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  • News: 75% of smartphone users aim to change OS

    A survey shows that smartphone makers have to fight hard to hold on to increasingly fickle customers, with 75% of smartphone users intending to change operating system when they upgrade.

  • News: Angry Birds Christmas out soon, and free

    Angry Birds developer Rovio has good news for fans of its game for mobile phone and tablet PC: Angry Birds Christmas will be a free update to Angry Birds Halloween, and will be out as soon as the update is approved by Apple.

  • News: Vodafone slashes data prices for travellers to Europe

    Vodafone is to make it cheaper for UK customers to use smartphones when in mainland Europe, in all Vodafone's European countries, plus France, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.

  • News: Orange, T-Mobile offer Apple iPad for £199

    Orange and T-Mobile have confirmed the discounted prices they will be offering on the Apple iPad under their joint 'Everything, Everywhere' brand - you can pick up an iPad for an initial cost of only £199, representing an initial 'saving' of £330.

  • News: 12 apps to boost your Android smartphone

    Make your Android device run longer, run smarter, and run almost anywhere with this collection of essential apps

  • News: Android browser flaw exposes user data

    A vulnerability in the Android browser could permit an attacker to steal the user's local data, according to security expert Thomas Cannon.

  • News: Google Android apps get content ratings

    Apps in the Android Market will display content ratings starting in a few weeks, Google said Wednesday.

  • News: Opera reports explosion in mobile browser use

    Browser maker Opera reports that use of its mobile browser has almost doubled since the same time last year.

  • News: Phone makers push standards for web-based apps

    Companies including Mozilla, Opera Software, Palm and Sony Ericsson are trying to accelerate the use of Web standards when developing applications for smartphones.

  • News: 24 hours with Apple iOS 4.2

    Apple released iOS 4.2 into the wild about 24 hours ago, and users installing the software update have found improved HTML 5 features, quirky bugs and limited AirPlay support.

  • News: 10 features Apple iOS 4.2 still needs

    Now that iOS 4.2 is out and we've lauded its best features, it's time to take a look at its biggest omissions. (It's only fair, right?) We took an informal survey of Macworld editors to determine the most-hoped-for features that still aren't here, then whittled the list down to the top ten.

  • News: Apple iOS 4.2 update available to download

    Apple's long awaited, much anticipated iOS 4.2 update for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch should finally be available today according to a report, with speculation the update will be available at 6pm UK time.

  • News: Report: Sony working on PlayStation phone

    According to a report on the Wall Street Journal website, Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg has hinted that that the mobile-phone maker might be working with Sony to build a smartphone with a slide-out controller to play games.

  • News: 3 offers 'human hotspots' in London and other cities

    Mobile network 3 is letting lose a number of 'Human hotspots' across London, Cardiff and Newcastle in the coming weeks, to ensure Brits can get online when they're out and about for free.

  • News: 16 (mostly) free starter apps for Windows Phone 7

    Here's our pick of the most useful and interesting apps from Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hub.

  • News: 12 amazing productivity boosters

    Manage to-do lists, capture ideas, and overclock your workday (and home life) with these apps for getting things done.

  • News: The 10 worst Apple iPhone annoyances

    Is your Apple iPhone suffering from poor battery life, a frozen touchscreen or an inability to connect to the internet? You're not alone, and we can help.

  • News: 12 apps to turn your Google Android phone into other gadgets

    Android phones are like digital Swiss army knives, they concentrate a lot of utilities into a compact, pocket-size device. Straight out of the box, your Android phone is a stills and video camera, an address book, a GPS navigator, and even a phone.

  • News: Mobile broadband coming to digital cameras

    A task force led by the GSM Association will take a look at how SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards embedded in non-phone devices can be remotely programmed and activated, in an effort to expand the use of mobile broadband , the organization said on Thursday.

  • News: 4G LTE services won't start till 2014

    The next-generation 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile services are unlikely to be made available until 2014, says Ofcom.

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