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  • News: Facebook, Twitter are life lines as tornadoes wallop Texas

    As tornadoes ripped through Texas on Tuesday, people took to social networks to warn of advancing storms and to help their neighbors.

  • News: Rogue US Airways-themed emails distribute ZeuS-based malware

    Cybercriminals are distributing a new piece of malware that's based on the ZeuS computer Trojan through rogue emails that masquerade as US Airways online check-in notifications.

  • News: DHS: America's water and power utilities under daily cyber-attack

    America's water and energy utilities face constant cyber-espionage and denial-of-service attacks against industrial-control systems, according to the team of specialists from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security who are called to investigate the worst cyber-related incidents at these utilities.

  • News: Hacker jailed for stealing identities of 8 million UK citizens

    A UK man has been given a two-year jail sentence for a stunning 20-month hacking spree during which he stole the personal details of millions of Britons, including several thousand credit card numbers.

  • News: Sophos buys mobile device management vendor Dialogs

    Sophos has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Dialogs Software, a mobile device management vendor based in Dortmund, Germany, the security firm announced on Monday.

  • News: McAfee brings antivirus support to VMware's vShield

    McAfee today announced a version of its antivirus software for VMware's vShield security technology.

  • News: JP Morgan Cazenove senior banker emails reveal insider information, says FSA

    The Financial Services Authority has decided to fine JP Morgan Cazenove's chairman of capital markets, Ian Hannam, £450,000 after it judged that he had disclosed insider trading information in two emails.

  • News: Path tightens mobile app security

    Social networking service Path has upgraded the security of its mobile application in apparent response to a recent outcry over its data gathering practices.

  • News: Study: Geolocation apps draw users, despite privacy concerns

    Nearly 60 percent of smartphone users employ apps that access their location data despite having concerns about risks to their privacy and even personal safety, according to a survey conducted by ISACA, a nonprofit group that focuses on risk and security management.

  • News: Apple releases Java security updates

    It's probably safe to turn your Mac on again. Just a day after reports spread about a Java-based Trojan horse that could install itself on your Mac without requiring that you enter a password, Apple has released Java for OS X Lion 2012-001 and Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 7.

  • News: How To Secure Your BIOS

    You probably don't interact with your PC's BIOS (Basic Input/Output Operating System) much, but it occupies a unique and highly privileged position in your computer's architecture. Since the BIOS loads before the operating system--and before you enter your user credentials--malware surreptitiously introduced into the BIOS could activate itself long before any anti-malware software has an opportunity to detect it. A sophisticated and malicious program operating at such a low level could take control of your PC without providing a clue that it was there.

  • News: FBI: Cyberattacks grow as national security menace

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Cyberattacks are starting to eclipse terrorism as a threat to the country, say top officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, speaking before an audience of security professionals here at the GovSec Conference today.

  • News: FTC reaches privacy settlement with Upromise college savings site

    Upromise, a Web service accused of collecting extensive information about its users without their consent, will be required to clearly disclose its data collection practices and obtain users' consent before installing a browser toolbar on their computers under a settlement approved by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

  • News: Whoops! Check Point lets checkpoint.com expire

    It's got to be a little embarrassing for a security company steeped in paying attention to details like opening and closing firewall ports and monitoring whether applications are behaving oddly to overlook an arguably major item like maintaining the company's domain name, but it happened to Check Point Software.

  • News: Mac users 'just as easily duped by cybercriminals' as Windows users

    In the face of new threats aimed at OS X, a security expert has warned that Mac users may be even more vulnerable than Windows users.

  • News: Mozilla adds vulnerable Java plug-in versions to Firefox blocklist

    The story, "Mozilla adds vulnerable Java plug-in versions to Firefox blocklist," which posted to the wire Tuesday, gave incorrect days for two separate blog posts mentioned in the second and last paragraphs. Those paragraphs have been corrected and now read, in order:

  • News: Amid breach fallout, Global Payments struggles with public message

    The breached credit card processor assured investors that the damage has been contained and its security procedures worked. But for nervous card holders with additional questions, a basic website statement will have to do.

  • News: Mozilla adds vulnerable Java plug-in versions to Firefox blocklist

    Mozilla has blacklisted unpatched versions of the Java plug-in from Firefox on Windows in order to protect its users from attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities in those versions.

  • News: Girls Around Me: One Woman's Defense of the 'Stalking' App

    Girls Around Me, the geo-location iPhone app, is under fire for undermining women’s privacy, but the controversy seems blown out of proportion. We're quick to ask what new way tech companies have devised to rob us of our privacy, but it's hard to see this app as a real threat to privacy or women. I consider it, instead, more of a wake-up call to those that publicly over share.

  • News: EU releases guide for improving security in cloud contracts

    Users need to become better at asking cloud providers questions about the finer points of availability and vulnerability management in contracts, according to a new guide from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

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