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  • News: Spotify plans to become an on-demand TV network

    Spotify: free music streamer, procrastination enabler, and soundtrack to household chores around the world may soon become much much more. The service is reportedly toying with the idea of offering original video content.

  • News: Fuji announces two new hobbyist cameras

    Fujifilm North America has released a pair of fixed lens Wi-Fi-enabled cameras--one is a DSLR-like long-zoom and the other is a rugged model for outdoor shooting. The new FinePix S8400W compact point and shoot features a 44x optical long zoom and updated CMOS sensor. The FinePix XP200, the latest addition to the company's rugged XP Series, features a reinforced 5x lens, and is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof.

  • News: AMD's newly-announced Radeon HD 7790 guns for the budget 1080p gaming crown

    Last month's release of Nvidia's Titan graphics card--the most powerful consumer GPU ever announced--may have inspired uncontrollable drooling among the enthusiast crowd, but at a cool $1000, the card simply isn't priced to move. AMD's latest release takes a different tack. Today, the company announced the Radeon HD 7790 series graphics card, a $150 mid-range GPU designed to bring better 1080p gaming to the masses.

  • News: Snapshot: Canon EOS 100D digital SLR

    The trend these days in digital cameras is smaller, smaller, smaller -- abandoning the tried-and-true formula of a digital SLR’s optical viewfinder and mirror box for a ‘mirrorless’ system that relies on an electronic read-out of what the camera’s seeing. This is what you get in cameras like the Canon EOS M, the Nikon COOLPIX A, and the Panasonic LUMIX GF5. The new Canon EOS 100D bucks that trend.

  • News: Canon launches 'world's smallest' digital SLR, the EOS 100D

    Also launches the EOS 700D, an upgrade to the EOS 650D.

  • News: Canon launches compact, super-light DSLR

    Canon's Rebel line of DSLRs will soon host a sleeker, smaller, thinner model: the Canon EOS Rebel SL1--SL for Super Lightweight. This new camera, designed for entry level shooters as a step up from a point and shoot or camera phone, has the same traditional DSLR technology as the company's other Rebel cameras, but in a dimunitive body. It is Canon's answer to the compact interchangeable lens revolution that has rocked the camera world over the last couple of years.

  • News: Canon to launch world's smallest digital SLR camera

    Canon will soon launch what it is calling the world's smallest digital single-lens camera, with a body that weighs just over 370 grams and featuring an 18-megapixel image sensor.

  • News: Five tips to help you choose a new camera lens

    Your camera lens has much to do with how you capture the world. So when it's time to add a new optic to your kit, how do you decide which one?

  • News: Sky Sports arrives on Now TV streaming service

    Sky has brought its Sky Sports package to its Now TV internet streaming service.

  • News: ABC may offer live streaming apps, but not for cord cutters

    ABC is reportedly planning a mobile app for live, streaming television in an attempt to keep cable and satellite TV subscribers from jumping ship.

  • News: Apple TV 5.2.1 brings redesigned Hulu Plus app, security fixes

    Hulu Plus lovers, rejoice: Apple's Apple TV 5.2.1 software update, released on Tuesday, brings a redesigned interface for the premium TV and movie streaming service. The update also patches a number of bugs involving the execution of unsigned code and security holes in the Apple TV's kernel.

  • News: Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch resigns to work at Apple

    Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch is leaving the company to take a job at Apple, a one-time close partner of Adobe that became the most vociferous critic of its Flash technology.

  • News: Wacom unveils Cintiq 13HD

    Artists, designers, and photographers seeking a compact, pro-level interactive pen display will soon have a new one to consider--the Wacom Cintiq 13HD. As with previous Cintiq models, you can draw directly on its built-in LCD screen with a digitizer pen.

  • News: Facebook, Twitter called out for deleting photo metadata

    Photographers turning to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote their work may be losing the legal rights to their photos because the sites are deleting the images' metadata.

  • News: AMD announces availability of its Elite A-Series APUs for notebook PCs

    AMD today announced the availability of its AMD Elite A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), formerly codenamed Richland. These processors, designed for use in notebook PCs, combine either two or four x86 CPU cores with a graphics engine derived from AMD's Radeon HD 8000 series of discrete GPUs on the same chip.

  • News: Internet freedom advocates pleased with European Parliament backtrack on porn ban

    Net freedom campaigners celebrated a victory on Tuesday after the European Parliament decided against calling for an all-out ban on Internet pornography.

  • News: Windows Live Messenger to make way for Skype on 8 April

    Microsoft has confirmed it will replace Windows Live Messenger, aka MSN Messenger, with Skype on 8 April.

  • News: Product snapshot: Canon PowerShot G15 camera

    As point-and-shoot cameras go, there are two distinct categories. You can buy a point-and-shoot camera without a great deal of control -- these are made for people who just want to take photos, with no fussing around.

  • News: Product snapshot: Panasonic LUMIX GF5 camera

    Micro Four-Thirds is a ‘mirrorless’ interchangeable lens digital camera system and lens mount family. If that all sounds a little daunting, here’s a simpler explanation: these cameras have big sensors (like chunky digital SLRs) stuffed into tiny bodies, because all the unnecessary and complicated pieces of their designs have been abandoned.

  • News: How to key a shot with Final Cut Pro X

    You've seen it in countless Hollywood movies. And it's easier than ever to do yourself. I'm talking about compositing: the process of combining a foreground subject and a background "plate" to create a single "composite" image. By shooting a subject against a colored background and then using software to remove the color, you can place your subject in any environment you like. This process is called "keying" or "pulling a key."

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