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  • News: PS4 tops in console battle as Sony promises streaming game service

    Sony sold more than 4 million PlayStation 4 units in December, putting it on top in the console war with Microsoft, Sony announced at International CES 2014 on Tuesday.

  • News: Nvidia's G-Sync monitor tech makes PC games look smooth as silk

    At CES 2014, Nvidia is demonstrating an interesting new display technology that it first announced back in October. Called G-Sync, it's a circuit board that display manufacturers mount inside the monitors they sell--it can't be added to an existing display. The board eliminates annoying visual artifacts such as tearing and stuttering by synchronizing the display's refresh rate to the video card's output.

  • News: Asus shows off WQHD gaming monitor and jumps into the 4K display frenzy

    Asus showed off two new displays at CES on Monday. The Republic of Gaming Swift PG278Q (pictured above) targets gamers with a 27-inch monitor that boasts resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels and a super-fast response time of just one millisecond. The company also joined a number of other manufacturers in announcing a 4K computer monitor, the PB287Q, which delivers resolution up to 3840 by 2160 pixels in a 28-inch display.

  • News: Quantenna chipset to anchor speedy first 'Wave 2' Asus router

    LAS VEGAS--Although range, power, and quality of service are equally important when considering the purchase of a new router, speed sells. And chipset vendor Quantenna claims to be the foundation of one of the fastest new routers on the market, the Asus RT-AC87U.

  • News: Linksys announces Dual Band Wi-Fi router

    LAS VEGAS--The engineers at Linksys jumped into the way-back machine to design the new WRT1900AC Dual Band Wi-Fi Router. While the stackable enclosure sports the classic blue/black color scheme of the classic WRT54G 802.11g router, you'll find all-new hardware inside, including a dual-core 1.2GHz ARM processor, 128MB of flash memory, and 256MB of DDR3 RAM.

  • News: Lenovo dropping 4K monitor prices with $799 ThinkVision Pro2840m

    Lenovo wants to bring 4K to the masses with the aggressively priced US$799 ThinkVision 2840m monitor.

  • News: TomTom: Our traffic data is better than yours, with new GO navigation devices

    Between smartphone traffic apps like Waze and new generations of cars that have traffic-data access built-in, portable navigation devices from the likes of TomTom are surely feeling the squeeze. With its new GO product line announced Friday, TomTom's giving away its premium traffic data, which the company says covers 99.9 percent of all roads in the U.S. and includes data crowdsourced from more than 150 million drivers in North America and 350 million users worldwide. By comparison, the popular smartphone app Waze, bought by Google last summer, is estimated to use data from a mere 50 million users worldwide.

  • News: Shopping for last-minute tech gifts? Here's our one stop guide

    You've only got a few more shopping days until Christmas, and you're still not sure what to get--or even where to start.

  • News: Cornell researchers print 3D speaker

    Researchers at Cornell University have successfully fabricated a working loudspeaker using a 3D printer.

  • News: CityLink to deploy Juniper networking equipment, launch more services in 2014

    CityLink is all set to move its routing and switching infrastructure to Juniper by the end of the first half of 2014.

  • News: Mobile Printing via NFC: A Novelty With Little Real Value

    About a month ago, Samsung reached out to see if I was interested in checking out its latest personal color printer, which happens to be NFC-enabled. I was. The company says the printer it sent, the Xpress C460FW, is the "world's first laser printer with NFC technology." I'm not so sure that's true, because a quick Google search turned up a number of other NFC-enabled printers from Brother and HP. Either way, it's the first NFC printer I've used.

  • News: Apple selling Sharp 4K monitor ahead of Mac Pro launch

    Apple is selling a 4K monitor from Sharp that could allay concerns of users looking to buy the upcoming Mac Pro desktop for ultra-high definition content creation.

  • News: Xamarin lets Windows developers write apps for Google Glass

    Xamarin has integrated the sneak peek version of Google's GDK (Glass Development Kit) into its cross-platform development tools, allowing C# developers to create apps for Google Glass.

  • News: Data centers drove Ethernet sales in Q3, says IDC

    The growing popularity of 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet in data centers helped propel the entire Ethernet switch market during the third quarter, according to IDC.

  • News: Smartphone and e-reader combo YotaPhone goes on sale in Europe

    If you are tired of carrying around an e-reader and a smartphone, the dual-screen YotaPhone, which went on sale in Europe on Wednesday, might be for you.

  • News: Dell outs new 24-inch and 32-inch UltraHD 4K monitors

    After prematurely letting the cat out of the bag with some weekend website leaks, Dell announced two new Ultra HD "4K" UltraSharp monitors on Monday: A 31.5-inch model as well as a 24-inch version, with both running at full 3840-by-2160-pixel resolution.

  • News: Apple sued for patent infringement by DSS

    Apple has been sued by patent company DSS Technology Management for infringing two patents relating to the use of wireless peripheral devices, parent company Document Security Systems said Wednesday.

  • News: AARNet to install Juniper networking gear for next-gen network

    Academic and research networking provider AARNet have chosen Juniper Networks routers and switches for its next-generation network, AARNet4.

  • News: Finger-friendly laptops aren't touching a chord with notebook buyers

    If skyrocketing tablet sales and cute videos of babies that confuse magazines for iPads are any indication, touchscreens are the interface of the future. But there's just one problem with that portentous prediction: If it's true, laptop buyers are stuck with one foot in the past. The market analysts at NPD DisplaySearch say touchscreen notebooks just ain't selling.

  • News: 3D printing: New challenges, opportunities for enterprises

    3D printing has been around for many years, but it's only now starting to reveal its potential to transform other industries besides manufacturing. The growth of 3D printing in the enterprise is set to create a new set of challenges for CIOs, as IT organisations grapple with new sources of data.

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