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  • News: Skype fixes email security flaw

    A security hole in Microsoft's Skype video conferencing software has been fixed. It allowed anyone with a registered email address to easily reset the password.

  • News: 'DSLR gear, no idea': Sony goes on the offensive against camera enthusiasts

    Sony Australia has created a video campaign “to ‘out’ those with DSLR gear and no idea”, subtly suggesting they would be better served with one of the company’s mirrorless compact cameras rather than a full-size DSLR.

  • News: Cisco to bring Wi-Fi to Melbourne Cup

    The Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has signed an agreement with [[xref:http://www.arnnet.com.au/tag/cisco|Cisco Systems|All on Cisco]] to deploy the vendor’s Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution to provide Flemington racecourse with Wi-Fi connectivity in a technology implementation scheduled to be operational before the 2013 Melbourne Cup.

  • News: Pick a pico projector: We review four of the best and brightest models

    Pico projectors—the tiniest of handheld projectors—continue to benefit from advances in miniaturization and power management. Although most pico projectors are still a tad too bulky for comfortable pocket portability, none of models in this round will weigh down a briefcase or purse by more than a pound; some weigh less than half that. Each one can throw a bright image on a wall or screen in an average-size room, even in the presence of lots of ambient light.

  • News: DOJ: Hearing on Megaupload stored data should be limited

    A U.S. judge should limit the scope of a proposed court hearing examining whether a former Megaupload user can recover files that were on the website when the U.S. Department of Justice shut it down, the agency said.

  • News: Create a music video with iMovie '11

    Perhaps you or a musician friend have a song, and you need a music video to help promote it and your band. Or maybe your son or daughter wants to create a video for a song they wrote and recorded. The good news is, you don’t need a mega-budget: just some creativity, a quality camera, friends and family (for potential extras), and iMovie ’11 to edit your masterpiece.

  • News: A face in the crowd: Inside the world of fast-track data processing

    Imagine processing massive amounts of video data from surveillance cameras and rapidly churning out usable and reliable information on pick-pockets, drunken hooligans, criminals or even terrorists.

  • News: Esri moves into smart phone mapping with Geoloqi buy

    Ramping up efforts to serve the growing market for mobile Web geocoding services, geographic information systems (GIS) provider Esri has purchased mobile location based services provider Geoloqi. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

  • News: The ultimate iPhoto workflow

    A growing number of enthusiast photographers are traveling with iPads instead of laptops. The lighter weight, thinner body, and WiFi + Cellular connectivity of an iPad (if you go that route) makes for a good companion on the road.

  • News: Get your scanner to work with Photoshop CS6

    Using a desktop scanner to bring printed materials into Adobe Photoshop is as old as Photoshop itself. In fact, one of the reasons Photoshop became the de facto image editor is that Adobe licensed it to be bundled with scanners throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s when designers and publishers were buying their first scanners. In those days, if you bought a scanner, you got Photoshop!

  • News: Online video the future -- but television won't die out, ACBI says

    Malcolm Long, member of the Convergence Review, believes the communications landscape is changing due to changes in the way consumers access and produce video content.

  • News: FXAA Post Process Injector

    Old games aren't the only ones that cause trouble. Modern 3D titles are rife with disappointments, but perhaps the more irksome to gamers are yestertech graphic options on recent games. Console ports are mostly to blame for this (I'm looking at you, From Dust) as developers are forced to aim for the lowest common denominator targets to maximize sales and homogenize development, but they aren't the only offenders. None of that matters, however when you boot up your new game and find it bereft of features like advanced antialiasing, HDR, or Bloom. Fortunately, you can get all of those effects today without updates or patches via FXAA Post Process Injector (free).

  • News: The iPhone 5's problem with purple haze

    You’ve probably seen reports from AnandTech, Gizmodo, CNet, and other sites about the iPhone 5’s camera and problems with a purple haze in photos. And while the test photos I took for our iPhone 5 review didn’t show the purple haze effect, I can now confirm that I have been experienced. I’ve even seen the problem (though not quite as pronounced) with an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone.

  • News: Google launches Street View underwater panoramas in Maps

    Google has got its snorkel out and added the first set of underwater panoramic image to Street View on Google Maps.

  • News: .xxx to launch porn search engine

    The company behind the .xxx top-level domain plans to launch a search engine in an effort to drive more traffic to .xxx websites and give pornography fans a more satisfying search experience.

  • News: Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11

    Adobe has announced version 11 of its Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements desktop software for Mac and Windows. This photo and video editing duo--joined by a free helper app called the Organizer--lets users manage, edit, create, and share photos and videos in a variety of ways. Both are shipping now.

  • News: Shared photo streams comes to iPhoto, Aperture

    In addition to the many other updates Apple fielded on Wednesday, the company released updates to its two popular photo-editing desktop apps, iPhoto and Aperture, both centered on adding features present in iOS 6.

  • News: PhotoDirector 4 arrives on the Mac

    PhotoDirector 4, a previously Windows-only photo management and editing tool from CyberLink, is making its debut on the Mac. The announcement was made at the Photokina photography show in Germany.

  • News: Google blocks controversial movie trailer in Indonesia

    Google took down on Friday in Indonesia the controversial movie trailer that has sparked protests worldwide, adding the country to the short list of nations where the video can't be seen on YouTube.

  • News: iPhone 5 camera promises better resolution, better low-light performance

    Apple's new iPhone 5 sports a better, faster camera with enhanced still and video capabilities and improved low-light performance.

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