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  • News: MacBook Woe: A tale of a near Mac disaster, averted by good backups

    This is the sad story of one man's MacBook Pro, its failed hard drive, the aftermath, and then some Monday-morning quarterbacking to top it off.

  • News: KPMG: businesses are losing the data arms race

    Businesses in the UK are spending too much time gathering data and not enough thinking about how best to use that data to build market share, according to KPMG Management Consulting.

  • News: HP unveils Windows-powered NAS box for SMBs

    HP today released a smaller version of its Windows NAS file server, the X5520. The new model is aimed at SMBs and addressing unstructured data growth due to trends such as bring-your-own technology.

  • News: Getting a Refund on a Cache Drive

    Not long ago, PCWorld mentioned Corsair Accelerator SSD cache drives, designed to speed up access times on mainstream PCs. They sounded useful, so I ordered one from Corsair's website. When I received the unit, I discovered that it worked only with a Windows 7 PC, not with my Windows XP desktop. This information was not listed anywhere in the technical information on Corsair's website. I called Corsair's tech support, which confirmed that the drive works only with Windows 7 machines and said I should get a refund. I got an RMA [return] form and sent back the drive. However, instead of a refund, I received an identical replacement. When I contacted Corsair again, the reps offered to refer the situation to a manager if I would submit proof of purchase. I sent them a copy of the invoice I had re­­ceived direct from Corsair's website. A deafening silence has ensued. Can you help?­

  • News: Oracle's Catz was 'shocked' by HP suit against Hurd

    Oracle refused to commit to continued porting of its software to Hewlett-Packard's Itanium platform as part of the companies' settlement over Oracle's hiring of Mark Hurd, Oracle co-President Safra Catz told a judge on Tuesday.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Redefinition, please

    It's a day of redefinitions. For one thing, "Kodak moment" apparently now refers to taking someone to court; the MacBook Pro with Retina display has redefined how thin you can make an LCD, and Apple may be loosely redefining the word "everything." The remainders for Tuesday, June 19, 2012, meanwhile, are as constant as the north star.

  • News: HP puts Intel Atom chip in low-power 'Gemini' server

    Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday introduced a low-power server system called Gemini that will be based on Intel's upcoming Atom processor, code-named .

  • News: Tailored Displays compensate for vision problems

    Researchers have built a prototype display designed to compensate for vision problems so that viewers don't need to wear glasses.

  • News: Oracle's Catz was 'shocked' by HP suit against Hurd

    Oracle refused to commit to continued porting of its software to Hewlett-Packard's Itanium platform as part of the companies' settlement over Oracle's hiring of Mark Hurd, Oracle co-President Safra Catz told a judge on Tuesday.

  • News: Intel Capital to boost African venture capital efforts

    Intel Capital has entered the sub-Saharan Africa market with the aim of boosting venture capital opportunities and forming foundations for long-term economic growth.

  • News: Storage software sales growth slowest in two years

    Storage software sales have had a rough ride over the past two years, according to IDC, with sales to large companies and government and educational sectors cooling off the most.

  • News: Intel invokes Phi to reach exascale computing by 2018

    Intel on Monday introduced a high-performance chip family called Xeon Phi, which provides a stepping stone for the company to reach the milestone of creating an exaflop computer by 2018.

  • News: ARM preps Mali GPU for low-cost Android tablets

    ARM has developed a new, entry-level version of its Mali graphics processor that could help expand the market for low-cost Android tablets.

  • News: Wall Street Beat: Bad news rolls in for tech

    With market forecasts looking dour and companies including Nokia and Texas Instruments trimming expectations this week, concerns for the tech sector are mounting.

  • News: Lab Tests: Processor, graphics boosts improve MacBook Air performance

    The MacBook Air models rolled out as part of this week’s complete overhaul to Apple’s laptop line include next-generation Intel processors, faster integrated graphics, and USB 3.0 connectivity. And the latest models show a marked increase in performance, according to Macworld Lab’s tests.

  • News: Seagate shows backup drive for Facebook and Flickr

    PC backup has ploughed the same dull field for two decades but now Seagate thinks it has come up something genuinely new – a way of backing up content from online services such as Facebook and Flickr.

  • News: Western Digital adds hard drive to first broadband router

    Hard drive vendor Western Digital has made its first venture into broadband routers, announcing the My Net family it claims will offer the sort of quality of service to boost video and voice streaming compared to traditional designs.

  • News: Affordable Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 Processors Coming in Late June

    Intel announced Thursday that its entry-level Ivy Bridge Core i3 processors will be available after June 24--much earlier than the third-quarter timing previously expected.

  • News: Hybrid drives already passe, as SSD sales skyrocket

    Hybrid drives, which combine NAND flash with spinning disk, are selling like molasses compared to SSDs and SSDs with cache, according to IHS iSuppli.

  • News: Samsung display production briefly haulted due to power outage

    Samsung is restoring production at a flat-panel display factory that briefly lost power Thursday evening, but is still unsure of what effects the outage will have on its overall production.

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