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Five Dropbox-savvy apps for iOS

Dropbox is not an island. Find out how it integrates with some of the top iOS productivity apps.

By all accounts, Dropbox rocks. It ranks up there with sliced bread and chocolate fountains, offering simple cloud storage that syncs across your various devices.

But part of what makes Dropbox such an invaluable business tool is the way it integrates with different apps and services, especially those aimed at boosting your productivity.

Below I've rounded up five iOS apps that can sync with your Dropbox account. They're all cheap or free, all awesome at leveraging Dropbox.

1. Attachments.me

Attachments.me is a free service that can upload Gmail attachments directly to Dropbox (as well as Box, Google Drive, and SkyDrive). Just install its browser plug-in (available for Chrome and Firefox), then link it with one or more of the aforementioned cloud services. With that done, Attachments.me indexes all your attachments, then catalogs them for easy viewing and searching.

2. CloudOn

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your iPad, with documents automatically syncing to and from Dropbox? It sounds almost too good to be true, yet that's exactly what you get from CloudOn. (In fact, the service recently announced plans to build more features on top of Office.) The really amazing part: CloudOn is free.

3. Cue

Think of Cue as an app aggregator: It presents your contacts, calendar, email, Facebook posts, Dropbox documents, and more under one convenient roof. The idea is to make all your most important events and stuff easily accessible, without the need to go hopping back and forth between various apps. And it does all this free of charge.

4. JotNot Scanner Pro

There are lots of apps that can turn your phone or tablet into a scanner, and plenty of those will sync those scans to Dropbox. JotNot Scanner Pro is on of them; for a mere $1.99, it quickly and easily scans, adjusts, and saves paper documents. It can even fax them for you.

5. Paperless

A little bit Evernote, a little bit WorkFlowy, Paperless is simpler than the former and more versatile than the latter. It's a list-making app, suitable for everything from your daily to-do list to a rundown of presentation points. And it leverages your Dropbox account to back up your lists and sync them between your devices. Price: $2.99.

Have you found any other indispensable apps that sync with Dropbox? If so, tell me about them in the comments.

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