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  • News: Smartphones on Rampage: Next, Camcorders

    The smartphone is on a device-killing rampage, and camcorders are next on its hit list.

  • News: Huawei introduces "world's slimmest smartphone"

    At about 6.8 millimeters thick, Huawei Technologies' Android 4.0-based Ascend P1 S is the thinnest smartphone yet introduced, the company said on Monday.

  • News: MetroPCS Adds Two 4G LTE Phones

    Over the last year, prepaid carriers have upped the ante when it comes to high-end smartphones in their roster, making it more and more tempting to say goodbye to two-year contracts forever. Continuing this trend, MetroPCS today announced that it is adding two 4G LTE Android phones to its portfolio. The LG Connect is the first dual-core smartphone from MetroPCS while the Samsung Galaxy Attain is more multimedia-centric.

  • News: iPhone more dominant than ever, though Samsung makes strides

    The iPhone is by far the smartphone most in demand among 4,000 North American consumers surveyed by ChangeWave, but Apple's frequent court rival Samsung is coming on strong according to the research.

  • News: iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 6

    The iOSsphere got its groove back this last week, as reason and unreason alike fueled a spate of rumors.

  • News: Apple's iPhone sales to be between 25m and 35m for last quarter

    Analysts believe that Apple will announce sales of anywhere between 25 and 35 million iPhones in its next quarterly financial report.

  • News: CES: Parrot unveils AR.Drone 2.0 (pictures)

    At CES Unveiled 2012, Parrot showed off its new AR.Drone 2.0 remote-controlled helicopter, as well as a range of dedicated in-car internet devices.

  • News: Samsung's New Optical Smart Hub Wirelessly Streams DVDs

    Samsung has come up with an interesting approach to wireless NAS and media playback on tablets and smartphones. At the Storage Visions conference in Las Vegas today, Samsung took the wraps off of its Optical Smart Hub SE-208BW, a wireless hub that distinguishes itself in several ways. First and foremost: It has a built-in 8X DVD burner. Yes, it has a disc drive to give you a way to use all of those movies and TV shows you still have on DVD.

  • News: iPhone 'was boulder on Microsoft's arm'

    Microsoft was forced to scrap its existing mobile strategy and start again from scratch when creating Windows Phone in order to break free from the 'boulder' of the iPhone that had trapped its arm, a former executive has said.

  • News: CES: Gametel Bluetooth gamepad for iPhone

    Fructel impressed us at CES Unveiled today with its new Gametel iPhone accessory for mobile gaming.

  • News: Lenovo Jumps Into the Smartphone Fray With the S2

    Yes, you read that right. Lenovo has thrown its hat into the smartphone war with the newly introduced S2. This is the first time that Lenovo, the worlds second largest PC maker, has developed a smartphone for consumers. The S2, announced at a press conference in Las Vegas, features security systems to protect personal data, prevent phishing attacks, and to secure network and SMS traffic.

  • News: Escort Live Social Network Protects You From Speed Traps

    Social networks are everywhere, but here's one that's actually kind of useful: Escort Live, a "social network for the road" that aims to protect drivers from speeding tickets.

  • News: EyeSee360 is a panoramic camera for the iPhone

    EyeSee360’s GoPano Micro is a case, attachment and software combination that turns your iPhone 4 or 4s into an odd-looking, but effective, 360-degree camcorder—for a mere $80 (plus shipping). Put the iPhone into the case (which looks pretty ordinary and doesn’t interfere with regular iPhone use), snap the cone-shaped lens onto the camera opening on the back of the phone, and run the free app to capture the action in all directions simultaneously.

  • News: Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Camera Lets You Monitor Your Home From Your Phone

    One of the overarching themes we’ve seen in the last year is the mobile-connected automated home. Forgot to turn off a light after you left your house? Switch it off from your phone. Want to adjust your home’s temperature to save on energy bills? There’s an app for that. Want to know what sort of trouble your cat is getting into while you’re on vacation? Dropcam HD, a Wi-Fi camera with a mobile app, uses live and recorded video so you can make sure all is well while you’re away.

  • News: Cloud Services Emerge as CES Trend

    Lenovo and Acer are following software giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft into the cloud with services that make your music, videos, photos, and documents available instantly across all your devices. The two computer makers separately announced new online personal data storage services at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which officially opens Tuesday.

  • News: iPhone built for China Telecom gains regulator approval

    A version of the Apple's iPhone built for China Telecom's networks has received approval from a Chinese regulator, putting the iconic smartphone closer in the hands of customers of the mobile operator.

  • News: USB 3.0 to reach smartphones, tablets by year end

    USB 3.0 ports will reach smartphones and tablets by the end of the year or early next year, the USB standards setting organization said on Sunday.

  • News: Acer to offer free cloud service, shows super-slim ultrabook

    Acer kicked off the Consumer Electronics Show on Sunday by previewing a free cloud service for storing images and other documents online, and showing a novel ultrabook that hides its I/O ports in a hidden pop-up section at the back.

  • News: Samsung Galaxy Note to get US debut at CES?

    It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note will be making an appearance at CES after all, complete with AT&T branding.

  • News: Weekly Wrap: Remembering 2011, predicting 2012

    Saturday is for lovers. Specifically, lovers of one story at Macworld that can link them back to the best content we published over the past week. And that, dear friends, is the sole raison d'être (literally, "Etre's raisin") for the Weekly Wrap. In fact, since we took last Saturday off, this time we'll wrap up stories from the past two weeks. Of course, that forces us to be even choosier with which articles we choose to highlight, but we're not here to make friends.

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