcement agencies to get permission from a judge before tracking suspects through their mobile phones, instead of the now-common practice of tracking a mobile subscriber's location after a prosecutor-issued subpoena, two U.S. lawmakers said Tuesday.

  • News: Frequent Facebook Users Not As Worried About Privacy

    Despite Facebook's reputation for raising privacy concerns as it adds new ways to share information online, most users aren't very worried, according to a new poll by USA Today and Gallup.

  • News: Theft, shrink rates rise globally

    Light-fingered employees, shoplifting and organized-retail-theft crime rings contributed to an increase in global shrink rates this year. Shrink, defined as stock loss from crime or waste, expressed as a percentage of retail sales, is at its highest level since 2007. That is according to the 2011 Global Retail Theft Barometer, an annual survey conducted by the Centre for Retail Research in Nottingham, UK, that looks at key trends in retail shrink and crime in 43 countries and regions around the world.

  • News: DHS issues warning that Anonymous may attack infrastructure

    The U.S. government is keeping a wary eye on what it says is hacking collective Anonymous' growing interest in attacking critical infrastructure targets.

  • News: New SEC security breach rules no big game changer, experts say

    Late last week the Securities and Exchange Commission issued new guidance informing public companies that, under certain circumstances, they may need to disclose cyber breach information, or even potential security breaches, if there is a certain level of risk of financial impact to corporate earnings.

  • News: DDoS and SQL injection are main topics on hacking forums

    Distributed denial of service and SQL injection are the main types of attack discussed on hacking forums, according to new research from security vendor Imperva.

  • News: Oracle patch batch affects 'hundreds' of products

    Oracle on Tuesday will release 76 patches affecting hundreds of its products as well as Java SE.

  • News: Sophos appoints vulnerability expert Gerhard Eschelbeck as CTO

    Sophos has appointed the highly-regarded Gerhard Eschelbeck as its new chief technology officer, almost six years after the Austrian crossed the Atlantic to join US-based Webroot in the same role.

  • News: Government gets 'Top Secret' Nano secure flash drive

    ViaSat UK has taken the wraps off the Eclypt Nano, a ruggedised flash drive for government and military use, the only drive of its kind to be certified to Top Secret level by the UK’s Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG).

  • News: Japanese defence cyberattack traced to hacked PC

    The worrying cyberattack on Japanese defence contractors in August was probably the work of a single attacker looking to steal industrial secrets, local newspapers are reporting.

  • News: Extradition review could hurt UK hacker's case

    A U.K. hacker fighting extradition to the U.S. may have lost one avenue for argument after an independent review panel concluded the U.K.-U.S. extradition treaty is not slanted against U.K. defendants.

  • News: Citadel programmer arrested over alleged algo code theft

    A programmer at hedge fund Citadel has been arrested over the alleged theft of key algorithmic trading software code from the company.

  • News: Windows Intune 2.0: Four New Features

    An update of Microsoft's Windows Intune offers a batch of new features meant to simplify how administrators track and manage company-owned PCs and software.

  • News: New social engineering poll reveals which scam works better

    Which tactic works best for a scamming social engineer? Acting like an authority figure and requiring a victim to answer questions and give up sensitive information? Or acting like a nice, trustworthy person who strikes up a friendly conversation and just needs the victim to tell them a few things to help them out?

  • News: Porn prankster hijacks Sesame Street YouTube channel

    The child-friendly Internet home of Ernie, Big Bird and Kermit the Frog went X-rate on Sunday as Sesame Street’s YouTube channel was hijacked to serve hardcore porn.

  • News: Card 'blackhat' gets prison for PIN terminal fraud

    One of Europe’s elite ‘blackhat’ card fraud engineers has been sentenced to three years in prison at London’s Old Bailey for helping European gangs steal money using tampered chip and PIN terminals.

  • News: 3 Ways to Save Yourself After a Phishing Attack

    Microsoft and Mozilla are exchanging heated jabs about whose browser is more secure, but your browser can only protect you so much from phishing attacks. Your own brain may be your best defense. Here are three common problems caused by phishing, and how to solve them.

  • News: Sesame Street Hacked, Porn Posted

    The Sesame Street channel on YouTube, a popular stop on the Internet for pre-school children, was attacked by a hacker Sunday who deleted all videos from the channel, modified its design and posted graphic porn to it.

  • News: Next-generation firewalls: In depth

    Next-generation firewalls, meet this generation's network and threat environment.

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