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  • News: Gripes Prompt Kindle Fire Bug Fix

    Amazon picked up on users' complaints about its Kindle Fire and promises disgruntled customers a software fix is on the way. The bug fix is coming “in less than two weeks,” an Amazon spokesperson told the New York Times, and will be rolled out over the air.

  • News: Usenix: Google deploys IPv6 for internal network

    In a project that has taken longer than company engineers anticipated, Google is rolling out IPv6 across its entire internal employee network.

  • News: Feds jump on Apple-ebook price-fixing probe bandwagon

    The top antitrust official at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday confirmed that the agency is investigating possible price-fixing in the electronic book industry.

  • News: How to Share Amazon Kindle Ebooks

    I love reading, and I love books. I don't care much about the medium--paper or digital, it's all the same to me, for the most part.

  • News: NavX sues Google again, increasing its claim for damages over Adwords rules

    French navigation data provider NavX filed another lawsuit against Google last Thursday, renewing its accusations that the company abused its dominant position in online advertising and tripling its claim for damages.

  • News: Fuji Xerox to launch Dropbox-like cloud storage service for its copiers

    Fuji Xerox will launch a new cloud storage service that hooks directly into its multifunction copiers next week, allowing documents to be uploaded by scan or fax, then edited or downloaded by computer or phone.

  • News: Bluetooth keyboards will get 10-year battery life with new chip, Broadcom promises

    Broadcom is working on a Bluetooth chipset that will give wireless keyboards a battery life of up to 10 years, the company said on Tuesday.

  • News: Carrier IQ Test: Android App Detects Controversial Software

    A free app to detect Carrier IQ, a controversial piece of software installed on smartphones without their owners' knowledge, was made available at the Android Market Friday.

  • News: Find the Perfect E-Reader

    We've seen lots of changes in the e-reader market over the past year. Prices have plummeted, with $100 and less suddenly a realistic price for e-readers from the major players--Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. E-reader shipments have skyrocketed: Analyst firm IDC says that shipments have grown by 167 percent as compared with last year. And, of course, e-readers have become the hot item on wish lists as we head into the final stretch of the year.

  • News: Doxie scanner adds Auto Adjust, software updates

    Ultra-portable scanning just got even slicker: On Monday, Apparent released a software upgrade to its USB-powered Doxie scanner. The Doxie 2.0 software now sports an Auto Adjust feature, which automatically determines contrast, cropping, and rotation settings for scanned documents.

  • News: Black Friday Sales Make Kindle Fire a Bestseller

    For the last eight weeks, the number one selling product at the world's largest retailer has been the Kindle Fire—and Black Friday sales kept it there.

  • News: Printopia update fixes iOS screenshot problem

    On Wednesday Ecamm Network updated its $20 Printopia utility, which extends Apple's wireless AirPrint technology to any printer on your network and allows you to virtually print files from your iOS device to your Mac or to your Dropbox folder.

  • News: Penguin Pulls E-Books from Libraries, Including Kindle Versions

    Spooked by the possibility of piracy, one publisher has removed its e-books from libraries' digital shelves, including Kindle editions.

  • News: Speakers buying guide

    The built-in speaker(s) on your Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad don't do your audio justice, especially if you want to enjoy full, rich sound or share your music with people more than a few feet away. So along with new headphones (more on that topic later this week), a new set of speakers is one of the most rewarding audio upgrades you can give your Mac, iPod, or iOS device.

  • News: Facebook Phone? No Thanks

    Once again, a Facebook phone is the talk of the tech world, despite Mark Zuckerberg's insistence that his company is not building a smartphone.

  • News: Qualcomm's Mirasol reflective color display debuts on Korean e-reader

    Qualcomm's long-awaited Mirasol reflective color screen technology is on the market, in an e-reader that launched in South Korea on Tuesday.

  • News: Gunman barricades himself inside Air Force's GPS satellite control facility

    The Air Force confirmed this afternoon that an individual from the 50th Security Forces Squadron has barricaded himself inside the Colorado base building that controls most of the GPS communications throughout the U.S.

  • News: Nook Tablet Fully Rooted, Gets You Android Market

    Since its release on November 16, there has been a flurry of activity around Barnes & Noble's first tablet offering, the Nook Tablet. It's not surprising either, previous devices such as the Nook and Nook Color e-readers were pretty popular to root to get running Android, even offering Nook2Android MicroSD cards capable of booting Google's OS for those that may not be confident tinkerers. It's not too much of a surprise then that four days after release, a developer from the XDA forum has managed to provide the masses with a complete root for the tablet.

  • News: Microsoft's Entrepreneur Program a Good Opportunity For Kinect Fans

    Microsoft's new program for entrepreneurs is a cool opportunity for people who have an excellent idea for a commercial application for the Kinect motion-sensing input device but haven't actually brought it to fruition.

  • News: Printrbot: The Perfect Beginner 3D Printer Can Expand Itself

    There are a host of 3D printers out there, but none are as simple and inexpensive as the Printrbot created by Brook Drumm. It’s still in Kickstarter mode, but as of this writing,( the Printbot has already met the pledge goal. So we’re going to be seeing some of these in the future, and I know I already want to get my hands on one.

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