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  • News: CA links data-loss prevention to identify management for SharePoint file protection

    At the RSA Conference today, CA Technologies put forward product plans for linking its data-loss prevention (DLP) technology with its identity access and management to dynamically restrict individuals from accessing information deemed off limits -- in this case, data held in Microsoft SharePoint.

  • News: Facebook denies its application spies on text messages

    Facebook on Monday denied a news report accusing the company of reading text messages on Android devices, but said it is running a "limited" test of new features that may require the company to make use of permissions it already asks from users to access their texts.

  • News: Apple Mac user logins hunted by Flashback.G Trojan

    Apple Mac users have been warned to be on the lookout for a new variant of the Flashback Java Trojan that has already hit an unknown number of victims running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

  • News: Imation relaunches Windows on USB stick system

    Imation has relaunched the Stealth Zone embedded Windows on USB stick product it acquired when buying Canadian firm MXI Technology last June.

  • News: Malware grows to the tune of 75 million samples in 2011: McAfee

    Despite McAfee predicting that unique malware samples would hit 75 million in 2011, the security vendor actually found that the real number actually surpassed that estimate.

  • News: Mobile data privacy is terra incognita to users and developers

    President Obama's move Thursday to establish a so-called Privacy Bill of Rights for the Internet can be seen as the consolidation of decadelong efforts by disparate groups to improve privacy protections via countless browser add-ons, settings and privacy policies. But while it's possible to guard privacy on the desktop, the rapidly growing mobile space is still the Wild West, with an almost endless landscape of privacy pitfalls that challenge even the most vigilant consumer.

  • News: 36 state AGs blast Google's privacy policy change

    Attorneys General from 36 states are concerned over the potential implications of Google's new privacy policy, especially for users of Android-powered smartphones.

  • News: FAQ: What Google's 'Do Not Track' move means

    As the White House pushed a privacy bill of rights and readied online privacy legislation for Congress, Google decided on Thursday to get behind "Do Not Track" technology. Here's where things stand.

  • News: Social network users getting less friendly

    Facebook users are becoming decidedly unfriendly, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project study released Friday.

  • News: CA offers new disaster recovery option

    CA Technologies has launched a disaster-recovery software-as-a-service offering that combines on-site data protection with a cloud-based service, using Microsoft Azure's infrastructure.

  • News: Google: New privacy policy to have little impact on enterprise

    Google's plan to share user data across its online services will have little effect on users of the company's enterprise, government and education application suites, the company said.

  • News: New WordPress Plugin Locks Down Your Website's Security

    You've got virus protection on all of your business computers, passwords in place on mobile devices and laptops, and even virus protection on your company smartphones. But have you looked at how secure your website is? If you rely on your site for any aspect of your business, a new plugin from 6Scan helps you find and manage vulnerabilities quickly and easily.

  • News: GPS jamming becoming problem in UK, study finds

    The frequencies used by GPS systems are being jammed routinely in the UK by individuals attempting to block the location tracking systems used by delivery trucks and anti-theft systems, a new study has found.

  • News: Inadequate SSL Certificate Data Threatens IT Security

    SSL certificates are a fundamental component of secure online transactions, but a new survey finds that a majority of organizations don't know where or how many certificates they actually have, and nearly as many lack an accurate idea of which certificates are about to expire. Venafi CEO Jeff Hudson says this increases organizations' operational, security and audit and compliance risk.

  • News: Better information sharing is the future of security, experts say

    After having founded a software security company, selling it to HP and then working for them, Roger Thornton gained valuable insight into the evolving IT security threat landscape. So, naturally, he left HP and took on a new role in an entirely different sector, where he is taking part in an initiative that aims to bring the security community to new levels of information sharing.

  • News: Hacker billboard Pastebin struggles with DDOS attacks

    Pastebin, a website favored by hackers to publicly post sensitive stolen data, has been battling an ongoing distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack aimed at disabling the site, according to its administrators.

  • News: FTC reaches $359 million settlement over 'free' trial offers

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached a suspended US$359 million settlement with a Canadian businessman and his companies for charging customers for supposedly free trial offers.

  • News: ITU to support Kenya cybersecurity efforts

    The International Telecommunication Union has announced that it will support Kenya's cybersecurity efforts through budgetary support and personnel.

  • News: Startup CrowdStrike promises 'game-changer' in fight vs. advanced persistent threats

    Startup CrowdStrike made its debut this week, promising to have a security product out by the second quarter that will target the so-called advanced persistent threat (APT) problem in which stealthy intruders infiltrate networks to steal sensitive data for business or political reasons.

  • News: Free app sniffs out aggressive ad networks on Android

    Lookout Security today launched a free program that scans Android devices for evidence of apps that use any of 35 different ad networks, and tells users what kinds of ads will be displayed and what user information is collected.

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