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  • News: Mobile experts disagree on who should protect privacy

    Users of mobile apps need more information about the ways those apps use their personal information, a group of experts agreed Thursday, but they didn't agree on who is most responsible for protecting user privacy.

  • News: The future of SCADA-control security

    If you're a CXO overseeing a critical infrastructure that contains SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) controls, a chief concern is how to protect the infrastructure against terrorist attacks. Changes in control software will continue to accelerate until the most critical infrastructure weaknesses (oil refineries, electrical power plants, water treatment facilities) are addressed worldwide. But it may take years to replace all of the controls.

  • News: Google's Street View Snooping: Congressman Wants Investigation

    The fallout from the Wi-Fi snooping that occurred in Google’s Street View program continues, with Congress now threatening to get into the act.

  • News: NotCompatible Android Trojan: What You Need to Know

    Android smartphone users should be on the lookout for hacked websites that automatically download an app onto your phone in an attempt to trick you into installing malicious code. For what may be the first time ever, analysts at Lookout Mobile Security are warning of a so-called drive-by download attack specifically targeted at Android devices. The attack uses infected websites to try to install a Trojan horse called NotCompatible onto your phone. If installed, the Android malware could let hackers use the phone as an intermediary access point, or proxy, to break into private computer networks. There is also

  • News: Cloud governance -- manage the cloud challenge

    The word governance derives from the Greek verb ??ße???? [kubernáo], which means to steer, and was used for the first time in a metaphorical sense by Plato (according to Wikipedia). Wikipedia further expands on the term, rightly calling it "the act of governing". Governance relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance.

  • News: Men chuck or reformat old devices more so than women

    A study commissioned by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICOI) has revealed that just 11 per cent of 230 discarded second hand hard drives contained personal information.

  • News: Is it really time to run AV on your Mac?

    No matter which way you slice the numbers, the sheer volume and variety of Windows malware makes running XP, Vista or 7 without antivirus far more risky than running any version of Mac OS X without antivirus.

  • News: Malicious QR codes: a mobile security blind spot

    It's hard to read in-store signage, magazine or newspaper advertisements or product brochures these days without seeing a quick response Code (QR Code) -- the blocky, square two-dimensional barcodes that let smartphone users quickly jump to a Web address by simply taking a photo of the code block.

  • News: How to land a cybersecurity job

    Cybersecurity jobs are plentiful, from government, financial services and utilities to manufacturing and retail. But what skills do IT professionals need to qualify for these high-paying jobs?

  • News: Oxford University hit hard by Mac Flashback infections

    In a small window into the chaos wrought by the Mac Flashback Trojan, the University of Oxford Computing Services team has described it as the worst malware outbreak it has had to contend with since the Windows Blaster worm of 2003.

  • News: McAfee hands secure USB stick business to Imation

    McAfee is to getting out of encrypted USB drives, handing the business to storage specialist Imation in a deal that can be interpreted as an exit, a takeover or a consolidation depending on which perspective it is viewed from.

  • News: Cellcrypt announces voice encryption tie-up with Verizon

    British mobile security firm Cellcrypt is partnering with carrier giant Verizon to sell its voice encryption technology for mobiles and smartphones to the US Government, the pair have announced.

  • News: The 10 worst Web application-logic flaws that hackers love to abuse

    Hackers are always hunting to find business-logic flaws, especially on the Web, in order to exploit weaknesses in online ordering and other processes. NT OBJECTives, which validates Web application security, says these are the top 10 business-logic flaws they see all the time.

  • News: Hackers blackmail Belgian bank with threats to publish customer data

    Hackers claimed to have breached the systems of the Belgian credit provider Elantis and threatened to publish confidential customer information if the bank does not pay €150,000 (US$197,000) before Friday, May 4, they said in a statement posted to Pastebin. Elantis confirmed the data breach on Thursday, but the bank said it will not give in to extortion threats.

  • News: Microsoft opens New York research lab, hires mainly Yahoo researchers

    Microsoft is opening Thursday a research lab in New York city that aims to benefit from interaction with the academic and tech communities in the metropolitan area, as well as attract new talent to Microsoft, the company said.

  • News: SANS survey: IT spending too little time analyzing logs for security clues

    Relatively few organizations are making good use of gobs of log data they collect for purposes such as identifying attackers, according to a survey of 600-plus IT professionals by security outfit SANS.

  • News: For the first time, hacked websites deliver Android malware

    Analysts with Lookout Mobile Security have found websites that have been hacked to deliver malicious software to devices running Android, an apparent new attack vector crafted for the mobile operating system.

  • News: Does Mozilla coming out against CISPA matter?

    Mozilla joins privacy advocates in criticizing the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, but Microsoft is apparently back on the supporter list

  • News: Dutch court temporarily frees 17-year-old KPN hacking suspect

    A Dutch 17-year-old suspected of compromising customer account data on hundreds of servers belonging to telecommunications operator KPN is set to be freed temporarily on Thursday, allowed to wait at home for his criminal proceedings to begin, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service said on Wednesday.

  • News: Will Flashback hurt Macs in the enterprise?

    If anybody still thought Apple devices were bulletproof, the Flashback drive-by episode last month should have provided the needed reality check.

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