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Revealed: Top 10 UK phishing attack victims

Royal Bank of Scotland under 'dramatic' attack

A survey evaluating the Top 10 most popular company names used by email fraudsters when targeting the personal finance industry has revealed that Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is the number-one UK target for phishing emails.

Anti-spam service ClearMyMail reports that RBS had previously only received 0.02% of the total proportion of phishing emails blocked and therefore did not rank high enough for the Top 10 for Q1 2008 - but this has “dramatically” changed, taking them well into the lead with 42.78% of all phishing emails aimed at them.

Top 10 UK companies targeted by phishing attacks

1. Royal Bank of Scotland (42.78% of all phishing emails blocked were targeting RBS)

2. Abbey (18.28%)

3. Halifax (9.77%)

4. Natwest (7.06%)

5. PayPal (6.79%)

6. Citi card/bank (4.75%)

7. Lloyds TSB (4.70%)

8. HSBC (3.36%)

9. Nationwide (0.93%)

10. Barclays (0.82%)

ClearMyMail reports: “Comparatively to Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax has once again crept its way up the fraudsters’ rankings. The final quarter of 2007 resulted in Halifax only receiving 0.8% of the total proportion of phishing emails blocked, in Q1 2008 this had raised to 8.49% and now, at the end of Q2 2008, this figure is 9.77%.

“On the contrary, Citi Card/Bank has dropped 4 places in ClearMyMail’s Top 10; previously amounting to 19.15% of all emails blocked and now plummeting to 4.75%. MBNA has consistently received the least amount of spam emails, going from 0.5% in Q4 2007, to just 0.57% in Q1 2008 and now off the Top 10 list altogether, with just 0.12% this quarter.”

The company also revealed its Top 10 worst UK ISPs for spam, with Orange customers reeling from 96% of their emails being spam.

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