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  • News: Adobe shows off Photoshop CS7 camera shake reduction tool

    Adobe has released a video showing a tool intended for the next version of Photoshop, which is likely to be Photoshop CS7.

  • News: Twitter locking down deals to stream TV content

    Twitter has long been a go-to source for breaking news and silly micro-memes, however the social service may be gearing up to transform into a multi-media über platform. Last week, we learned about Twitter's plans to launch a music streaming service, and now the company is laying the groundwork to stream video content.

  • News: Canon wants to help you learn photography with this DSLR simulator

    If you've been shooting with a camera in Auto mode all your life, messing around with camera setting can be intimidating. What if it's set to shoot too fast, or my focus is off? There are a half dozen other ways the shot can go wrong.

  • News: Vudu video service resets customer passwords after hard drives theft

    Walmart's video service Vudu has reset its customers' passwords after it found that hard drives were among items stolen from its office.

  • News: Wi-fi capable digicams preferred in Southeast Asia: study

    The popularity of social media is driving the proliferation of Internet-capable devices, including digital still cameras with wi-fi capabilities. Research by GfK revealed that nearly one in five digital cameras sold in Southeast Asia last year was wi-fi capable.

  • News: M?VI is a new camera stabilizer that works like witchcraft

    The film industry has used steadicams to produce some of the most intimate, action-packed shots in movies and on TV. Vincent LaForet of Firefly Systems says he has improved the technology with a newly announced product called the M?VI that's lighter, smaller, and even more flexible than ever.

  • News: Introducing TechHive's Digital Photography Superguide

    It seems like nearly every new piece of technology comes with a built-in, high-resolution camera. Sure, anyone can take a photo, but what separates an everyday snapshot from a purposeful composition? Let us take your photos to the next level with TechHive's Digital Photography Superguide, now available on the iBookstore, Kindle Store, Nook Store, Google Play, and as a PDF.

  • News: Rdio takes social recommendations act to movies, TV with Vdio

    Rdio made a name for itself by offering social recommendations to its streaming music subscribers. Now the company wants to do the same thing for movies and TV with Vdio, a new video rental, buying, and sharing site.

  • News: Watch offbeat movies, TV shows via Warner Bros.' new online-streaming service

    Warner Bros. is experimenting with an online video-streaming service, but don't expect to use it to view recent WB titles like The Dark Knight Rises or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  • News: Hand on with the Slingbox 500's new SlingSync feature

    Owners of Sling Media's top-of-the-line Slingbox 500 can now use their place-shifting set-top box to enjoy media from their smartphone on their HDTV.

  • News: Aereo's streaming TV service avoids ban, as trial looms

    Aereo, a service that streams live broadcast television online, just scored a big win against the major TV networks.

  • News: Appeals court says Aereo streaming TV service doesn't infringe

    Streaming television service Aereo does not appear to infringe the copyrights of over-the-air TV stations, and a request from several stations to shut down the New York-based service isn't warranted, an appeals court has ruled.

  • News: Panasonic's Micro Color Splitter could double the brightness of color photos

    If there's anything photographers ask for, it's for more light. The folks at Panasonic have heard these cries and say that the company could be on its way to developing a new sensor technology that doubles the brightness of color photography.

  • News: Vine moves beyond Twitter with new embed feature

    Vine's branching out. Videos made with the trendy Twitter-owned mobile app can now be posted anywhere on the Web.

  • News: With S-Translator, Samsung aims to reach an old industry goal in real time

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be shipping in 155 countries by the end of next month, and its real-time voice translation to help people communicate across borders may be one of its most ambitious features.

  • News: AMD provides a sneak peek at its Radeon HD 7990

    AMD took the wraps off a new high-end reference-design videocard at the end of the company's GDC press briefing Tuesday night: The dual-GPU Radeon 7990.

  • News: Spotify plans to become an on-demand TV network

    Spotify: free music streamer, procrastination enabler, and soundtrack to household chores around the world may soon become much much more. The service is reportedly toying with the idea of offering original video content.

  • News: Fuji announces two new hobbyist cameras

    Fujifilm North America has released a pair of fixed lens Wi-Fi-enabled cameras--one is a DSLR-like long-zoom and the other is a rugged model for outdoor shooting. The new FinePix S8400W compact point and shoot features a 44x optical long zoom and updated CMOS sensor. The FinePix XP200, the latest addition to the company's rugged XP Series, features a reinforced 5x lens, and is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof.

  • News: AMD's newly-announced Radeon HD 7790 guns for the budget 1080p gaming crown

    Last month's release of Nvidia's Titan graphics card--the most powerful consumer GPU ever announced--may have inspired uncontrollable drooling among the enthusiast crowd, but at a cool $1000, the card simply isn't priced to move. AMD's latest release takes a different tack. Today, the company announced the Radeon HD 7790 series graphics card, a $150 mid-range GPU designed to bring better 1080p gaming to the masses.

  • News: Snapshot: Canon EOS 100D digital SLR

    The trend these days in digital cameras is smaller, smaller, smaller -- abandoning the tried-and-true formula of a digital SLR’s optical viewfinder and mirror box for a ‘mirrorless’ system that relies on an electronic read-out of what the camera’s seeing. This is what you get in cameras like the Canon EOS M, the Nikon COOLPIX A, and the Panasonic LUMIX GF5. The new Canon EOS 100D bucks that trend.

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