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15 fabulous, free PC security programs

Safeguard your PC with our free downloads

Turn on your PC and you're immediately vulnerable. Protect yourself for free today with PC Advisor's favourite 15 free security tools.

Disarming java threats, deleting documents

Encrypting private information, disabling potentially harmful scripts and cleaning up accumulated detritus are all ways to strengthen your security. The following downloads will help you to keep things safe and orderly.



Among the biggest dangers you face when web surfing are booby-trapped Java and JavaScript scripts and applets. These are harmful pieces of code disguised as something benign or hidden.

NoScript, a free Firefox extension, prevents all JavaScript and Java applets from running, except on sites you designate as safe. The extension presents you with a list of safe sites, which you can add to.

For added protection, this remarkably powerful tool also blocks Java, Flash and other plug-ins on sites you don't trust. Download NoScript here.

File Shredder 2.0


You'd think that if you deleted a file from your PC, it would be gone. But even after you've flushed it through the Recycle Bin, special software can recreate it.

To prevent someone retrieving your files, use File Shredder 2.0. This overwrites any file with a random string of binary data.

There are five shredding algorithms and using the program is a breeze. Choose a file, shred it and it will be gone forever.

File Shredder and NoScript

File Shredder and NoScript

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