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  • News: Canon iPhone app lets users print from handset

    Canon hasunveiled an iPhone app that lets users print pictures stored on their handset, without the need for a PC.

  • News: Intel blamed for iPhone-Windows 7 syncing woes

    Some Windows 7 users are complaining on an Apple discussion forum that they can't synch their iPhones to their new PCs.

  • News: Orange to reconsider 750MB iPhone limit

    New UK Apple iPhone carrier Orange may reconsider its 750MB data download limit in the wake of much criticism for its description of so-called "unlimited" mobile internet browsing and wi-fi.

  • News: Orange iPhone deals save mere pennies

    Orange has ducked out of an anticipated price war with current exclusive UK carrier O2, announcing a range of pricing that undercuts O2's prices by mere pennies. And Orange's definition of "unlimited" data downloads has also run into fierce criticism.

  • News: Nokia gives up on N-Gage platform

    Nokia has finally decided to kill off its N-Gage gaming platform after years of shifting the strategy behind it with little success.

  • News: Hands on with Toshiba's Dynario fuel cell charger

    Toshiba's direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) first hit our radars when the prototype was released in 2003. This week, the company finally began shipping the Dynario - its first commercial fuel cell charger. So we've taken a look at the charger and its uses.

  • News: The mobile chip battle: ARM vs Intel Atom

    Over the last quarter of a century, Intel has become the leader when it comes to microprocessors. The company has covered every mark, from desktops to laptops and CPU's. Even Apple has joined the choir.

  • News: Android 2.0: The iPhone killer at last?

    Google's Android 2.0 OS is the latest in a series of mobile offerings seeking to derail the iPhone's momentum. Backed by heavyweights Google, Motorola, Acer, and other big-name manufacturers, Android could potentially knock Apple's iPhone down a peg.

  • News: Apple iPhone App store to get 100,000 apps

    Apple has approved more than 100,000 applications in its App Store, according to latest figures from App Shopper, an industry tracking firm. That number of approved apps dwarfs the number of apps offered by mobile app store competitors Android Marketplace, Windows Mobile Marketplace, BlackBerry App World, and Nokia's Ovi Store.

  • News: Vodafone 360 mobile network goes live

    Vodafone has been showing off its Vodafone 360 social networking service and demonstrating it on its about-to-launch Samsung H1 handset. Vodafone 360 (360.com) is a means of keeping in touch with friends and colleagues and creating an ever-expanding circle of them.

  • News: Opera Mini saves mobile phone owners £40 a month

    Brits surfing the web from their mobile phone using the Opera Mini web browser are saving themselves $66 (£40) per year, says the browser developer Opera.

  • News: 385 million ultra-mobile devices to ship in 2014

    The Ultra Mobile Device market will grow to a 385 million unit size in 2014. The diversity of form factors and device types we see today will likely continue as vendors look to meet each audience's unique preferences.

  • News: Orange to offer iPhone from November 10

    Orange will make Apple's iPhone available on November 10.

  • News: Universal charger backed by ITU

    A universal mobile charger that fits all makes of handset has been given the go-ahead by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

  • News: 60% of Brits don't recycle old mobile phones

    Nearly two thirds of Brits (60 percent) have no plans to recycle their old mobile phones, says Moneysupermarket.com.

  • News: Toshiba finally releases methanol fuel cell charger

    After years of prototypes and promises that the technology was just around the corner, Toshiba has become the first major consumer electronics maker to launch a device using direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology.

  • News: Nokia sues Apple for iPhone patents

    Nokia is suing Apple in the US federal court, slamming Apple for alleged iPhone infringes on 10 patents owned by the Finnish mobile phone maker.

  • News: BlackBerry Bold 9700 announced

    RIM has unveiled the BlackBerry Bold 9700 - the second generation of its popular Bold smartphone that was launched last year.

  • News: Wolfram Alpha becomes £30 iPhone app

    Wolfram Alpha, the 'computational knowledge engine' with a name that rolls right off the tongue, has until now lived solely as a website that can provide cool data results to certain queries. Now, though, iPhone and iPod touch owners can buy it as a £30 Wolfram Alpha app.

  • News: 3 offers HTC Hero with Spotify for £35 a month

    Mobile operator 3 has revealed it is offering the new HTC Hero smartphone with access to swedish music-streaming service Spotify for £35 per month.

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