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  • News: Charges for incoming mobile calls 'unlikely'

    UK mobile operators have reported they are 'unlikely' to start charging users to receive calls.

  • News: Adobe moves forward with Flash on iPhone

    Adobe's CEO has warned that work remains to be done on the company's project to make Flash available on Apple's iPhone, but said he's pleased with the progress so far.

  • News: New Microsoft OS targets GPS devices

    Microsoft has unveiled Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, its first-ever embedded operating system for portable devices that use GPS and maps.

  • News: Imaging software added to Symbian OS

    Symbian is to build mobile imaging software from Swedish company Scalado into its smartphone operating system (OS). The addition will make Symbian's OS more attractive for mid-range mobile phones, according to the company.

  • News: Apple iPhone 3G to cost €1 in Europe

    T-Mobile is to sell the iPhone 3G for as little as €1 to German, Dutch and Austrian customers who sign up for one of its more expensive service plans.

  • News: iPhone users get free BT Wi-Fi access

    iPhone owners will be able to use BT OpenZone Wi-Fi hotspots to access the internet for free from 11 July.

  • News: Narnia 'cybersquatter' takes on CS Lewis Ltd

    The company that owns the rights to CS Lewis' work – CS Lewis Ltd – claims an Edinburgh-based man has breached cybersquatting regulations by acquiring the Narnia.mobi domain.

  • News: 'Green' Samsung phone made from corn

    Samsung has made two new mobile phones using plastic derived from corn as it expands initiatives aimed at being more environmentally-friendly.

  • News: 3G iPhone secrets Apple has yet to address

    Although Apple confirmed at this week's WWDC the high-speed iPhone 3G is indeed arriving soon, precious little else was released about the phone apart from the fact that in the US it's half the price of its predecessor ($199 (£100) for an 8GB model with a two-year contract) and it has GPS.

  • News: iPhones present Wi-Fi risk to businesses

    iPhonesare creating an increased security threat to businesses, especially when used with Wi-Fi networks, an Australian expert has warned.

  • News: Video: Intel labs shows off emerging technologies

    Intel went to the home of technology past this week to show off what it's working on for the future. Its annual day of research demonstrations, held this year at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, featured more than just chips.

  • News: Analogue TV spectrum earmarked for mobile networks

    European's telecommunication Commissioner wants to hand half of all radio spectrum that becomes available when TV switches from analogue to digital transmission - the so-called digital dividend - to mobile and wireless networks by 2010.

  • News: First look: 11 new apps for Apple's iPhone

    Software developers including eBay and Sega showed off iPhone applications built using Apple's SDK this week. Here's our run down of the hottest new iPhone apps

  • News: Intel Atom was ten years in the making

    Intel engineers first began toying with a low-power microprocessor almost a decade ago, but their initial design was rejected by the company's top executives and the effort stalled soon after, according to an Intel executive.

  • News: Breakthrough product needed for Centrino Atom

    A senior Intel executive says the company is waiting for the arrival of a hit product to kick-start demand for mobile internet devices (MIDs) and spur sales of its Centrino Atom chip platform.

  • News: 3G iPhone sales could reach 18 million this year

    Apple has priced the new iPhone 3G at the sweet spot of demand and will likely ship 18 million of the handsets this year, said an analyst that covers the contract manufacturer responsible for producing the device.

  • News: Motorola smartphones get movie downloads

    Mobile phone users with a Motorolahandset now have the chance to watch full-length films, including 'The Italian Job', 'School of Rock' and 'Jackass'.

  • News: Video: Steve Jobs unveils the 3G iPhone

    Apple's 3G iPhone finally became a reality yesterday as Steve Jobs officially launched the phone at the Worldwide Developers' Conference.

  • News: 3G iPhone costs Windows Mobile phone makers

    The market value of Windows Mobile smartphone maker HTC immediately dropped following the announcement of the 3G iPhone yesterday, with analysts attributing the fall to the low price of Apple's second-generation handset.

  • News: Apple/O2 confirm 3G iPhone will be free

    Apple's 3G iPhone will be available in the UK for exactly the same price as it is in the US, with UK customers able to get their second-generation handset for free, or pay anything between £59 and £159 depending on the contract and spec.

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