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  • News: LenovoEMC fortifies small-business storage with enterprise smarts

    Small and medium-sized enterprises with no full-time IT staff are beginning to get some of the same features that large data centers have for efficiency and control.

  • News: The end of Moore's Law is on the horizon, says AMD

    Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku believes Moore's Law has about 10 years of life left before ever-shrinking transistor sizes smack up against limitations imposed by the laws of thermodynamics and quantum physics. That day of reckoning for the computing industry may still be a few years away, but signs of the coming Moorepocalypse are already here. Just ask chip maker AMD.

  • News: Non-volatile DIMM cards coming soon to a server and array near you

    Viking and Micron plan to begin shipping forms of non-volatile DRAM on standard DDR4 DIMMs this summer. The cards combine DRAM with a NAND flash backup that speeds recovery and can be used as a tier of storage in a server.

  • News: New Nexus 7 2 processor

    The second-generation Nexus 7 tablet, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, will be launched around July, according to two unnamed sources in a Reuters report.

  • News: Yahoo Mail gets Dropbox support to handle large attachments

    Attaching large files to an e-mail used to be a major hassle, but e-mail providers are now tapping into cloud storage services to make it easier.

  • News: Getting Started with SkyDrive and Windows Phone 8

    While Apple users have iCloud, and Android fans have Google Drive, Windows Phone devotees have SkyDrive. SkyDrive is Microsoft's free online cloud storage service and every Windows Live account automatically receives 7GB of free storage space, which can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection--including, naturally, Windows Phone 8 handsets.

  • News: HP to announce Project Moonshot hyperscale servers next week

    Hewlett-Packard next week will unveil a class of hyperscale servers as part of Project Moonshot, the company's attempt to build densely packed low-power servers that can scale performance quickly.

  • News: New Hybrid Memory Cube spec to boost DRAM bandwidth by 15x

    A consortium of 100 vendors will publish a new 3D DRAM spec that by next year will offer data rate speeds of up to 28Gbps for FPGAs, ASICs and ASSPs.

  • News: CloudSigma goes all SSD in its cloud

    In what one analyst calls a harbinger of future advancements by cloud providers, European infrastructure as a service (IaaS) company CloudSigma has announced that its cloud storage will run completely on solid state drives (SSD).

  • News: Project stores 3D images of world historic sites in limestone mine

    The nonprofit organization CyArk creates 3D digital images of the world's historic sites, but stores them on disk drives dropped each week into a bank security box. As the data is expected to grow to two petabytes over the next five years, the group chose a new archival strategy that includes stashing tape drives in a limestone mine storage facility owned by Iron Mountain.

  • News: Cloudian upgrades storage software with management, encryption features

    Cloudian has upgraded its storage platform with improved reliability and security, as well as better integration with Amazon's Simple Storage Service.

  • News: New Hybrid Memory Cube spec to boost DRAM bandwidth by 15X

    The three largest memory makers announced the final specifications for three-dimensional DRAM, which is aimed at increasing performance for networking and high performance computing markets.

  • News: Trade groups look for uses for recycled CRT glass

    An electronics and a recycling trade group are looking for ways to reuse recycled cathode ray tube (CRT) glass from computer monitors and television sets, with a US$10,000 prize for the best proposal.

  • News: In honor of World Backup Day: How to protect your data

    Happy World Backup Day, an occasion dedicated to encouraging you to make sure all your digital data is kept safe and secure. If you've procrastinated on implementing a backup strategy for your PC, why not mark the occasion by making backup copies of all your documents, digital photos, music, videos, and other invaluable files? We'll help you get started.

  • News: As Exynos 5 Octa heads to production, less power-hungry smartphone chips could be in Samsung's game plan

    Samsung' 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, which goes into mass production starting Monday, has drawn criticism for power consumption that may be excessive for smartphones, leading to speculation that the next chip Samsung creates for its phones may have fewer cores and a more energy-efficient architecture.

  • News: Wall Street Beat: As markets rise, guarded optimism for IT

    Though IT trailed other sectors as market indices rose to milestone highs this quarter, some bright spots in earnings and market research reports this week indicate continuing confidence that things will go better for tech this year than in 2012.

  • News: Look but don't touch: displays defy distraction at New York Auto Show

    Step into one of the glitzy cars at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, and you may be tempted to reach out and poke at the dashboard touchscreen to see what it can do. The answer, in many cases, may come as a surprise: absolutely nothing.

  • News: Dell consolidates, plans unified software and all-flash arrays

    In the midst of going private, Dell executives said today they've already consolidated their three storage product divisions into one, they are working on merging their system management interfaces, and they have a number of new products coming out over the next year.

  • News: Peering into the sci-fi future of PC displays

    Moore's law may keep us supplied with octa-core smartphone processors and PCs packed with millions of transistors, but not all areas of technology keep the pedal to the proverbial metal as enthusiastically as the chip technology. Specifically, desktop displays--the portals through which we glimpse the output of those hulking CPUs--are stuck in neutral while the technology in the rest of your PC tears ahead at breakneck speed.

  • News: Intel debuts Haswell-related tools at 2013 Game Developers conference

    Intel CPUs have long been popular with PC gamers, but their enthusiasm for the platform has had little to do with the processors' relatively weak integrated-graphics cores. Intel hopes to change that perception with its fourth-generation Core family, code-named Haswell.

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