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7 great ways technology can help you keep fit

Innovations that help you stay healthy

Forget the stereotype of the gadget-loving couch potato. These innovations can help you stay trim, monitor your fitness and even save your life.

Get shapely, safely

Whether you'll be partaking in strenuous or gentle exercise, there are some pointers you need to be aware of. As with any form of exercise, it's important to warm up – you're more likely to pull something if you break into a sprint without easing your muscles in first.

Similarly, know your limits. If you haven't been active for a while, it's best not to run for two hours. And keep yourself thoroughly hydrated – even if you're having a gentle workout on the Wii Fit, drink plenty of water.

Finally, no gadget is a substitute for your own motivation. All the products we've looked at in this feature have novelty value – so they'll be fun for a bit. But you may tire of them pretty soon. If you're serious about getting fit, you'll need old-fashioned staying power to ensure you keep going.

iTunes offers motivational playlists and tracks to help you go the extra mile, but merely boogying away to songs you like may not be enough to get you to stay the course.

One option that may help here is a gadget with a personal-trainer facility – these talk to you to help you overcome the urge to give up. But a word of warning: the limited number of phrases can get very irritating.

As well as the usual ratings, our reviews of the leading fitness gadgets include a score for STAYING POWER – this rates the boost they give to users' motivation. Good luck!

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