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  • News: U.S.-Israel project with Motorola leads to security-hardened industrial control system

    The security associated with industrial control systems (ICS) is facing heavy criticism this week at the ICS Joint Working Group 2012 Spring Conference, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS is concerned cyberattacks could disrupt America's energy, water and manufacturing facilities.

  • News: Twitter Breached, 50K Accounts Posted to Internet

    Twitter said Wednesday that it is continuing to investigate an apparent data breach that resulted in more than 50,000 user names and passwords being posted to the Internet.

  • News: Free fraud protection scam delivers financial malware

    While initially aimed at one Spanish bank's customers, the Tatanga malware's authors may be trying spread the Trojan, says security expert

  • News: Big data analytics defining new malware strategy

    Good intelligence has long been a decisive factor in the battle again malware. But with threats multiplying exponentially, analyzing information may become just as important as gathering it.

  • News: IP voice security: are you susceptible or strong?

    Undoubtedly, corporations are realising the benefits of IP voice systems. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) can bring substantial cost savings and productivity enhancements to a business by transforming its circuit-switched networks to IP packet switching networks and running voice and data applications over a single infrastructure. However, businesses need to be aware that there are potential risks involved, they need to take some necessary steps to protect their interests.

  • News: Is it time for the cloud?

    Speaking at the Evolve.Cloud conference in Sydney, Vice President and Principal Analyst APAC at Forrester Research Group, Michael Barnes, explained how even if the cloud wasn't part of a company's IT, it will be in the near future, adding that the market is undergoing "unprecedented change" and companies will need to adapt.

  • News: Learning fLearning from Evolve.Cloud

    Dave Asprey, VP Cloud Security at Trend Micro, talked at length about the changing landscape of mobile devices and the integration of consumer-based products into the workplace. Inevitably, he said, new consumer technology spreads to the office, where it can become a challenge for IT, particularly in relation to security. The problem, he noted, isn't just that these devices can open entry points to the network, but that employees can disseminate potentially sensitive information, for example through social networking services.

  • News: Protecting your data: Cloud Security Alliance

    At the Evolve.CLOUD conference in Sydney CSO sat down with Archie Reed, CTO Strategic Enterprise Services APAC and Japan for HP, to talk about the Cloud Security Alliance for which Reed is also a member. He outlined the global organisation's goals for standardising security in the cloud, education and certification, and what it means for companies looking to or making a transition to the cloud.

  • News: Anonymous hacktivists prefer penetration, but choose targets of opportunity

    Hacktivism, as practiced under the name Anonymous, is about public relations opportunism and any organisation could become a target if a political rationale can be retro-fitted to the attack, according to a leading web security researcher.

  • News: Virtualisation requires new security models: Quane

    Traditional security models are slowing down virtualised environments and creating an untenable management burden as aggressive cloud-computing adopters skimp on security to ensure they don't become victims of their own virtualisation success, a security executive has warned.

  • News: BYO computing: if you can't beat 'em, secure 'em

    The trend towards bring-your-own computing is being driven by executives who not only insist on connecting their personal devices to the company network -- but refuse to hand over control of those devices to security managers despite exhortations that it's necessary to ensure data integrity. Faced with an explosion in mobile devices and already hurtling towards the cloud, what's a humble IT security specialist to do?

  • News: FBI issues warning on hotel Internet connections

    The FBI today warned travelers there has been an uptick in malicious software infecting laptops and other devices linked to hotel Internet connections.

  • News: The Pirate Bay supporters hack Virgin Media

    Virgin Media suffered a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on its website at the hands of The Pirate Bay supporters yesterday.

  • News: Symantec leapfrogs McAfee in mobile security

    With mobile security on the radar of corporations, the race is on between Symantec and Intel-owned McAfee to solve the big headache troubling IT: bring-your-own device (BYOD). For now, Symantec has the edge with its latest announcement from its annual Vision conference.

  • News: If offshore cloud compromises your data we'll sue you, not them: Privacy commissioner

    Organisations investing in off-shore cloud services could find themselves on the pointy end of legal action should the privacy of Australians be breached as a result, Victoria's acting privacy commissioner has warned.

  • News: Police-themed ransomware starts targeting US and Canadian users

    A ransomware application that locks computers and asks their owners to pay fines for allegedly violating several laws through their online activity is targeting U.S. and Canadian users, malware experts from security firm Trend Micro said on Wednesday.

  • News: Security of industrial control systems questioned at DHS conference

    Operators of America's vital power, water and manufacturing facilities use industrial control systems (ICS) to manage them, and the security of these systems, increasingly linked with Microsoft Windows and the Internet, is now under intense scrutiny because of growing awareness that they could be attacked and cause massive disruptions.

  • News: Facebook enterprise traffic falls as admins block social media

    Facebook traffic inside enterprises has continued to fade according to Zscaler’s latest State of the Web report for the first quarter of 2012.

  • News: Android Trojan copies PC drive-by malware attack

    Researchers have noticed one of the first examples of Android 'drive-by' malware from an ordinary website, a dangerous type of automatic attack more commonly used to infect Windows PCs.

  • News: PHP patches actively exploited CGI vulnerability

    The PHP Group has released PHP 5.4.3 and PHP 5.3.13 on Tuesday in order to address two remote code execution vulnerabilities, one of which is being actively exploited by hackers.

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