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  • News: Experts warn against judging Firefox on poor Pwn2Own performance

    Mozilla Firefox was the loser in this year's Pwn2Own hackfest, but experts warn against placing too much importance on the number of zero-day vulnerabilities found in the Web browser.

  • News: PKI certificate location not an issue: Symantec

    Despite the rise of data sovereignty issues with the advent of Cloud computing, Symantec says the geographic location of PKI (public key infrastructure) certificates is no drama.

  • News: Sally Beauty confirms payment card data breach

    Sally Beauty Holdings confirmed Monday that it fell victim to a data breach, an incident that may have coincided with a project to update point-of-sale terminals at its U.S. stores, a recent regulatory filing shows.

  • News: Privacy highlights importance of encryption: CipherCloud

    With the new privacy laws coming to effect in Australia, CipherCloud expects encryption to be a lead consideration at businesses.

  • News: Closing a security loophole: WatchGuard Asia Pacific

    Business security solutions provider WatchGuard has launched the industry's first enterprise-level unified threat management (UTM) security appliance called Firebox T10, which helps to seal a 'loophole between the 'new' network perimeter when roaming employees link into corporate networks, it said.

  • News: Court approves first-of-its-kind data breach settlement

    Courts have generally tended to dismiss consumer class-action lawsuits filed against companies that suffer data breaches if victims can't show that the the breach directly caused a financial hit.

  • News: New methods for addressing insider threats: A roundtable discussion

    Technology advances have made it easier to detect subtle, anomalous end-user behavior, such as installation of unusual apps on endpoint devices, or suspicious deviations from baseline activity. This roundtable discussion examines methods to build monitoring, control and context into enterprise insider threat protection efforts – both when dealing with privileged users and regular employees.

  • News: 7 strategies for a successful DLP strategy

    Data Loss Prevention can provide some powerful protection for your sensitive information. It can be used to discover Personal Information (PI) within your environment, identify various forms of PI from names and phone numbers to government identifiers and credit card numbers, assemble multiple subsets of PI to accurately identify a whole record, and even do all of this in multiple languages.

  • News: Without proper security measures, smart homes are just begging to be targets

    As our world becomes increasingly connected via the Internet, it only seems logical that the interconnectivity would eventually permeate our homes. "Smart devices" like alarm systems, locks, thermostats, and more that can be controlled over the Internet are gradually gaining visibility and creating legions of "smart homes." For all the technological advancements, however, it would appear that our houses are simultaneously becoming more vulnerable.

  • News: Your IP address: Who can see it and what you can do about it

    Melanie, concerned about online privacy, asked the Antivirus & Security Software forum who can see her IP address and how serious a problem that is.

  • News: 4 Lessons CIOs Can Learn From the Target Breach

    Retail giant Target made headlines after announcing that 110 million Americans were affected by a massive data breach at its stores. If you want to avoid the same fate, pay attention to these four lessons learned in the wake of the Target breach.

  • News: Windows XP can put SOX, HIPAA, credit card security-compliance at risk

    When Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP next month businesses that have to comply with payment card industry (PCI) data security standards as well as health care and financial standards may find themselves out of compliance unless they call in some creative fixes, experts say.

  • News: Bitcoin-stealing malware hidden in Mt. Gox data dump, researcher says

    An archive containing transaction records from Mt. Gox that was released on the Internet last week by the hackers who compromised the blog of Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles also contains bitcoin-stealing malware for Windows and Mac.

  • News: How to avoid becoming a victim like Target

    Target's failure to act when alerted that malware was in its network is a reminder that spending large amounts of money on technology is a waste without the right people and processes.

  • News: Fluke networks named in Gartner Leaders' quadrant

    Fluke Networks has been named in Gartner's Leaders' quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics.

  • News: Symantec adopts beyondblue livery for V8 Supercars

    The Norton Hornets V8 Supercars team has traded its familiar yellow livery for a white one featuring butterflies.

  • News: 8 ways to improve wired network security

    We sometimes focus more on the wireless side of the network when it comes to security because Wi-Fi has no physical fences. After all, a war-driver can detect your SSID and launch an attack while sitting out in the parking lot.

  • News: IBM latest tech company to deny links with NSA spy program

    IBM said it has not provided client data to the U.S. National Security Agency or any other government agency under surveillance programs involving the bulk collection of content or metadata.

  • News: Secusmart puts its BlackBerry encryption chip to work on the desktop

    At around €2,000 (US$2800) each, the secure smartphones that SecuSmart showed at Cebit last year were out of reach of many businesses -- although three governments have since bought them to secure mobile phone calls between senior officials, according to CEO Hans-Christoph Quelle. Now the company has developed a less expensive and more flexible system intended for the enterprise, and has extended the reach of its mobile system to secure VOIP calls on desktop phones.

  • News: Don't upload health care data to Google cloud, UK groups say

    Using Google's cloud services to process health care records is a serious violation of the U.K.'s data protection act, privacy groups said in a complaint filed with the country's data protection authority.

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