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  • News: London hosts Jobs-inspired cake sale for Pancreatic Cancer Research

    For one day, Apple fans will be able to get their hands on Steve Jobs portrait cookies, iPhone icon cupcakes, Apple pies and iPhone-shaped cookies - in all the different models - at the pop-up shop in London tomorrow (Wednesday, 9 November).

  • News: iPhone 4S Avoids Antennagate Controversy

    The antenna on Apple's iPhone 4S has gotten a clean bill of health, more than a year after its predecessor was plagued by a problem that came to be known as Antennagate.

  • News: Motorola Droid Razr: Reviewers Love Design, Hate Battery Life

    Reviewers say the Droid Razr might be Motorola’s best phone yet, but they’re describing its battery life as razor-thin and have a few other complaints about the Android device.

  • News: Consumer Reports recommends the iPhone 4S

    Apple’s senior management is surely heaving a collective sigh of massive relief Tuesday: Consumer Reports announced that, after testing, it’s ready to declare the iPhone 4S a “CR Recommended” model. The publication says that the iPhone 4S “doesn’t suffer the reception problem we found in its predecessor,” the iPhone 4.

  • News: Want Siri on Your Android Phone? Try These Apps

    Wouldn't you like to have your very own gofer dedicated to doing all the menial tasks you hate? That's a big part of the appeal of the iPhone 4S: Siri, the voice-driven virtual assistant, turns anyone with a couple hundred bucks into a CEO attended by a full-time lackey. But can you get the same kind of slavish devotion from an Android phone?

  • News: Spotify App Lands on Windows Phone 7

    Spotify recently announced a new mobile application for Windows Phone 7 users, more than a year after the music streaming service first said it would bring its service to Microsoft's newest mobile OS. The new app, simply called Spotify and available now in the Windows Phone Marketplace, requires a Phone 7 device running version 7.5 (Mango) or higher and a premium Spotify account.

  • News: Apple Store app adds in-store pickup, accessory purchase

    As rumored last month, Apple updated its Apple Store iOS app on Thursday, expanding its in-store pickup pilot program to all of its U.S. retail locations and adding a new EasyPay feature that lets customers buy some items simply by scanning their barcodes.

  • News: T-Mobile Launches SpringBoard, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Tablets

    T-Mobile drops two new tablets into the mix today: The T-Mobile SpringBoard and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. The two 7-inch tablets flesh out the company's offerings, which also include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the still-available 8.9-inch T-Mobile G-Slate.

  • News: MediaTek friends Facebook with feature phone integration

    MediaTek, a designer of software and chipsets for low-end phones, will work with Facebook on a social networking application for feature phones, the chip company said on Tuesday.

  • News: Salesforce.com launches Do project management app

    Salesforce.com's reach is about to get wider both in terms of functionality and target audience with the arrival of Do, a project management application announced in public beta on Tuesday.

  • News: Fire + Nook = no threat to iPad, argue analysts

    Monday's introduction of another low-priced rival to the iPad won't keep anyone at Apple's California HQ up nights, analysts said.

  • News: Republic Wireless kicks off beta of $19 monthly wireless service

    Republic Wireless on Tuesday launched a limited beta program of its $19-a-month hybrid wireless service using, to start, the LG Optimus smartphone running Android 2.3.

  • News: Smartphone malware surges by 800% in four months

    Malware aimed at smartphones has surged by 800 percent in the past four months, says Get Safe Online.

  • News: Remains of the Day: The 'S' is for 'sold out'

    The iPhone 4S is a hit overseas, Apple's original headquarters is decidedly non-spaceship-like, and Mark Zuckerberg says some nice things about Steve Jobs. The remainders for Monday, November 7, 2011 have nothing nice to say, so they'll say nothing at all.

  • News: Texas Instruments and Brookstone debut iPhone Pocket Projector case

    Electronics giant Texas Instruments (TI) and specialty retailer Brookstone have announced the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4, a case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that incorporates TI's Pico projector technology to offer on-the-go video projection.

  • News: Verizon Doubles Data Allowance for 4G LTE Phones

    Verizon is looking to get a temporary edge on rival AT&T by doubling data allowances on 4G LTE smartphones.

  • News: Samsung mobile exec joins Windows Phone team

    Gavin Kim, a high-ranking executive in Samsung's mobile group, has left for Microsoft to help it build the fledgling Windows Phone 7 product line.

  • News: Microsoft to 'align' Windows Phone, future Windows OSes

    Microsoft, which on Monday held an event in New York to mark the U.S. launch of smartphones running its latest Windows Phone 7.5 OS, said it is taking steps to "align" the smartphone OS with its future tablet and PC OSes.

  • News: Huawei releases pricing for new smartphone, tablet

    Chinese manufacturer Huawei announced pricing details for an Android smartphone and tablet on Monday, hoping to gain traction in an intensely competitive mobile marketplace with devices that have strong feature sets but are cheaper.

  • News: New Tech Lets You Look Like a Jedi While Unlocking Your Phone

    Sure, those multi-touch gestures on your smartphone are pretty slick with a quick finger gesture you can unlock your phone, answer a call, check your notifications, and so on. However, you still have to actually touch the screen, and I’m sick and tired of missing calls or waiting 20 minutes to read a text or email just because I’m trying to whip up some of my awesome homemade pizza dough and my hands are dirty.

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