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  • News: Federal Grand Jury Investigates Smartphone Privacy

    A federal grand jury may be looking into the privacy practices of smartphone applications such as Pandora Internet Radio for iPhone and Android devices. Pandora recently revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it was asked to hand over documents to the investigative body. The company was told it was not a target of the investigation and said it believes other smartphone app publishers received similar subpoenas.

  • News: The week in iPad cases: Special weekday edition

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: come one, come all, to the wonderful world of iPad cases! The flood of new-product announcements spurred by the introduction of the iPad 2 doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon, but don’t worry—your faithful Macworld staff is rounding up the latest arrivals for your reading pleasure. It’s all in this special weekday version of our iPad case roundups.

  • News: AT&T hikes iPhone early upgrade prices

    AT&T has confirmed that it will boost the price of iPhone upgrades by $50 for customers that haven't reached the end of their contracts starting on Sunday.

  • News: Developer tool updates Windows Phone 7 devices

    Developer Chris Walsh has apparently done what software giant Microsoft has failed to accomplish: let anyone with a Windows Phone 7 device install the first two operating system updates.

  • News: Windows 8 rumor mill heats up as Microsoft eyes tablet market

    Rumors suggest Microsoft is shipping an early build of Windows 8 to hardware makers.

  • News: Android 'grabs top spot from iPhone'

    Smartphones running Google Android have passed Apple's iPhone to become the leading smartphone platform in Britain, according to a survey by YouGov.

  • News: Manage Media on Android With Windows Media Player

    One of the most common complaints I hear about Android is that it lacks a desktop interface like iTunes. But in reality, Android devices sync easily to Windows Media Player in much the same way that the iPhone and iPad sync to iTunes, so any Windows user can transfer music between their PC and their Android phone or tablet. Here's how.

  • News: Top 10 Google Accomplishments Under Eric Schmidt

    After nearly 10 years as Google's chief executive, Eric Schmidt hands the job over to cofounder Larry Page on Monday. Schmidt will continue to serve as executive chairman and an advisor to the company, and will handle matters such as business deals and government outreach. A decade is an eternity in the Internet age, so it's no surprise that Google has done lots of big things with Schmidt at the helm. Here are Google's ten biggest accomplishments under Eric Schmidt.

  • News: Apple iPhone 5 'will have 8Mp camera'

    Howard Stringer, the Sony CEO, has sparked speculation that the iPhone 5 will have an 8-megapixel (8Mp) camera after making some unguarded comments in an interview.

  • News: iPhone users 'poorer than BlackBerry users'

    Apple iPhone owners may typically be perceived as well off, but that isn't necessarily the case, according to a recent poll.

  • News: Microsoft reconsiders WP7 app rejection

    Microsoft appears to be reconsidering a decision to bar an application from the Windows Phone 7 market, in one of the first tests of the software giant's mobile app approval process.

  • News: iPad, iPhone get remote heart-monitoring app

    GE Healthcare and Airstrip Technologies announced a new app for iPhones and iPads that allows physicians to see near-real-time readouts from electrocardiographs to remotely diagnose and treat heart patients.

  • News: Confirmed: Delays hit Sony Ericsson Xperia Play launch

    Sony Ericsson's gaming 'PlayStation phone', the Xperia Play, has reportedly been hit by a 'freight issue' that is likely to affect supplies of the phone on its UK launch today.

  • News: O2 delays release of Sony Xperia PLAY

    A Sony Ericsson spokesman last night confirmed to PC Advisor that there are problems with getting stock of the Xperia PLAY 'PlayStation phone' into UK stores. And O2 is currently refusing to stock the Xperia PLAY, instead testing the device to ensure its software is up to scratch.

  • News: Plans for mobile network on Tube for Olympics dashed

    The UK's mobile operators have abandoned their plans to implement a mobile network on the London Underground in time for the Olympics next year.

  • News: The five most commented tech stories of the week

    With the weekend nearly upon us, we take a look at the five tech stories that got our readers riled enough to comment on them.

  • News: Analyst predicts Android domination by 2016

    Google Android's success since its launch is expected to continue, according to analysts, who predict a 45 share of the smartphone market by 2016.

  • News: Samsung, Visa offer mobile payments at 2012 Olympics

    Samsung and Visa plan to roll out a mobile payments program in the UK in time for the Olympic Games next year.

  • News: One in five smartphone owners shop using apps

    One in five smartphone owners uses apps on their handset to complete some of their shopping, says the BIO Agency.

  • News: IBM veteran compares mobile battle to OS wars

    One of the founding fathers of the original IBM PC, Mark Dean, says competition in the smartphone and tablet markets today is as wild as the early microcomputer battles between Apple, Commodore and IBM almost three decades ago.

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